121st Meeting

Octoober 2, 2003



Present: N. Boubekri (EET), S. Conklin (HHS), L. Derscheid (HHS), C. Downing (BUS), P. Eubanks (LAS), W. Goldenberg (VPA), C.T. Lin (LAS), K. Millis (LAS), N. Osorio (LIB), L. Rigg (LAS), D. Rusin (LAS), E. Seaver (Vice Provost), W. Tallon (for D. Sinason). J. Stewart (EET), L. Townsend (EDUC), E. Wilkins (EDUC), Student: L. Krueger (EDUC).

Absent: A. Doederlein (LAS), D. Sinason (BUS)

Guest: K. Van Mol (Catalog Editor/Curriculum Coordinator)




A. The minutes of the September 4, 2003 meeting were approved electronically.


APASC - K. Millis

On behalf of APASC, K. Mills moved that the UCC receive the September 3, 2003 minutes. The motion carried .

K. Millis said that there were two motions. He said one motion was to request information from the curricular deans and the college curriculum committees regarding limited retention policies for the undergraduate catalog. He said the second motion was regarding the addition of a sub-category in the undergraduate catalog, Postgraduate Students, on page 36 after Reentering Students. He said these are students who want an additional undergraduate degree and this makes clear that they would use the undergraduate catalog that is active when they declare their second major. K. Van Mol asked, regarding the first motion, if there was a deadline given to the curricular deans. E. Seaver said he asked for a response by November 1, 2003. K. Van Mol said that there were feelings within the CUC that some departments might want to go from limited admissions to limited retention once this first step is in place.

GEC - D. Rusin

On behalf of the GEC, D. Rusin moved that the UCC receive the September 18, 2003 minutes. The motion carried.

D. Rusin said that this was the first meeting of the year with an orientation for the members. He said that the GEC reviews the general education courses and that there are still a few courses left over from last year that need to be finished. He said the GEC will be looking at the science and math courses this year. He said that they had a presentation about the general education web site and they would like to make this site the central location for students to get information about general education courses. He said that the course information on the site will be from the departments or a link to what the departments have. He said the old business, Student Association proposal for online syllabi, was discussed and it was moved to encourage departments to have their course syllabi available on their department website. He said the GEC will act as a conduit to the department so that the GEC will only be in charge of keeping the kinds of documentation that is presented for the course reviews and not the semester by semester changes having to do with individual instructors' syllabi. It was asked if examples of good resubmission forms will be available on the website. D. Rusin said that this was not addressed at the meeting. E. Seaver said that they may take this to the retreat for discussion. He said that the GEC is trying to make a website that is informative to students and faculty. He said we might have someone from the GEC come to the UCC to show them the website. He said there are some course summaries on the website and that he will again contact the departments that have not submitted these summaries. K. Van Mol asked what kind of curricular oversight there was for something to get on this website. E. Seaver said that it was basically the Provost's Office, and departments cannot add something to the website. He said that the only curricular part is that the departments have provided a more expanded summary of the course beyond what is in the catalog. D. Rusin said he'd be happy to take suggestions on what should be on the GEC website. J. Stewart asked when things would be available on the website. D. Rusin said that students will be registering for their spring classes soon. E. Seaver said that information on the general education courses is already available on the registration and records website, but he wasn't sure if the students knew that.

Honors Committee - E. Seaver

On behalf of the Honors Committee, E. Seaver moved that the UCC receive the September 5, 2003 minutes. The motion carried.

L. Rigg was not at that meeting so E. Seaver gave the report. He said that a lot of information was given about the current status of students. He said the major thing that is happening is that Carol DeMoranville as chair has established three working committees on the Honors Committee that focus on different aspects. They are 1) how to get more student involvement, particularly at the upper division level; 2) curriculum - trying to get more courses offered for honors, more upper-division courses, seminars, etc.; 3) to look at the honors program future dreams. He said they want to establish long-term goals.

CIUE- L. Derscheid

On behalf of the CIUE, L. Derscheid moved that the UCC receive the September 8, 2003 minutes. The motion carried.

