Limited Admissions and Limited Retention Programs

Limited Admission Programs

Admission to the following limited admission or limited retention programs is based on additional criteria. These programs may also have specific application deadlines. Students planning to major in these areas may be classified as pre-majors until they have satisfied additional requirements which may include specific course work, grade point average, supplementary documents, and sophomore or junior standing.

Students selecting majors in any of the limited admission programs should refer to specific information in the Undergraduate Catalog.

The following majors and areas of study offered by the departments and schools listed below have limited admissions:

  • Acting emphasis (School of Theatre and Dance)
  • Art and Design Education major, Track 1, Educator Licensure (School of Art)
  • Athletic Training area of study (Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education)
  • College of Business majors (Limited Retention Programs)
  • Computer Science major (Department of Computer Science)
  • Design and Technology Emphasis (School of Theatre and Dance)
  • Early Childhood Education major (Department of Special and Early Education)
  • Elementary Education major (Department of Curriculum and Instruction)
  • Human Development and Family Sciences major (School of Family and Consumer Sciences)
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences major (School of Allied Health and Communicative Disorders)
  • Music Majors (School of Music)
  • Nuclear Engineering Technology area of study (Department of Technology)
  • Nursing major (School of Nursing and Health Studies)
  • Visual Communication area of study (School of Art)

College of Business - Limited Retention

The College of Business has limited retention.

To assure students’ continuing competence, some majors, emphases, and areas of study have limited retention policies, and students who want to continue their enrollment in them must fulfill certain criteria.

These include, but are not limited to, maintaining a designated cumulative and/or major GPA, earning a certain grade in certain courses, successful performance on a standardized performance measure, a portfolio review of a student’s past performance, and successful completion of clinical requirements.

Students interested in these majors, emphases, or areas of study and those already admitted to them should consult department and college program requirements listed in the individual college and department sections of this catalog. Students are also strongly encouraged to consult with an adviser to assure they continue to qualify for retention in their chosen major, emphasis, or area of study.

Prospective applicants to NIU interested in College of Business majors are encouraged to read and review the information found on the College of Business Advising website

See Limited Retention and Limited Admissions Programs information in the Undergraduate Catalog for more information.