About the Mothers Memorial Scholarship Fund

Scholarship winner Janet Goeking-StoddardIn May 2004, the Women’s Studies Program endowed its first scholarship, the Mothers Memorial Scholarship Fund! Thank you to the associates and friends of Women's Studies for making the 2004 Mother's Day fundraising campaign a huge success.

Scholarships were made available for the first time in the spring semester of 2005 to NIU juniors, seniors, and graduate students whose goals include improving the lives of women - through education, research, advocacy, support, policy making, or other appropriate means. Applications and announcements to students for the scholarship will continue every spring semester, with winners being awarded the scholarship for the upcoming fall semester.

The Mothers Memorial Scholarship Fund honors those who are or act as mothers to members of the NIU community. The scholarship offers an exciting option for creating a lasting memorial or recognition of the important women in our lives.Several scholarship donors with pictures of their mothers at our endowment celebration

Even though we are endowed, we continue to accept contributions in order to increase the endowment and consequently the scholarships awarded to students. When the contributions honoring a particular individual total $1,000 or more, a brief biography of that woman will appear in public materials describing the scholarships (including the Women’s Studies web site). Contributions of less than $1,000 recognizing a single person will be acknowledged by publication of that individual’s name in the list of women honored by the scholarship.