Minutes Approved at the 556th Meeting - December 5, 2005

555th Meeting
November 7, 2005

MEMBERS PRESENT: Abdel-Motaleb, Arado, Baker, Barbe, Blickhan, Bose, Brovelli, Carnahan, Curry, Elish-Piper, Factor, Harris, Jackson, Lieberman, Lockard, Miranda, Morrisey, Odoms-Young, Sims, Waas, Willis

MEMBERS ABSENT: Changnon, Gowen, Gupta, Johnson, Karonis, Singh

OTHERS PRESENT: Arntz (Assistant to the Vice President for Research), Smith (Catalog Editor/Curriculum Coordinator), Wright (Secretary)

Rathindra Bose, Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, called the meeting to order at 10 a.m.

Jackson moved approval of the October 3, 2005 minutes with the following correction: In the section under “new business” instead of “Ph.D. of Audiology,” it will now read, “Au.D. of Audiology.” Barbe seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.

Committee Reports

Research and Artistry Committee: Bose stated that he will ask the Research and Artistry Committee to better define how faculty are divided into group 1 (untenured) and group 2 (tenured). This seems to be an issue that creates many questions from faculty each year. Lockard asked how joint applications are handled, when one faculty is tenured and the other is not. Bose replied that he would meet with the committee to set up a uniform platform for joint applications.

Standards Committee: The committee is still looking into the English proficiency test issue. Bose addressed the Graduate School’s conditional acceptance of three-year bachelor degree students from Europe. The Council of Graduate Schools is also interested in this issue. How do other institutions deal with these students? Normally these students are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Baker stated that the case-by-case basis might be the most appropriate way for universities to handle these students. The standards committee will investigate this issue further.

Curriculum Committee: The committee has met; the minutes will be presented at the next Graduate Council meeting.

Colloquium Committee: The committee will meet on November 28 to review proposals.

New Business

Sims mentioned that the online Graduate calendar is only updated through the spring 2006 semester, and that the summer and fall semesters need to be added on both the website and in the catalog. Zar, former dean of the Graduate School, pointed out that the Graduate School tuition is not listed in the catalog. Bose stated that this is because the Board of Trustees did not approve the 2005-2006 tuition until July 2005. At that time the catalog was already printed. However, the tuition always appears on the website of the Graduate School.

Old Business

Search Committee for Associate Dean: Blickhan announced that the search committee for the Associate Dean has met and developed guidelines for evaluating applicants. The advertisement for the position of the Associate Dean of the Graduate School has been published.

Informational Items

Tuition Waivers for Grant Supported Students: NSF, NIH, DOE, etc. support Graduate Assistant with full tuition. For example, in addition to $30,000 Graduate Assistantship, NIH and NSF pays tuition fee. Requesting tuition in the grant application will bring more money back to departments.

State Matching Grant Fund: Bose encouraged the faculty to apply for grants that require matching funds. He indicated that IBHE has a matching fund program and NIU is eligible to draw funds from this program for grants requiring matching funds. Furthermore, he mentioned that the Division of Research and Graduate Studies is slowly coming out of the challenging budgetary situation, so that he would be able to commit matching funds on behalf of NIU, whenever needed, in order to increase extramural funding.

National Report on Graduate Education: The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation issued a report entitled, “The Responsive Ph.D.: Innovations in Doctoral Education.” This report includes a review of 20 universities and their graduate education programs. The full report is available on www. woodrow. org/.

Australia’s Foreign- Student Market: An article featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education entitled, “Speakers Give Contrasting Views of Academic Caliber of Australia’s Foreign-Student Market,” discussed issues of recruiting and how Australia’s universities are dealing with diverse populations of students. The article was printed in the October 17, 2005 issue of The Chronicle.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:45 a.m.