University Assessment Panel

Notes from Meeting of
January 16, 2004

The fifth meeting of the University Assessment Panel (UAP) for the 2003-2004 academic year was held on Friday, January 16, 2004, at 10:00 a.m. in Lowden Hall 304.


NIU now has a team leader for the Higher Learning Commission accreditation site visit.  Donna Askins and Jan Rintala are working on setting up the resource room.  All the documents prepared for the visit have been printed and sent to the site team.

Cassidy distributed the January 2004 Update from the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, which discusses the trends in access, affordability and accountability impacting higher education in the U.S.

Procedure for Use of the Evaluation Rubric

Cassidy explained that two panel members will be assigned to review each of the assessment plans resubmitted to the panel and explained how to use the rubric to evaluate the plans.  The UAP members thought that the use of the term “exemplary” on the rubric is different than the others and should be changed.  The IBHE has indicated that by 2004 all programs must provide evidence of the use of assessment findings to improve programs and the review of all assessment plans and the use of the rubric was an initial step in the process. Programs will need to submit a brief annual report as part of the ongoing assessment process..

Career Planning & Placement Center Assessment Plan

The panel reviewed the assessment plan submitted by the Career Planning and Placement Center and gave suggestions for revisions. The request for funding was discussed and the panel asked Emmett to discuss the cost estimates with the center. The panel will discuss plan and funding request with the center director at the next meeting.

Alumni Survey Revisions

Barnard distributed copies of the 2002 undergraduate follow-up survey and 3 copies of proposed revisions of the survey. A committee has been working with Barnard to streamline the survey in an effort to increase alumni responses. Cassidy indicated that core questions on the survey were used to report results to the IBHE for the statewide alumni survey. Although NIU has submitted its report to the IBHE each year, the statewide survey has not been reported in the last few years. Cassidy will follow-up with the IBHE to determine the status of the statewide report. A discussion of the proposed revisions followed, and Barnard will incorporate suggestions from the panel into the survey.

Other Business

Barnard and House are working on a survey for students who do not return to NIU their second year.  Panel will discuss this project at its next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned. at12:00 p.m.  The next meeting of the UAP will be February 6, 2004 in Lowden Hall 304.