Roll Call!

Do you support veterans? Are you a veteran?

Become a member of the NIU Veterans Club! Signing up is easy. Simply fill out the (.pdf) file, print it, & bring it to our next meeting!


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The NIU Veterans Club is led by a team of five super-star veterans plus support staff elected by their peers for a term of one year. This team takes care of most of the admin stuff so that the rest of the members can concentrate on fun stuff. This Executive Board is officially organized under the club's constitution and the bylaws of the NIU Student Association.


The lifeblood of the Veterans Club is its membership, and ours play an important role in determining the direction and activities of the organization. Over the years, our headcount has run the spectrum of quite modest to the grand days of a 150+. These days, we've got a couple of dozen highly motivated troops on the active roster and we're always looking for fresh faces.