From Diana Juarez, 2010 scholarship recipient:

"Receiving this scholarship means lessening a burden on my parents and more independence for me. It allows me to continue my studies and continue my activism through lecture and public/social student organization gatherings.

From Amanda Cox, 2010 scholarship recipient:

"I feel very honored to have received this scholarship. It not only helps with the financial cost of a college education, but it also feels good to have my hard work acknowledged. I work very hard in school and in the community/volunteer activities that I participate in, and receiving this scholarship makes me feel as though there are people who acknowledge and appreciate the hard work I have put in over the past 4 years.

From Heather Samariniotis, 2007 scholarship recipient:

"Besides the obvious monetary benefits of the scholarship, I also got a sense of the importance of what I was doing as a Women's Studies minor. It helped reinforce the fact that my plan for my education and career and my desire to help women was valid and worthwhile. Being granted the scholarship showed me that my goals and current work were beneficial and seen as positive and useful to others outside of myself, which helps to motivate me to continue to strive and work for change."

From Lisa Kay, 2006 scholarship recipient:

"It was truly an honor to be one of the first recipients of the scholarship. The award gave me support and recognition for my academic pursuits in my doctoral program and the encouragement to continue my efforts. I am proud to represent the Women's Studies Program."

From Nadine Thorton, 2005 scholarship recipient:

"As a student and a mother, I can appreciate the sacrifice of others on behalf of those working to attain their life goals and dreams. Being a Mothers Memorial Scholarship recipient has meant so much. It is validation to me that my studies and career path are meaningful. I hope, in the very near future, to return the generosity of others two-fold."

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 Women Honored by The Mother's Memorial Scholarship Fund

(Donors/Contributors are listed in parentheses. Thank you to all of our generous donors!)

$1000+ Honorees*

Helen Bogdan, mother of NIU employee & alumna Nora Clark (Nora & Harry Clark).

Louise Hicks Walker Doan, mother of NIU professor Carole Minor (Carole Minor).

Sharon Howard, first director of NIU's Women's Recource Center (Margie Cook, Anna Beth Payne, Michelle Bringas, Anne Kaplan, Kathy Hotelling, Sylvia Fuentes, Deborah Haliczer, Rebekah Kohli, Amy Levin, Lise Schlosser, Lois and Robert Self, Mary Sheldon, anonymous).

Barbara Saposs Levin, mother of NIU professor & Women's Studies Director Amy Levin (Amy Levin).

A. Marie Jeannot Schriber, mother of NIU professor emeritus Mary Sue Schriber (Mary Sue Schriber, Frank & Mary Van Buer, Amy Levin, Liz & Reid Waldeland).

Ruby Scoggins, mother of NIU professor emeritus Lois Self (Lois & Robert Self).

Lois Self, professor emeritus and former director of NIU Dept. of Communication, and former director of NIU Women's Studies (Robert Self, Lise Schlosser & Rebekah Kohli).

Roberta Tolar Skipwith Self, mother of NIU professor emeritus Robert Self (Robert & Lois Self).

*When the contributions honoring a particular individual total $1,000 or more, a brief biography of that woman will appear in public materials describing the scholarships (including the Women’s Studies web site).

Other Honorees (A-L)

Mary Aloi (Amy Levin).

Sandra Altman (Jill Dunlap).

Bonnie Anderson, NIU employee (Lise Schlosser).

Nafiye Aygen (N. Gulsat Aygen).

Cathie Balaskovitz (Mary S. Schriber).

Maxine Basch (Amy Levin).

Fannye Baum, grandmother-in-law of NIU professor Valerie Garver (Valerie Garver and Robert Feldacker).

Elaine Beck, mother-in-law of NIU employee Jolene Skinner (Jolene Skinner and Ronald Beck).

Cynthia Bernoudy, mother of NIU employee Monique Bernoudy (Monique Bernoudy).

Danica Billingsly (Bonnie Anderson).

Katherine Blunk (Lisa Kay & Scott Blunk).

Tara Figari Brady (Mary S. Schriber).

Sarah Brusky, graduate of NIU (Mary S. Schriber).

Zoe Shropulos Chatas (Rebekah Kohli & Lise Schlosser).

Janet Chown, mother of NIU professor Jeff Chown (Orayb A. Najjar, Lois and Robert Self).

