Approved at the 549th meeting – February 7, 2005
548th Meeting
December 6, 2004

MEMBERS PRESENT: Abdel-Motaleb, Arado, Blickhan, Campbell, Carnahan, Changnon, Factor, Gupta, Harris, Hurych, Jackson, Johnson, Lim, Lockard, Nuzzo, Richgels, Sells, Swanson, Willis

MEMBERS ABSENT: Bose, Biswas, Cole, Darrah, Fernald, Gowen, Karonis, Miranda, Muskievicz, Russell, Waas

OTHERS PRESENT: Arntz (Secretary), Cooler (International Student & Faculty Office), Stoddard (University Council), Van Mol (Catalog Editor/ Curriculum Coordinator)

Suzanne Willis, Acting Associate Dean of the Graduate School, called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m. Willis explained that Bose was currently attending the grand opening ceremony of the NIU Neutron Therapy Clinic at Fermi National Laboratory.

The November 1, 2004 minutes were moved for approval by Changnon, seconded by Sells, and carried unanimously.

Committee Reports

Graduate Council Curriculum Committee

Gupta moved to approve the committee’s recommendations, seconded by Carnahan. The following new courses, course deletions, course revisions, and other changes in catalog copy were approved.

          College Introductory Section UBUS *485 (course addition)
          Department of Management MGMT 512 (course addition)
          Department of Kinesiology & Master of Science in Sport
          Physical Education Management, Non-Thesis Option
          Department of Teaching and Learning TLCI 577 (course deletion)
  TLSE *475 (course revision)
          Department of Electrical Engineering Requirements for Graduate with a B.S. in an Area other than Electrical Engineering (revisions)
          Department of Mechanical Engineering MEE *484 (course addition)
  MEE *480, 510, 521, 515
  (course revision)
          College Introductory Section Special Requirements (addition)
          School of Family, Consumer, and Master of Sciences in Nutrition and
          Nutrition Sciences Dietetics (revision)
          School of Nursing Criminal Background Checks and Drug
  Screening (addition
          Department of Communication COMS *400, *401, *402, *404,
  *405, *480 (course deletions,
  Graduate Catalog only)
  Master of Arts in Communication
  Studies, Requirements (revision)
          Department of Computer Science CSCI *462, *463 (course deletions)
  CSCI *470, 580C, 580V
  (course additions)
  CSCI 575 (course revision)
  Master of Science in Computer
  Science (revisions
          Department of Economics ECON *489, 548 (course additions)
          Department of Foreign Languages FLFR *412, *431, *433, *435, *438,
          and Literatures *441, *443, *445, FLRU *431,
  *432, *433, *434 (course revisions)
          Department of Geology & GEOL *484 (course revision)
          Environemntal Geosciences  
          Department of History HIST *451, *453, *455 (course deletions)
  HIST *452, *475 (course additions)
  HIST *454, *429, *476, *477
  (course revisions)
          Department of Physics PHYS *436 (course deletion)
  PHYS *434, *477, *480, *494
  (course revisions)
          Department of Sociology SOCI *474, *491 (course deletions)
          School of Art ARTD *420B (course deletion)
  ARTE 690, 691, 692
  (course additions)
  Master of Fine Arts in Art -
  Limitation of Time (revisions)
          School of Music MUSC *483 (course addition)
          School of Theatre and Dance THEA 595, TH-D *420 (course revisions)

The committee discussed Van Mol’s upcoming retirement (effective August 31, 2005). A motion was made by Harris, seconded by Factor, that a letter be sent to the Provost’s Office on behalf of the Graduate Council, strongly recommending that the feasibility of hiring an individual to begin working with Van Mol until her retirement be considered. Willis agreed to draft the letter. The motion was carried unanimously.

New Business

Student Grievance Procedure Task Force: The committee members were presented with ballots listing the names of the graduate student nominations received for appointment on the Student Grievance Procedure Task Force. Members turned in their ballots to Arntz, who will tally the votes and provide the names to Paul Stoddard, University Council.

Old Business

Graduate students’ stipend levels: Swanson reminded the committee members to persuade their departments to provide Bose with information relative to their stipend levels compared to comparable departments in other universities.


Willis informed the committee that the grand opening of the NIU Neutron Therapy Clinic at FermiLab, made possible by an NIU grant, took place today at the Naperville campus.

The committee was informed that the Graduate School received 12 nominations for next year’s Presidential Research Professorship awards. The committee will meet soon to determine the winners. The committee was next informed that the Graduate School has not received any nominations yet for honorary degrees. The deadline for this year is December 17th.

Finally, the members were informed of the move by the Office of the Vice President for Research, Office of Sponsored Projects, Office of Research Compliance, and Business Manager’s office to Lowden Hall. The remaining offices of the Graduate School in Adams Hall will soon be consolidated on the 2nd floor.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m.