NIU Women's Studies
Audio/Video Resource List

Adato, Perry Miller, Producer and Director. Georgia O’Keeffe from The Originals: Women in Art series, (Narrated by Georgia O’Keeffe). Distributed by the Educational Broadcasting Corporation. New York, NY: WNET, 1977. [VHS, 60 min.]

An American Revolution: Women Take Their Place. (Narrated by Lynn Sherr.) Greenwich, CT: Third Wave Television, 1998. [VHS, 28 min.]

Armstrong, Mary and Margaret Pettigrew, Producers; Donna Read, Director. The Burning Times. (Santa Monica, CA: Direct Cinema Limited, 1990). [VHS, 58 min.]

Avon. The Breast Care Test. (Los Angeles, CA: Avon Products, Inc., 1993). [VHS, approx. 27 min.]

Azzarella, Dennis, Producer & Director. The Witches of Salem: The Horror and the Hope. (Los Angeles, CA: New World, 1986). [VHS, 35 min.]

Booth, Marlene. The Double Burden: Three Generations of Working Mothers. (Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ: New Day Films, 1992). [VHS, 56 min.]

Brickner, Maude, Producer; Tracy Casper Lang, Director. I Can Do That. (Tracy Casper Lang & Maude Brickner, 2000). [VHS, approx. 30 min.]

The Feminist Majority. Abortion: For Survival (with A Guide to the Videotape, by Toni Carabillo). (Los Angeles, CA: Feminist Majority, 1989). [VHS, 30 min.]

Hodges, Elaine Prater, Producer & Director. Lucretia Mott. New York, NY: EPH Productions, 1985. [VHS, 59 min.]

Jane Addams’ Hull-House Museum. The Women of Hull-House: A Documentary Video. (Chicago, IL: Univ. of Chicago, 1992). [VHS, 25 min.]

Krawitz, Jan, Producer & Director. Mirror, Mirror. (New York, NY: Women Make Movies, 1990). [VHS, 17 min.]

Marshall, Heather, et. al., Producers; Donna Read, Director. Full Circle. (Santa Monica, CA: Direct Cinema Limited, 1993). [VHS, 56 min.]

Milwe, Bea. Women: The New Poor. (New York, NY: Women Make Movies, 1990). [VHS, 28 min.]

Neely, Hugh Munro. Mary Pickford: A Life on Film. (Harrington Park, NJ: Milestone Film & Video, 2000). [VHS, 96 min.]

Pearson, Carol Lynn. Mother Wove the Morning. (Walnut Creek, CA: Carol Lynn Pearson, 1992). [VHS, approx. 135 min.]

Ross, L.A.; George Tafelski, Director. Survivors (a play). (Warrenville, IL: L.A. Ross, 1993). [VHS, 87 min.]

Third Wave Television. Women Vote 2004: The Margin of Victory. (Greenwich, CT: Third Wave Television, Inc., 2004). [VHS, 2004]

United Farm Workers of America AFL-CIO. No Grapes (narrated by Mike Farrell). (Keene, CA: United Farm Workers of America AFL-CIO, 1992). [VHS, approx. 14 min.]

Varied Directions, Producer. Why God, Why Me? (Camden, ME: Varied Directions Inc.). [VHS, approx. 27 min.]

Walton, Pam. Out in Suburbia: The Stories of Eleven Lesbians. (New York, NY: West Glen Films, 1990). [VHS, approx. 29 min.]

Wolfington Productions. Equality: A History of the Women’s Movement in America. (Wynnewood, PA: Schlessinger Video Productions, 1996). [VHS, 30 min.]

Women’s Rights National Historical Park. Dreams of Equality. (Dallas, TX: Media Projects, Inc.). [VHS, 28 min.]

Woolf, Virginia. A Room of One’s Own (performed by Eileen Atkins). (Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1996). [VHS, 53 min.]