Eileen Cockrell (Colette Morrow).

Helga Conley, mother of NIU student Caroline Conley (Caroline Conley).

Pauline Crane, mother of NIU student Eric Crane and mother-in-law of NIU professor Amy Levin (Amy Levin and Eric Crane, Lucy Townsend, Carole Minor, Barbara Burrell, Siew Sim Chin, Jenny Hoobler, Doris Macdonald, Robert Self, Lois Self, Carolyn L. Law, Diana L. Swanson, Mishel Filisha, Lynn Kamenitsa).

Shirley Scoggins Crouse, sister of NIU professor Lois Scoggins Self (Lois and Robert Self).

Kathleen Culbert-Aguilar, Aunt of Justin St. Andre and his partner, NIU professor John Butler (Amy Levin).

Sandra Dawson (Lise Schlosser)

Eunice Elizabeth Hoyt Dayton (1919-2003), NIU graduate, and grandmother, mentor and best friend of NIU employee and alum Rebekah L. Kohli (Rebekah L. and Benjamin Kohli).

Loralee Delbrouck (Doris Macdonald).

Deborah DeRosa, NIU professor (Lise Schlosser).

Rosa DeRosa, mother of NIU professor Deborah DeRosa (Deborah DeRosa, Amy Levin).

Marcia Dick, NIU empolyee (Carol Hammerle).

Mary G. Dolan, mother of NIU professor Sharon Coyer (Sharon Coyer).

Laurel Dubowski (Bonnie Anderson).

Beverly Mae Evensen (Diane & Lise Schlosser).

Margaret Everett (Krystal Everett)

Connie Evpelding (Bonnie Anderson)

Barbara Feldacker, mother-in-law of NIU professor Valerie Garver (Valerie Garver and Robert Feldacker).

Mildred Feldacker, grandmother-in-law of NIU professor Valerie Garver (Valerie Garver and Robert Feldacker).

Jean Ferris (Kerry O. Ferris).

Ruth Anne Figari & Daughters (Mary S. Schriber).

Icilda C. Flournory, retired NIU faculty member (Denise L. Rode).

Barbara Fredrickson (Kenneth Fredrickson, Lise Schlosser).

Evon Fredrickson (Lise Schlosser).

Consuelo Garcia (Bonnie Anderson).

Karen King Garver, mother of NIU professor Valerie Garver (Valerie Garver).

Debra Gehant (Bonnie Anderson).

Bea Gochenour (Bonnie Anderson).

Claire Goldblum (David Goldblum & Lesley Rigg).

Lisa Good (Lise Schlosser)

Linda Greer (Bonnie Anderson).

Dorothy Bailey Hardy, mother of former NIU professor Heather Hardy (Heather Hardy).

Michele Herlein, graduate of NIU (Mary S. Schriber).

Barbara Hill, mentor of NIU staff member and student LiseSchlosser (Lise Schlosser).

Beatrix Hoffman (Dana Yarak)

Betty K. Hotelling, mother of NIU staff member Kathy Hotelling (Kathy Hotelling).

Anne Schriber Huffstetler, sister of NIU professor emeritus Mary S. Schriber (Mary S. Schriber).

Susan Jardine (Doris Macdonald).

Margaret Louise Fair Kamenitsa, mother of NIU professor Lynn Kamenitsa (Lynn Kamenitsa).

Lisa Figari Killon (Mary S. Schriber).

Mary Frances King (Valerie Garver & Robert Feldacker).

Esther Klotwog (Lisa Kay & Scott Blunk).

Yvonne Kohli, mother and mother-in-law of NIU graduates (Ben & Rebekah Kohli).

Olive Langsdorf (Mary Lou Eubanks).

Michelle Lenkaitis, graduate of NIU (Mary S. Schriber).

Amy Levin (Mary S. Schriber).

Karen Lewis (Kelly Happe).

Other Honorees (M-Z)

E. Nancy Hachenberg Macdonald, mother of NIU professor Doris Macdonald (Doris Macdonald).

Mary Kay Mace (Bonnie Anderson).

Muriel Mackett, retired NIU faculty member, former department chair and associate dean (Chris Sorensen).

Pam Mazurek, mother of NIU student Michelle Stocker (Michelle Stocker).

Toni A.H. McNaron, mentor to NIU professor Diana Swanson (Diana Swanson).

