From Diana Juarez, 2010 scholarship recipient:

"Receiving this scholarship means lessening a burden on my parents and more independence for me. It allows me to continue my studies and continue my activism through lecture and public/social student organization gatherings.

From Amanda Cox, 2010 scholarship recipient:

"I feel very honored to have received this scholarship. It not only helps with the financial cost of a college education, but it also feels good to have my hard work acknowledged. I work very hard in school and in the community/volunteer activities that I participate in, and receiving this scholarship makes me feel as though there are people who acknowledge and appreciate the hard work I have put in over the past 4 years.

From Heather Samariniotis, 2007 scholarship recipient:

"Besides the obvious monetary benefits of the scholarship, I also got a sense of the importance of what I was doing as a Women's Studies minor. It helped reinforce the fact that my plan for my education and career and my desire to help women was valid and worthwhile. Being granted the scholarship showed me that my goals and current work were beneficial and seen as positive and useful to others outside of myself, which helps to motivate me to continue to strive and work for change."

From Lisa Kay, 2006 scholarship recipient:

"It was truly an honor to be one of the first recipients of the scholarship. The award gave me support and recognition for my academic pursuits in my doctoral program and the encouragement to continue my efforts. I am proud to represent the Women's Studies Program."

From Nadine Thorton, 2005 scholarship recipient:

"As a student and a mother, I can appreciate the sacrifice of others on behalf of those working to attain their life goals and dreams. Being a Mothers Memorial Scholarship recipient has meant so much. It is validation to me that my studies and career path are meaningful. I hope, in the very near future, to return the generosity of others two-fold."

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Mothers Memorial Scholarship Recipients

Mothers Memorial Scholarship Fund 2014 Award Winners:

  • Clara Louis (Ed.D. student in Counseling, Adult & Higher Education, Women's Studies graduate certificate)

Mothers Memorial Scholarship Fund 2013 Award Winners:

  • Christine Valdez (Ph.D. student in Clinical Psychology)
  • Lauren Armendariz-Bast (B.A student in Spanish, Women's Studies & Military Science minors)
  • Alyssa Thomson (B.S. student in Nursing, Spanish and Nutrition minors)

Mothers Memorial Scholarship Fund 2012 Award Winners:

  • Victoria Kothrade, undergraduate award, History
  • Natalie Santiago-Bidne, graduate award, English & Women's Studies

Mothers Memorial Scholarship Fund 2011 Award Winners:

  • Gabrielle Wright, undergraduate award, Broadcast Journalism & International Politics

Mothers Memorial Scholarship Fund 2010 Award Winners:

  • Diana Juarez, undergraduate award, Communication
  • Amanda Cox, undergraduate award, Family, Consumer & Nutrition Sciences

Mothers Memorial Scholarship Fund 2009 Award Winners:

  • No scholarships awarded

Mothers Memorial Scholarship Fund 2008 Award Winners:

  • Maimouna Konate, graduate award, Counseling, Adult & Higher Education
  • Carrie Lloyd, graduate award, Psychology
  • Lucy Sosa, graduate award, Sociology

Mothers Memorial Scholarship Fund 2007 Award Winners:

  • Heather Samariniotis, undergraduate award, Sociology
  • Austin Sawicki , graduate award, Anthropology

Mothers Memorial Scholarship Fund 2006 Award Winners:

  • Catherine (Cassie) Nimerfroh, undergraduate award, Political Science
  • Nicole Ping, undergraduate award, Sociology
  • Lisa Kay , graduate award, Art Education

Mothers Memorial Scholarship Fund 2005 Award Winners (first awards):

  • Nadine Thornton, undergraduate award, Nursing
  • Janet Goeking-Stoddard, graduate award, History
  • Melissa Jackson, undergraduate honorable mention, History
  • Michelle Stocker, graduate honorable mention, Applied Family and Child Studies

Diana Juarez

2010 Mothers Memorial Scholarship winner Diana Juarez
with President Peters and PCSW chair Adrienne Holloway