Women's Studies Program Library Resources

The Women's Studies Program maintains a collection of resources, which will be of interest not only to Women's Studies students and faculty but also to faculty and students in other disciplines. The library is located in the Women's Studies office, in Reavis Hall, Room 103.

We welcome the use of our collection of  books, audio visual, and other materials by as many members of the university and community as possible. The policies outlined below are designed to maintain ready access to the materials.

To view the resources in our library, click on the following links. You may also download a complete list of books (Word approx. 548 KB, or PDF approx. 604 KB) and our AV resources (Word  approx. 103 KB, or PDF   approx. 48 KB).


The Arts


Women of Color

Economic and Legal Issues

Education & Pedagogy


Health Issues, Sexuality, Body Image


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Studies

Literary Theory & Criticism

Literature: Fiction, Essays, Novels, Poems, Plays, etc.


Politics & Activism

Religion and Spirituality

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

Self Improvement


Theory & Practice

Violence & Women

Women's Studies

Work/Career Related Issues






By Subject



Other Materials


Conference/Symposium/Workshop Materials

Government Publications


Journals/Periodicals-Single Editions


Miscellaneous (correspondence, exhib. catalogues, etc.)

Newsletters & Bulletins

Pamphlets, Booklets, Handouts & Brochures


Resource Guides


Syllabi & Lesson/Project Plans

Theses & Dissertations


Library Policies:

Videos may be signed out by faculty members or teaching assistants in the Women's Studies program for two weeks. Materials may be renewed once.  Books may be signed out by faculty members or teaching assistants in the Women's Studies program for 4 weeks. Materials may be renewed once.

Ordinarily, students may not check out books and other materials. They may use materials in the reading room whenever it is open (normally, Monday-Friday, 8:00-noon and 1:00-4:30, except when meetings are scheduled). Students may take materials out of the reading room briefly to make photocopies of relevant pages; however, when they do so, they are asked to leave their names and university I.D. cards with the program secretary.

Readers may not mark books and materials in any way. Underlining, highlighting, and notes may be distracting to others.