How to Become a Faculty Affiliate

Affiliates of Women's Studies designates those faculty, staff, former Faculty Associates and community members who support the Women's Studies program but are not directly involved, currently, in research and teaching relevant to Women's Studies, or who are currently unable to commit time to the duties of the Faculty Associates. Affiliates of Women's Studies are informed of activities in the program and invited to participate according to their interests and availability.

Selection/Application Procedures:

In December of each academic year, the chair of the Women’s Studies Executive Committee (WSEC) shall solicit from the current members of the Faculty Associates and Women’s Studies Executive Committee as well as from others across the university the names of faculty to be invited to apply for designation as a Faculty Affiliate. You may also nominate yourself to be considered as a Faculty Affiliate by emailing the program. Nominees shall be invited to present their credentials, if interested, to the Women’s Studies Executive Committee for its majority approval. Decisions will be made in the first meeting of the WSEC of the calendar year.

Application Review Procedures:

Ordinarily, Faculty Affiliates shall serve staggered five year terms. An affiliate who is completing her/his term may reapply for reappointment as an affiliate. Acceptance will be determined by the needs of the program.