Minutes Approved at the 557th Meeting - February 6, 2006

556th Meeting
December 5, 2005

MEMBERS PRESENT: Arado, Baker, Blickhan, Brovelli, Changnon, Curry, Factor, Gowen, Gupta, Harris, Jackson, Lieberman, Morrissey, Waas, Willis

MEMBERS ABSENT: Abdel-Motaleb, Barbe, Beguin, Bose, Carnahan, Elish-Piper, Johnson, Karonis, Lockard, Miranda,
Odoms-Young, Sims, Singh

OTHERS PRESENT: Biletzky (Manager of Information Technology), Czerniak (Associate Vice President for Information Technology Services), Perkins (Assistant to the Vice President for Recruitment), Smith (Catalog Editor/Curriculum Coordinator), Williams (Manager of Enterprise Document Imaging Services, ITS), Wright (Secretary)

Yale Factor, Assistant chair of the Graduate Council, called the meeting to order at 10 a.m.

Gowen moved approval of the November 7, 2005 minutes, Jackson seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.

Committee Reports

Standards Committee: Waas announced that the Standards Committee has begun discussion on the three-year bachelor degree students from Europe. Deb Pierce from International Programs is assisting the Standards Committee with regards to this issue. The committee will meet after break and plans on presenting a discussion item on this topic to the Graduate Council mid-spring semester. Factor added that Susan Minas is the international student admissions officer in the graduate school and at the present time NIU desires international students to have four-year baccalaureate degrees.

Curriculum Committee:

The committee recommendations from the October 10, 2005 Curriculum Committee minutes were approved via email. The following new courses, course deletions, course revisions, and other changes in catalog copy were approved:


Department of Accountancy





Managerial Accounting Systems
Area of Study (revisions)
Master of Accounting Science (revisions)
*465 (course addition)
Master of Accounting Science -
Phase Two - Financial Reporting and
Assurance Area of Study (revisions)
- Managerial Accounting Systems
Area of Study (revisions)


Department of Counseling, Adult,
and Higher Education



CAHC 523 (course revision)
Master of Science in Education
In Counseling - Admission
Doctor of Education In Counseling -
Admission (revisions)

Department of Leadership, Educational
Psychology and Foundations

EPF *420 (course addition)

College Introductory Section College Mission Statement (revisions)

School of Family, Consumer, and
Nutrition Sciences

FCNS *434 (course revision)
Master of Science in Nutrition and
Dietetics (revisions)

School of Nursing






NURS 540, 541, 542, 543, 544
(course additions)
Requirements (revisions) - Adult
Clinical Nurse Specialist (33) -
Nursing Education (34-35)
Master of Science in Nursing
Grading Policies for Master’s Degree
and Certificate Students (revisions)
Certificate of Graduate Study
Department of Biological Sciences BIOS *423 (course revision)

Harris moved to approve the committee recommendations from the November 14, 2005 Curriculum Committee meeting, Jackson seconded the motion, which carried unanimously. The following new courses, course deletions, course revisions, and other changes in catalog copy were approved:


College Introductory Section

Office of Human Resource
Development and Workforce
Preparation (deletion)
Department of Teaching and Learning TLEE 646, 647 (course additions)

Department of Industrial Engineering

IENG 598 (course addition)
IENG 598 (course revision, course
number changed to 596)

Department of Mechanical Engineering

MEE *410, *426, *430, *431, *480
(course revisions)

Department of Technology

TECH 538 (course addition)
TECH *420, *423, *425, *431,
*433, *436, *437, *482 (course revisions)
School of Allied Health Professions AHPH 495 (course revision)

Department of Communicative Disorders

Master of Arts in Communicative
Disorders - Admissions (revisions)

School of Family, Consumer & Nutrition Sciences

FCNS *410, *439, *445, *490
(course revisions)
Master of Science in Applied Family
and Child Studies - Requirements
Teacher Certification in Family and
Consumer Sciences - Requirements
in School (62-63) (revisions)

Department of Anthropology


ANTH *448 (course deletion)
ANTH *441, *447 (course additions)
ANTH *440, *444, *445, *446
(course revisions)
Department of Biological Sciences BIOS *458 (course revision)
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry CHEM 495X (course revision)

Department of Geography



GEOG 505 (course deletion)
GEOG *413, 504 (course revisions)
Master of Science in Geography -
Requirements (revisions)
Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences GEOL * 458 (course revision)

Department of History


HIST *462 (course addition)
HIST *460, *461, *463, *464
(course revisions)
Department of Sociology

SOCI *473 (course deletion)

School of Art ART 500 (course addition)
  ART 530, 630 (course revisions)

School of Music


MUSC 567, 569 (course revisions)
Performer’s Certificate -
Requirements (revisions)

Discussion Item: The College of Engineering and Engineering Technology has proposed an integrated BS-MS program, which would enable students to enroll in the graduate school up to two terms early. Blickhan questioned how this item would affect the graduate catalog. Willis replied that it would change the catalog. Willis explained that the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology would like to integrate the bachelor and masters programs to six years under current regulations. Students are only able to apply one semester before graduating with their bachelor degree to take graduate courses. Students are required to take 3 graduate courses in that semester. In order for the student to stay enrolled in the graduate school or to receive graduate credit they must graduate with their bachelor degree the originally intended semester. Gupta mentioned that the three courses students are required to take may not be offered in one semester, so that creates a necessity for two semesters. Factor questioned whether or not this can be referenced to in the graduate catalog. Willis responded that this should be referenced in the front of the catalog. Willis is concerned that if students are allowed two semesters instead of one, it will be harder to track students and is unsure of the advisability of the extended semester. Blickhan questioned whether the classes would be 400 or 500 level. Gupta responded that they could be either. The structure of the courses makes it difficult for students to take all three courses in one semester. Blickhan asked whether students could petition for graduate credit. Willis stated that the graduate school differentiates between undergraduate and graduate courses. Factor deferred this issue for further discussion to the Curriculum Committee. Harris will arrange a presentation to the Curriculum Committee and if necessary to the Graduate Council, in order to fully present the reasoning behind this program.

Colloquium Committee: Factor stated that the committee has met and approved some requests and tabled one. The committee will meet again in the spring to discuss summer and fall colloquia.

Appeals Committee: The appeals committee has a meeting this afternoon.

Honorary Degree Committee: Bose has received three nominations for honorary degrees. The committee will meet in early spring semester to select a recipient.

New Business

Document Imaging - Presented by Craig Williams: Williams, Manager of the Document Imaging Program, presented information about a new system that will enable offices to securely store documents on a data base that will be accessible only by authorized individuals. This data base will allow documents that normally would be signed and walked from office to office, to be quickly transferred through a secure data base. Williams explained that the first step in the process is to scan information and index it. Upon receipt of a graduate application, it takes two days for it to be scanned into the system. Next the application is processed to the admissions specialist and records officers in the graduate school. The decision sheet, normally in paper form, is accessible on the data base. After the decision is made by the department, the decision sheet is electronically returned to the Graduate School. Upon receipt of the decision to the Graduate School, the Admissions Record Officer records the decision into the student system. This system is password protected and backed up on a secure server daily. Williams proceeded by demonstrating how the system works.

Williams clarified several issues brought up by members and made himself available to meet with faculty one on one to further discuss any questions they might have.


Associate Dean Search: Blickhan announced that the review of applications has begun and the committee plans on meeting after the semester break to discuss potential candidates.

Meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.