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Northern Illinois University

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UCC Minutes

Northern Illinois University

Undergraduate Coordinating Council

171st  Meeting

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Altgeld Hall 203



Present:           W. Goldenberg (VPA), B. Hart (VPA), B. Henry (HHS), J. Isabel (HHS), M. Kostic (EET), C. T. Lin (LAS), K. Mantzke (BUS), S. Morris (HHS), O. Najjar (LAS),  G. Nicolosi (BUS), G. Schlabach (EDU), C. Snow (LIB), K. Wiemer (LAS)

Absent:            A. Azad (EET), B. Broughton (Student/LAS), A. Doederlein (LAS), S. Honig (EDU), C. Jones (LAS), D. Matousek (Student/SA), E. Seaver (Vice Provost), P. Stoddard (LAS)

Guest:              D. Smith, Catalog Editor/Curriculum Coordinator

I.          Adoption of Agenda

            Serving as chair for this meeting, C. Snow called the meeting to order.

A motion was made by O. Najjar, seconded by G. Schlabach, to approve the agenda.  The motion carried.

II.         Announcements

A.     Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the December 3, 2009, UCC meeting were electronically approved.

B.   Member Introductions

As there was a new faculty representative in attendance, C. Snow asked members to introduce themselves and state the college they represent.

III.       Reports/Minutes from Standing Committees

A.     Admissions Policies and Academic Standards Committee


W. Goldenberg reported on the November 11, 2009, APASC meeting, noting that the College of Business’ request for limited admission/retention in the new Minor in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship was considered and approved.  The committee also considered several curricular items. 

W. Goldenberg made a motion, seconded by K. Mantzke, to receive the November 11, 2009, minutes of the Admissions Policies and Academic Standards Committee meeting.  The motion carried.

Undergraduate Coordinating Council

Minutes – 171st Meeting

February 4, 2010 - Page Two

W. Goldenberg also provided a summary of the December 9, 2009, APASC meeting.  He reported that the committee was informed that the undergraduate catalog will no longer be printed, resulting in a savings of $10,000 for the university; the catalog will now be available online only.  A certificate in undergraduate study in the Department of Operations Management and Information Systems was approved, as well as a wording revision, recommended by the Committee on the Undergraduate Curriculum, in the Minor in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

M. Kostic commented that he feels important items, such as the catalog, should be in printed format.  He emphasized that the university needs to be very careful when making decisions about what items should be printed, especially those important documents being used within departments as reference documents during contact meetings between students and faculty.  He pointed out that, if students choose to print catalogs of their own, it would result in the use of more paper and higher expense.  O. Najjar said she was in agreement.  She pointed out that, when doing research, interesting and out of the ordinary information is more apt to be discovered by browsing through individual pages of books.  She said that students are not inclined to do the same level of browsing using digitized materials, and most students are limited in their printing capabilities.

W. Goldenberg made a motion, seconded by S. Morris, to receive the December 9, 2009, minutes of the Admissions Policies and Academic Standards Committee meeting.  The motion carried.

B.  Committee on the Improvement of Undergraduate Education


            There was no report.

C.  Committee on the Undergraduate Academic Environment

            There was no report.

D.  Committee on the Undergraduate Curriculum

There was no report.

E.  General Education Committee

C. Snow provided an overview of the November 19, 2009, General Education Committee meeting minutes.  The committee heard an update on the Baccalaureate Review process and discussed revision of the submission/resubmission form and process for general education courses.  Two submissions for general education credit were also reviewed; BIOS 105 was conditionally approved, pending further clarification, and BIOS 107 was returned to the department with a request for further information.

Undergraduate Coordinating Council

Minutes – 171st Meeting

February 4, 2010 - Page Three

C. Snow made a motion, seconded by B. Henry, to receive the November 19, 2009, minutes of the General Education Committee meeting.  The motion carried.

            F.  Honors Committee


There was no report.

IV.       Other Reports

A.  University Assessment Panel

            There was no report. 

V.         Old Business

A.     Date/Agenda for Annual UCC Retreat

Discussion on the feasibility of scheduling a UCC Retreat was tabled until the April 1, 2010, meeting.

VI.       New Business

A.        UCC Representative to GEC for Spring 2010

C. Snow stated that a representative was needed to serve as UCC representative to the General Education Committee for the Spring 2010 semester.   He asked for a volunteer, and K. Wiemer agreed to serve in this capacity.

VII.      Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 1:18 p.m. 

The next UCC meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 4, 2010, beginning at 1:00 p.m. in Altgeld Hall 203.

Respectfully submitted,

Mollie Montgomery