Graduate Studies


Our graduate program offers courses and research opportunities leading to the M.A. degree. We offer courses in all four subfields of anthropology: physical, cultural, linguistics and archaeology. In addition, we also collaborate with the university to offer an interdisciplinary graduate certificate in museum studies. 

Graduate work in anthropology is designed to prepare you for teaching or research in anthropology and for advanced study.

Future Students

Apply to NIU's graduate school. 

The deadline for applications is:

  • Fall admission - March 1
  • Spring admission - October 1

In addition to the basic requirements, applicants may wish to submit (directly to the anthropology department):

  • A Writing Sample
  • A CV

If you wish to be considered for a teaching assistantship in the Department of Anthropology, you must submit an application directly to the graduate secretary of the anthropology department.

Current Students

Students already enrolled in our program should be aware of the following dates and information. 

Qualifying and Comprehensive Exam Dates

You must be enrolled in classes the semester you take the qualifying or comprehensive exams.


  • Fall - Early November
  • Spring - Comprehensive - First Friday after spring break
  • Spring - Qualifying - First Monday after finals


  • Fall - Mid September
  • Spring - Mid February


  • Fall - Mid September
  • Spring - Mid February


  • Fall - Early November
  • Spring - March First Friday after spring break

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