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Photo of Bethia King

Professor Bethia H. King

Honors adviser

Research Interests

My research is with parasitoid wasps that lay their eggs in the pupal stage of pest flies. The wasps are 2-3 mm long and do not sting.

  • mating systems and behavior
  • maternal manipulation of offspring sex
  • thanatosis = "playing dead" 
  • activity levels
  • learning
  • biological control

Other Areas of Interest

Evolution versus Creation Science/Intelligent Design:

Human Gender Issues in Science
Jewel wasp (Nasonia vitripennis) in teaching


Research Credits; Departmental Honors in Biology

Course / Lab Information

  • BIOS109 Human Biology
  • BIOS205 Organismal Diversity 
  • BIOS 209 Fundamentals of Organismal Biology
  • BIOS433  Behavioral Ecology 
  • BIOS453 Entomology
  • BIOS661B  Graduate Seminar
  • BIOS370 and BIOS495H - Undergraduate Research, Biology Honors
  • "How to get into Graduate School in Organismal Biology"



Ph.D., 1987, Purdue University
B.A., 1982, West Virginia University 

Academic Honors: Magna cum laude; Phi Betta Kappa; NSF Graduate Student Fellowship

Research Interests: behavioral ecology, entomology


Dr. Bethia H. King
phone: (815) 753-8460
Montgomery Hall 446
Department of Biological Sciences
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL  60115   USA