120th Meeting
September 4, 2003

Present:     S. Conklin (HHS), L. Derscheid (HHS), A. Doederlein (LAS), P. Eubanks (LAS), W. Goldenberg (VPA), C.T. Lin (LAS), K. Millis (LAS),
                 N. Osorio (LIB), K. Millis (LAS), L. Rigg (LAS), E. Seaver (Vice Provost), D. Sinason (BUS), J. Stewart (EET), L. Townsend (EDUC),
                 E. Wilkins (EDUC), Student: L. Krueger (EDUC).

Absent:     N. Boubekri (EET), C. Downing (BUS), D. Rusin (LAS), L. Stoffel, (VPA)

Guest:       K. Van Mol (Catalog Editor/Curriculum Coordinator)

E. Seaver added one item under Old Business,  A. Student parking.



A-E.     E. Seaver said that there were a number of attachments in the packet, the Bylaws, Membership List, Summary of Meeting Dates, Operating Procedures
            of the UCC, the Annual Report to the University of Council, and the UCC and HC minutes. Introductions were then made.

C.         The minutes of the May 1, 2003 meeting were approved electronically.



Committee met September 3, 2003 and a report will be given at the next UCC meeting.


The committee has not yet met.

Honors Committee

On behalf of the Honors Committee, L. Derscheid moved that the UCC receive the April 25, 2003 minutes.  The motion carried.

E. Seaver said that there were no action items at that meeting.

The Committee has not yet met.


The Committee has not yet met.


The Committee has not yet met.



The Panel has not yet met.


A. Student Parking

E. Seaver said there was correspondence between  Bob Wheeler and Norm Jenkins, Chair of the Parking Committee,  last year about the yellow and brown parking permits. E. Seaver passed out an email from Norm Jenkins that said that the committee talked about it and that there would be no action on it.  D. Sinason gave a history of this issue.  He said that if you are a DeKalb native and apply for a parking permit, because your home address is DeKalb you are given a brown permit.  If you are not on the bus route then you have to go through an appeal process each year.  He said that many students who are living on campus are giving their home addresses to Parking, including out of state addresses, and are able to receive yellow permits.  He said that we have a situation where students are discriminated against because of where they live and where they chose to go to school, and itís a system that is rampant with cheating.  He also said that it was unfair that students who commute to campus can park closer to their classrooms than students who live on campus or in DeKalb.  A. Doederlein said that, from a faculty standpoint, the number of yellow permits parked in red reserve spaces and blue lots is huge, and the reserve space doesnít mean a thing because students think they can park anywhere if they have flashers on.   He said Parking will not accept a phone call from anybody other than the owner of the space.  E. Seaver said that memos were exchanged, and the parking committee talked about it and wasnít sympathetic about doing anything about it.  He said that this could be referred back to the CUAE and have them dialogue more about it, bring up these additional issues, and continue the discussion with the parking committee.  After discussion the UCC referred this back to the CUAE.


A.     Representatives on Standing Committees for 2003-04

         The representatives on Standing Committees for 2003-04 are as follows:
              APASC - Keith Millis
              CIUE - Linda Derscheid
              CUAE - C.T. Lin
              GEC - Elizabeth Wilkins and David Rusin
              HC - Lesley Rigg
              CUC - Sally Conklin (fall semester) and Deb Gough (spring semester)

B.     Selection of a UCC Faculty Representative and Student Representative to the University Assessment Panel

         Kevin OíKelly, student representative
         Nestor Osario, UCC representative

C.     Date and agenda for Annual UCC Retreat

E. Seaver said that the orientation for new members will be included in the annual UCC retreat.    Saturday, October 25, 2003 from 9 until 3 was selected as the best date for the retreat, and we will try to reserve the University Suite.  Lunch will be provided.  Provost Ivan Legg will be invited again this year, and it was also suggested that the sub-committee chairs be invited again this year to talk about what the sub-committees are doing and planning on doing.  E. Seaver said that he will ask Provost Legg about agenda items he would like to add.  Other suggested items are enrollment management, the budget and how to explain it to students, quality vs cost reduction when weíre faced with a recision.  E. Seaver said that if there was anything else that the UCC would like to have Provost Legg talk about or would like to have put on the agenda they should contact the faculty chair Jim Stewart.

S. Conklin asked about the red bike program and was told that it is up and running.  Students sometimes chain up the bikes to use later or donít leave the bikes in the designated spaces.  L. Krueger said she heard it was working well and she knows a lot of people who have used bikes.

J. Stewart said that at the University Senate there were a number of complaints from faculty on data processing services being cut, programs being eliminated, and computers not working in the classrooms.

Meeting adjourned at 1:45 p.m.

Christine Welch