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Northern Illinois University

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UCC Minutes

Northern Illinois University

Undergraduate Coordinating Council

168th Meeting

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Altgeld Hall 203



Present:           A. Azad (EET), B. Hart (VPA), S. Honig (EDU), C. Jones (LAS), M. Koren (HHS), C. T. Lin (LAS), C. Malecki (LAS), K. Mantzke (BUS), G. Nicolosi (BUS), G. Schlabach (EDU), E. Seaver (Vice Provost), P. Stoddard (LAS)


Absent:            A. Doederlein (LAS), W. Goldenberg, (VPA), B. Henry (HHS), M. Kostic (EET), D. Matousek (Student/SA), S. Morris (HHS), O. Najjar (LAS),  C. Snow (LIB)

Guest:              D. Smith, Catalog Editor/Curriculum Coordinator

I.          Adoption of Agenda

A motion was made by K. Mantzke, seconded by C. T. Lin, to approve the agenda.  The motion carried.

II.         Announcements

A.     Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the September 3, 2009, UCC meeting were electronically approved.

III.       Reports/Minutes from Standing Committees

A.     Admissions Policies and Academic Standards Committee


            There was no report.

B.  General Education Committee

There was no report.  However, C. Malecki announced that a conference is scheduled for Friday, October 16, 2009, co-sponsored by the Office of Assessment Services and the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center.  The conference/workshop will focus on measurable outcomes and meaningful measures.  She indicated that the guest speaker’s discussion, relative to the baccalaureate review process, will specifically address the three “C’s” (critical thinking, communication skills, and understanding of context).  She also said that workshop portion will center on faculty work groups with relation to creating assessment, ideally for general education courses. 

A. Azad volunteered to attend the October 15th General Education Committee meeting as a substitute UCC representative for C. Malecki who will not be able to attend that meeting.

Undergraduate Coordinating Council

Minutes – 168th Meeting

October 1, 2009 - Page Two

            C.  Honors Committee


E. Seaver reported on the May 1, 2009, meeting of the University Honors Committee.  He noted that this was the last meeting of the academic year for the committee and for Dr. Nancy Castle who had served as Interim Director for 2008-2009.  The committee heard a report from the Vice Provost, discussed fall programming and student recruitment, and approved several EYE grant proposals.

G. Schlabach made a motion, seconded by C. Malecki, to receive the May 1, 2009, minutes of the University Honors Committee meeting.  The motion carried.

D.  Committee on the Improvement of Undergraduate Education

K. Mantzke reported that at the April 13, 2009, meeting of the CIUE committee, the committee reviewed and discussed suggestions for possible revisions to the nomination forms for the Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and Instruction Awards and the proposal application forms for the CIUE summer grants.

K. Mantzke made a motion, seconded by G. Schlabach, to receive the April 13, 2009, minutes of the Committee on the Improvement of Undergraduate Education meeting.  The motion carried.

E.  Committee on the Undergraduate Academic Environment

M. Koren reported on the April 14, 2009, meeting of the CUAE committee.  The committee reviewed the current year’s activities and set agenda topics for the upcoming 2009-2010 academic year.  In the fall, the committee will hear preliminary results of the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and hear a report from the Ombudsman.  The committee elected Tom Bough as faculty chair for 2009-2010. 

M. Koren made a motion, seconded by C. Malecki, to receive the April 14, 2009, minutes of the Committee on the Undergraduate Academic Environment meeting.  The motion carried.

F.  Committee on the Undergraduate Curriculum

G. Schlabach reported on the September 10, 2009, CUC meeting.  She reported that the committee discussed issues having to do with the “double dipping” of credit hours relative to a major and a minor.  A second issue brought up was that subsequent divisions relative to a major are not clearly defined.  She explained that, although there is emphasis and specialization, if a department wants to further divide a major, there does not seem to be definitive terminology.  She noted that the committee also discussed and asked for clarification of what the role of CUC is in relation to further discussion of these issues and making suggestions for revisions. 

Undergraduate Coordinating Council

Minutes – 168th Meeting

October 1, 2009 - Page Three

E. Seaver clarified that the catalog is very clear in stating that a student can not minor in his/her major, and a student can not use credits from his/her major in the minor unless it is specified in the catalog.  He also said that emphasis and specialization are very clearly defined as to what each is, one being an undergraduate term and the other a graduate term.  He added that these issues will be clarified for the committee at the next meeting.

G. Schlabach made a motion, seconded by K. Mantzke, to receive the September 10, 2009, minutes of the Committee on the Undergraduate Curriculum meeting.  The motion carried.

IV.       Other Reports

A.  University Assessment Panel


E. Seaver noted that several announcements were made, including information about the October 16th Catherine Whelburg Program workshop on measurable outcomes and meaningful measures and the March 19, 2010 Assessment Expo.  The committee also reviewed contents of the UAP notebooks and received the 2009 Program Review Report.

G. Schlabach made a motion, seconded by G. Nicolosi, to receive the September 18, 2009, notes of the University Assessment Panel meeting.  The motion carried.

V.         Old Business

A.     Selection of Student Representative to the University Assessment Panel

As no student committee members were in attendance, selection of a student representative was postponed until a future meeting.

B.     Date/Agenda for Annual UCC Retreat

E. Seaver has not yet had the opportunity to discuss a UCC retreat with Provost Alden, but he will do so when the two of them meet next.  Committee discussion on this was postponed until the next UCC meeting.

Undergraduate Coordinating Council

Minutes – 168th Meeting

October 1, 2009 - Page Four

VI.       New Business

A.  Common Questions for Course Evaluations   

E. Seaver reported that the Council of Deans has been discussing the desire to have some common questions on all course evaluations.  He said that this discussion was initiated by the University Council Personnel Committee (UCPC).  He clarified that this is not about having a common course evaluation but rather that the institution might benefit from a small set of common questions that would be used on all course evaluations.  The Council of Deans has asked the Provost to put together a small group of faculty to discuss this issue with the intent of developing a set of questions.  The Council of Deans recommended that this task force be comprised of representatives of the Graduate Council Curriculum Committee (GCCC) and the Undergraduate Coordinating Council (UCC). 

Seaver said the GCCC has identified three faculty who are willing to be members of this working group.  He added that the committee will be co-chaired by James Erman, Interim Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, and Vice Provost Seaver.  Seaver then asked for three volunteers from UCC who would also be willing to serve in this capacity.  P. Stoddard, C. T. Lin, and S. Honig volunteered.  Seaver added that a written charge from the Provost will be distributed to task force members, and a first meeting will be scheduled soon.  It is expected that the work of this task force will be completed during this current fall semester.

VII.      Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 1:38 p.m. 

The next UCC meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 5, 2009, beginning at 1:00 p.m. in Altgeld Hall 203.

Respectfully submitted,

Mollie Montgomery