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Research in the Melvin R. Duvall Lab

Photo of a graph I and my lab group study molecular evolution ranging from ancient divergences, deep within evolutionary trees, to more recent events shaping the systematics and biogeographies of species clusters. One aspect of this work is the study of small, whole genomes such as the chloroplast genomes of cereals and other plants. Complete sequencing of these genomes allows us to compare mutational patterns and assess accurate biological histories.

Symposium Contributions

Duvall, M. R., Mathews, S., Mohammad, N. and T. Russell. 2005. Placing The Monocots; Conflicting Signal From Trigenomic Analyses. In press.

Duvall, M. R. 2000. Seeking the dicot sister group of the monocots. K. L. Wilson and D. A. Morrison (editors). Pp. 25-32 In: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on the Comparative Biology of the Monocots, Sydney. (CSIRO; Melbourne).

Barker, N., L. Clark, J. Davis, M. R. Duvall, G. Guala, C. Hsiao, E. Kellogg, H. P. Linder, R. Mason-Gamer, S. Mathews, R. Soreng, and R. Spangler. 2000. A phylogeny of the grass family (Poaceae) as inferred from eight character sets. Pp. 3-7 In: Proceedings of the Monocots II and Grasses III Conference. CSIRO; Melbourne.

Galloway, E.M., and Duvall, M. R. 1998. Extraction and analysis of DNA from recalcitrant plant leaf tissue. Ed. K. Higgins. Proceedings of the South Dakota Academy of Sciences 77:123-128.

Duvall, M., M. Chase, D. Soltis, and M. Clegg. 1995. A phylogeny of seed plants resulting from analysis of DNA sequence variation among the rbcL loci of 499 species with particular emphasis on alliances among monocotyledons. In: P. Hoch and A. Stephenson (eds.). Experimental and Molecular Approaches to Plant Biosystematics. Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis. Pp. 27-40.


Photo of Melvin R. Duvall

Melvin R. Duvall,
(815) 753-7806 
Office: MO 345, Lab: MO 321
Dept. of Biological Sciences Nothern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115