L. Derscheid said that they reviewed the annual report. She said there was some discussion about the financial award for EUTA being added to the base salary as it is done for the Presidential Teaching Professors. She said there was also discussion about the need to review the grant proposal guidelines and timetable. She said a motion was made for the committee to develop a rubric to be used to evaluate grant proposals. C.T. Lin mentioned that on page 3 of the CIUE minutes it was incorrectly stated that the PTPs receive a base increase for four years only. E. Seaver said that it was incorrect and he will correct that at the next CIUE meeting.


On behalf of the CUAE, C.T. Lin moved that the UCC receive the September 9, 2003 minutes. The motion carried.

C.T. Lin reported that the parking sticker issue (brown vs yellow) was discussed again. He said there was considerable discussion but that no concrete solution was given. He said that the Vice Provost agreed to continue to contact and write e-mail to the parking committee to see if the original question could be resolved: why can't we combine yellow and brown parking stickers and why the brown parking spaces are so far away compared to the others. E. Seaver said that they are trying to encourage students to use the bus. He said he talked to Ron Pierce after the CUAE met, and he said that the entire parking situation is under complete review by the parking committee. He said they are doing this somewhat in response to the President's Task Force on Undergraduate Life that met a couple of years ago and parking was one of the concerns in its report. He suggested waiting for the new proposal from the parking committee which may be available for review before the end of the semester. He said the parking committee has heard the brown vs yellow message.

C.T. Lin said that the committee approved the USOAR Guidelines with three additional items: 1) the student may only submit one proposal to the USOAR program per funding cycle; 2) a recipient of an award must file a report at the completion of the project or the end of the funding cycle, and if they fail to do so they will be billed for monies received and will be ineligible to apply for a future grant; and 3) tuition is not a reimbursable expense and equipment not consumed in the project is university property and must be returned to the Provost's office when the project is complete.


On behalf of the CUC, S. Conklin moved that the UCC receive the September 11, 2003 minutes. The motion carried.

S. Conklin said that the primary item of business was the request for some catalog language change by three science programs that incorporated some discussion suggesting that students would refer to the departments' web page for updated information on teacher certification requirements. She said the committee determined that the instruction for teacher candidates to work with their adviser or the program coordinator was somewhat redundant because that information is already in the general information on teacher certification. She said the second item of concern was that the mentioning of going to a web page in lieu of catalog would presume that there is another catalog in existence besides the printed one, and there was concern that ultimately those conflicts would end up on the Vice Provost's desk. She said the end result was the committee removed the sentence entirely from those proposals and it was suggested that CITC be asked to draft language for the general teacher certification section of the Undergraduate Catalog that would make the need to consult with the academic department offering the certification program a little bit stronger.

S. Conklin said that since the CUC acts as the curricular body for the Black Studies major and the UNIV 101 program they were asked to consider some revisions to the minor in Black Studies. She said because they were somewhat ambiguous and didn't follow the standard catalog format they were referred back for some clarification.



The Panel has not yet met.


A.  Agenda for the annual UCC Retreat

E. Seaver said that we've invited all the subcommittee chairs. It was decided that the subcommittee chairs could stay for the whole meeting if they wanted, or just attend a portion of the meeting. He said some topics given at the last meeting were to have the Provost discuss enrollment management, the budget and how to explain it to students, and quality vs cost reduction when faced with a recision. He asked for clarification about enrollment management. D. Rusin asked if there was any intention to bring the number of freshmen down or bring the number of resources to deal with the freshmen up. E. Seaver said that we have established an enrollment team and that both he and the provost can give an update on that. J. Stewart suggested discussing budgetary processes and having someone come in to talk about that. L. Townsend said that when you start cutting you're really saying we value what we're keeping and we don't value entirely what we're cutting and asked what we are cutting and what does that say about our values as an institution. C.T. Lin said that we have so many committees and he would like to hear what the Provost, coming from another university, thinks about the vision for each of the committees and goals that he would like to see achieved. N. Boubekri said he would like to discuss the long-term impact of the budget cuts and what, if anything, we are going to do about involving undergraduate students in research. He said other institutions are pushing for the involvement of undergraduate students in research, and asked how this is going to affect us as an institution. J. Stewart said he would like to hear from some of the advising deans and what their feelings are towards what's going to happen at the college level.

Meeting Adjourned 1:55 p.m.

Christine Welch