NIU Women’s Studies
Audio/Video Resource List
Cassettes & CDs:

Delany, Elizabeth and Sarah Delany, with Amy Hill Hearth.  The Delany Sisters' Book of Everyday Wisdom.  (Produced by Tony Hudz. Read by Iona Morris).  Los Angeles, CA: Audio Renaissance Tapes, 1994. [Cassette, 4 tapes, approx. 2 hours]

Department of Women's Studies. What Can You Do With a Women’s Studies Degree? Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota, 2001. [CD-ROM]

Gorman, Judy. Analog Girl in a Digital World. Brooklyn, NY: One Sky Music Int’l., 1998. [CD-music, approx. 45 min.]

Gorman, Judy. The Rising of Us All. Brooklyn, NY: One Sky Music Int’l., n.d. [CD-music, approx. 52 min.]

Hurston,  Zora Neale.  Their Eyes Were Watching God (Produced by Rick Harris. Performed by Ruby Dee). New York, NY: Harper Collins, 1997. [Cassette, approx. 180 min.]

National Women's Studies Association. NWSA Audioconference: Women's Studies Assessment, with Bevery Guy Sheftall, Caryn Musil, Kristine Blair, and Amy Levin (moderator). College Park, MD: National Women's Studies Association, October 24, 2007. [CD, approx. 53 min.]

Opalanga. She-Roes: Living Her-Story/with Opalanga. Denver, CO: Olukano Productions, 1990. [Cassette]

Reed, Miriam.  Hurrah for Woman Suffrage: Songs of the Woman Suffrage Movement, 1848-1920 (includes lyrics and notes).  Ashland, OR: Miriam Reed Productions, 1995. [CD, 40 min.]

Walker, Alice, Isabel Allendé, and Jean Shinoda Bolen. Giving Birth, Finding Form: Three Writers Explore Their Lives, Their Loves, Their Art (recorded live at a Quest program at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA). Boulder, CA: Sounds True Recordings, 1993. [Cassette, 90 min.]