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Research/Tenure Track Faculty

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Photo of Nicholas BarberNicholas A. Barber
Community Ecology
(815) 753-4215


Photo of Heather Bergan-RollerHeather Bergan-Roller
Science Communication, Evidence-based Teaching,Assessment, Systems thinking, Modeling.
(815) 753-7421


Photo of Neil BlackstoneNeil W. Blackstone
Ecology and Evolution
(815) 753-7899


Photo of Barrie BodeBarrie P. Bode
Cancer Biology and Molecular Physiology
(815) 753-1753


Photo of Jozef BujarskiJozef J. Bujarski
Microbiology/Plant Sciences
(815) 753-0601


Photo of Ana CalvoAna Calvo
Microbiology, Molecular Mycology
(815) 753-0451



Photo of Melvin DuvallMelvin R. Duvall
Plant Sciences
(815) 753-7806


Photo of Mitrcik JohnsMitrick A. Johns
Ecology and Evolution, Bioinformatics
(815) 753-1459


Photo of Holly JonesHolly Jones
(Joint appt ISESE)
Conservation biology; restoration ecology
(815) 753-7527


Photo of Bethia KingBethia H. King
Ecology and Evolution
(815) 753-8460


Photo of Richard KingRichard B. King
Ecololgy and Evolution
(815) 753-7833


Photo of Jon MillerJon S. Miller
Cell Biology
(815) 753-7830


Photo of Virginia NaplesVirginia L. Naples
Ecology and Evolution
Office: (815) 753-7819


Photo of Karen SamondsKaren E. Samonds
Anatomy and Paleontology
Office (815) 753-3201


Photo of Joel P. StafstromJoel P. Stafstrom
Plant Sciences
Office: (815) 753-3207


Photo of Wesley SwingleyWesley Swingley
Microbial Ecology
Office: (815) 753-7835


Photo of Linda YasuiLinda S. Yasui
Cell Biology
Office: (815) 753-3521


Photo of Yanbin YinYanbin Yin
Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Genomics
Office (815) 753-8963


Photo of Shengde ZhouShengde Zhou
Microbial genetics, molecular biology, metabolic engineering, biotechnology
Office: (815) 753-7842

Teaching Faculty/Instructors

Photo of Richard BeckerRichard J. Becker
(815) 753-3307




Photo of Scott GrayburnW. Scott Grayburn
Molecular Core Lab
(815) 753-0368




Photo of Katie HeffernanKatie Heffernan
Human Anatomical Sciences
(815) 753-8532



Photo of Moira JenkinsMoira Jenkins
Human Anatomical Sciences
(815) 753-6295

Photo of Daniel OlsonDaniel Olson
Office: (815) 753-3108

Joint Appointments

Photo of Elizabeth GaillardBeth Gaillard
(Primary appt.
(815) 753-6908



Photo of Daniel GeboDaniel Gebo
(Primary appt. Anthropology)



Photo of Mitch IrwinMitchell Irwin
(Primary appt. Department of Anthropology)


Photo of Melissa LenczewskiMelissa Lenczewski
Geology / Environmental Geosciences
(815) 753-7937


Photo of Reed SchererReed Scherer
Geology Environmental
Geosciences ,
Office: (815) 753-7951