University Assessment Panel

Notes from Meeting of
October 15, 2004

The second meeting of the University Assessment Panel (UAP) for the 2004-2005 academic year was held on Friday, October 15, 2004, at 10:00 a.m. in Lowden Hall 304.


Cassidy reminded everyone that the next meeting is November 5, three weeks from today.

UAP Membership List Update

Rossi distributed the updated UAP membership list to everyone for their notebooks. She will send a copy to those not attending today’s meeting.

Higher Education in Transition – Assuring Quality in a Time of Change

Questions and concerns were raised regarding out-of-state schools requesting approval to offer online courses in Illinois. Some online institutions get approval/accreditations for only some of their programs. The panel questioned the competencies of these online programs and agreed it is very hard to determine their competency. The goals for a program or class needs to be determined. Some quality issues discussed were: accreditation, ability to account for credits of gen ed courses, enrollment swirl, faculty qualifications and expertise, distance in education.

Report of Online Course Tech Support Survey

Online Course Survey Project Report was sent to Provost Staff, Council of Deans, Curricular Deans, Walter Czerniak, Anne Kaplan, participating faculty, and the chairs of Computing Facilities Advising Committee, Graduate Council and General Education Committee. Cassidy requested the chairs of the committees to submit their recommendations for follow-up on the findings. The UAP panel members discussed the report. The survey measured satisfaction with classes and did not look at faculty evaluations, academic standings or course evaluations. The panel’s recommendation for the next step is to look at level of achievement between online course and face-to-face classes. UAP members should send any further comments to Barnard.

Higher Learning Commission Site Team Recommendations on Assessment

The panel discussed the recommendations of the HLC site team as they relate to assessment in the academic programs and general education. Some suggestions for increasing compliance and competency with assessment included a workshop on assessment, a book on types of assessment available online and paper copy, make assessment part of orientation for new faculty, and to create new opportunities to communicate with departments. Based on the recommendations of the site team, the panel will review the criteria included in the Evaluation Rubric for Assessment Plans and discuss the HLC’s Levels of Implementation as a way to begin formulating a response to the site team’s concerns. Barnard will lead the efforts for addressing the concerns and develop a plan and timeline for the preparation of the report that is due to the HLC before July 2007.

Other Business

No other business.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:50 a.m. The next meeting of the UAP will be November 5, 2004 in Lowden Hall 304.