Bonnie Miller-O'Dell (Lise Schlosser).

Geraldine Mae Dissinger Montgomery, mother to NIU employee Diane Schlosser, grandmother to NIU employee and student Lise Scholosser (Kenneth J. Fredrickson, Barbara Fredrickson, Amy Levin, Lise Schlosser).

Carol Minor (Amy Levin).

Carol K. Moremen, mother of NIU professor Robin Moremen (Robin Moremen).

Colette Morrow (Amy Levin).

Sara A. Mummert, friend to many (Amy Levin).

Virginia Ontiveros (Steve Sarver and Diane Parris, Abby Dean, Rebecca Ferrante, and Diane Johnson).

Joanne Paul (Mary S. Schriber).

Anne Petty-Johnson (Lise Schlosser).

Estelle H. Posadas, mother of NIU professor Barbara Posadas (Barbara M. Posadas).

Kimberly Reuille (Amy Levin).

Lesley Rigg (Amy Levin)

Emily Riggle (Bonnie Anderson).

Patricia St. John Rosche, wonderful mother of NIU employee and alum Rebekah Kohli, and mother-in-law of NIU alum Ben Kohli (Rebekah L. and Ben Kohli).

Kristina Rutherford (Mary S. Schriber).

Angela Scaperlanda-Bujan, graduate of NIU (Mary S. Schriber).

Maria Scaperlanda-Ruiz (Mary S. Schriber).

Michele Ulrich Scaperlanda (Mary S. Schriber).

Tonia Scaperlanda, graduate of NIU (Mary S. Schriber).

Diane Montgomery Schlosser, mother of NIU staff member and student Lise Schlosser (Lise Schlosser).

Myrtle Schlosser, grandmother of NIU staff member and student Lise Schlosser (Lise Schlosser).

Amanda Griffin Schriber (Mary S. Schriber).

Mary S. Schriber (Anthony Scaperlanda).

Sara Schriber (Mary S. Schriber).

Elise Reichenbach Self, sister-in-law of NIU professors Lois and Robert Self (Lois and Robert Self).

Jacqueline DeGroot Skinner, mother of NIU student (alum) and former employee Jolene Skinner (Jeanne M. Skinner, Jolene Skinner and Ronald Beck).

Rev. Linda Slabon (Toni Tollerud).

Wilma Stricklin (Judith Bischoff, Kathy Hotelling, Anne Kaplan, Amy Levin, Deb Petit, Lise Schlosser, Lois & Bob Self, Lynne Waldeland, Carol & Jerrold Zar).

Ethel Comer Stone (Carla Goar).

Miriam H. Swanson, mother of NIU professor Diana Swanson (Diana Swanson).

Ann Swinehart, mother of NIU professor Judy Ledgerwood (Judy Ledgerwood).

Patricia Thelin, mother-in-law of NIU professor Jonathan Berg (Jonathan and Trish Berg).

Jane Thompson (Mary S. Schriber).

Donna Tovello (Anna Tovello).

Jean Tyska, mother of NIU Women's Golf Coach Pam Tyska (Pam Tyska).

Jean Stewart Vallance, mother of NIU professor Elizabeth (Beau) Vallance (Elizabeth [Beau] Vallance).

Mary Beth Giesler Van Buer, mother-in-law of NIU professor Doris Macdonald (Doris Macdonald and Michael Van Buer).

Victoria Van Buer (Doris Macdonald).

Jan Vander Meer (Lise Schlosser).

Doris Waldeland (Jitka Hurych, Maureen McKeogh, Donna Metzler, Lois & Bob Self, Mary S. Schriber, Mallory M. Simpson, Mary Wiegel).

Liz Waldeland (Mary S. Schriber).

Carol Walther (Amy Levin, Lise Schlosser).

Judith Wennerdahl (Kerry Ferris and Greg Wennerdahl).

Lynn Whalen, mother of NIU student Lauren Whalen (Lauren Whalen).

Corrine Wickens (Amy Levin).

Jacqueline Wilson-Jordan, graduate of NIU (Mary S. Schriber).

Betty Wilcox (Virginia Wilcox-Gök).

Chris Wilke (Mary S. Schriber).

René Zar (Carol & Jerrold Zar).

Sarah B. Zar (Carol & Jerrold Zar).

Amanda Zimmer (Amy Levin).