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About Us

Director of WE-LAB

Jaejin HwangJaejin Hwang, Ph.D. 

Hwang is an assistant professor in industrial and systems engineering department at Northern Illinois University. He received a Ph.D. in industrial and systems engineering from Ohio State University in 2016. His research aims to improve the health and wellness of workers by exploring the risk of work injuries and efficacy of ergonomic interventions. His research area includes the spine and upper extremity biomechanics and neuro-ergonomics. His current research interests are the efficacy of patient transfer interventions on the musculoskeletal health among caregivers and patients, and neuromuscular benefit of the new technology in office environment.

Affiliated Faculty

Jay KimJay Kim, Ph.D.  

Kim received his M.S. in industrial and systems engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Ph.D. in ergonomics and biomechanics from the University of Washington. Before joining the Oregon State University’s faculty in 2015, he was an assistant professor at the Northern Illinois University from 2013-2015 and a research scientist at the University of Washington from 2012-2013.

His major research interests are occupational ergonomics and biomechanics. He is particularly interested in developing and evaluating evidence-based interventions to reduce physical exposures to reduce occupational injuries and illness and therefore improve workers' health and well-being. He is currently studying how the reduced exposure to whole-body vibration (WBV) affect the musculoskeletal health outcomes and disability. He is also interested in optimizing the human's interaction with touch screen mobile devices. He loves golfing with friends, hiking and camping with his two sons.

Graduate Research Assistants

Kartheek Reddy SyamalaKartheek Reddy Syamala 

Kartheek is a graduate student with an anticipated graduation with a master’s degree in industrial and systems engineering in December 2017. He completed his under graduation in mechanical engineering with specialization in thermal engineering at K L University, India. He is currently working as a graduate research assistant focusing on ‘ergonomics involved in office work and patient handling’. Outside of school and research he enjoys outdoor activities like trekking, tennis and running. He enjoys spending time with friends and family

Ravi Charan Ailneni

Ravi Charan Ailneni is a graduate student majoring in industrial engineering. As a graduate research assistant, his research focusing on ergonomics, primarily on the effect of wearable posture sensors on the physical stress and cognitive performance of individuals in office sitting workstation. He has completed his undergraduate work in mechanical engineering in India. He likes a good banter with his friends, enjoys the occasional movie, loves listening to music and takes keen interest in politics.

Subhramanya Suryanarayana Raju Chodraju

Chodraju is a graduate student majoring in industrial and systems engineeringand assists with research on ergonomics and neuroergonomics. He had his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from J N T University, India. He is currently working on neuroergonomic evaluation of seated, standing and semi-standing workstations. Apart from his studies, he is interested in latest technologies and enjoys watching movies and playing badminton.

Veera Aneesh Kuppam

Veera Aneesh Kuppam is a graduate student majoring in industrial and systems engineering, he is assisting with research in biomechanics and ergonomics. He did his undergrad in mechanical engineering from Amrita school of engineering, India. He is currently working on patient handling and neuro ergonomics. Apart from studies, he likes to work out at the gym, play games, watch movies and spend time with friends and family.

Shashwot Uprety

Shashwot Uprety is a graduate student pursuing an M.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering. He is currently assisting WE-LAB in researching the usability evaluation of french door refrigerator handles. His interest lies in occupational ergonomics, scheduling and lean systems. Apart from studies, he is interested in volunteering, traveling, playing cricket and cooking.

Megha MatooMegha Matoo 

Megha Matoo is a graduate student currently pursuing M.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering. As a research assistant for the Wellness and Ergonomics Lab Megha's research interest are in ergonomics. She has completed her under graduation from BITS Pilani- Dubai Campus. Extracurricular activities include reading and swimming.


Undergraduate Research Assistant

Daniel Wilberforce FieldDaniel Wilberforce Field 

Daniel Wilberforce Field is an undergraduate student pursuing a B.S. in industrial and systems engineering. He is currently assisting WE-LAB in researching the impact of wearable technology on workplace effectiveness. He is interested in systems engineering and project management, particularly within health systems. He is currently spearheading fundraising initiatives for renewable energy projects. His extra-curricular interests include personal fitness, classical guitar and ergonomic studies.


  • Jie Chen (School of Nursing, Northern Illinois University)
  • In-Sop Kim (Allied Health and Communicative Disorders, Northern Illinois University)
  • Jay Kim (College of Public Health and Human Sciences, Oregon State Univeristy)
  • Ehsan Asoudegi (Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Northern Illinois University)


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