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Appeal Process


The Academic Advising Center's dismissal appeal process is strictly for students whose major is "undecided - any college" and who have been dismissed by the center. If you have a declared major, you must contact your college for specific dismissal appeal procedures.

To avoid any unnecessary delays in having a dismissal appeal processed, we strongly recommend you always verify your current major via MyNIU.

Students on academic probation who fail to attain a cumulative GPA in NIU courses of at least 2.00 will become candidates for academic dismissal from the university. Also, students failing all of the courses for which they are registered for a single semester (including summer session) will become candidates for academic dismissal from the university.

For additional information on academic probation and warning, please refer to the academic regulations section on the NIU Undergraduate Catalog. If you are "undecided - any college" and wish to appeal your dismissal, you must complete the Academic Advising Center's academic dismissal appeal form.

Letter of appeal must include:

  • Clear explanation of extenuating circumstances
  • Realistic academic plan
  • Specific class schedule you would ideally enroll in if able to return for the next term

Deadline dates to submit an appeal:

Semester DismissedSemester of Desired ReturnDeadline Date
Spring Fall August 15
Summer Fall August 15
Fall Spring January 6
Note: If the 15th or the 1st falls on a weekend, then the appeal letter must be received in our office on that Monday immedately following the weekend.

You must submit all required forms/letters by the above outlined deadline date. Any appeal received after the appropriate deadline date will not be considered.

Send and address all appeals to:
Michelle Pickett, Director
Academic Advising Center
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115

Forms and letters may be faxed to (815) 753-2902 to ensure meeting required deadline dates of receipt.

All final appeal decisions will be responded to in writing. If an appeal is granted, you will be required to set up an advising appointment to plan a semester schedule (appointments: 815-753-2573). An appeal is not a guarantee of reinstatement or availability of classes if the reinstatement is granted. You may meet with the director of the Academic Advising Center to discuss your appeal only after the appeal form and student letter have been received.

If the appeal is denied, you will receive steps to improve the possibility of reinstatement in the future.