552nd Meeting
May 2, 2005

MEMBERS PRESENT: Arado, Biswas, Blickhan, Bose, Campbell, Carnahan, Changnon, Factor, Gowen, Harris, Jackson, Lim, Lockard, Sells, Swanson, Waas, Willis

MEMBERS ABSENT: Abdel-Motaleb, Cole, Darrah, Fernald, Gupta, Hurych, Johnson, Karonis, Miranda, Muskievicz, Nuzzo, Richgels, Russell

OTHERS PRESENT: Arntz (Secretary), Ratfield (Human Resources), Van Mol (Catalog Editor/Curriculum Coordinator)

Rathindra Bose, Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.
The April 4, 2005 minutes were moved for approval by Gowen, seconded by Blickhan, and unanimously approved.

Committee Reports

Graduate Council Curriculum Committee

Harris moved to approve the committee’s recommendations, seconded by Changnon. The following new courses, course deletions, course revisions, and other changes in catalog copy were approved.


Department of Counseling, Adult  
and Higher Education CAHC 523 (course revisions)
Department of Literacy Education LTDH *465, LTDH *466
  (course deletions)
Department of Teaching and Learning TLSE 558 (course deletion)
  TLSE 559 (course addition)


School of Nursing Simultaneous Enrollment in M.S.
  in Nursing and M.P.H.Degree Programs –
  Courses Applied to M.P.H. Degree
  (28) (revisions)

Graduate Council Standards Committee

Waas informed the committee that discussions regarding the English proficiency requirements are ongoing. Also, it was noted that if the M.B.A. program wishes to adopt the criteria of one year of employment in the United States as satisfying the English proficiency requirements for their program they will need to propose, and have approved, a change to the language in the catalog.

Graduate Council Curriculum Committee – Annual Report

The GCCC met five times during the 2004-05 academic year and recommended Graduate Council approval of graduate-level curricular revisions as indicated below.

Courses/Catalog Revisions Recorded:

22 new graduate courses
22 graduate courses deletions
77 graduate course revisions*
11 new undergraduate/graduate courses
24 undergraduate/graduate course deletions
43 undergraduate/graduate course revisions*
47 other Graduate Catalog revisions

*includes revisions in course number, title, credit hours, description, and/or prerequisite/corequisite

Academic Instructional Unit Revisions Recorded:

New specialization in science, social studies, and environmental education under the Ed.D. in curriculum and instruction.
New specialization in art education under the Ed.D. in curriculum and instruction.
Deletion of specialization in elementary education under the Ed.D. in curriculum and instruction.
Deletion of certificate of graduate study in technology of quality.
Name change from concentration in historical administration to concentration in public administration.

Graduate Council Colloquium Committee – Annual Report

Factor reported that over the past 12 months, a total of 79 proposals, involving visits by 120 scholars, professional practitioners, creative artists, and performers were funded. Total funding allocated was approximately $93,945, up slightly from last year. Two proposals totaling about $3,015 are pending. A remaining concern is the number of departments that do not request their available funding. More frequent mention of the colloquium program in the Graduate Student Newsletter may help to generate student awareness and interest, and more proposals. Also, it was announced that a Graduate Assistant will be needed for next year to assist the colloquium committee and to publish the Graduate Student Newsletter. Interested graduate students should contact Willis. The position will also be posted on the NIU human resources website.

New Business
Assistantship Stipend Limits for Fiscal Year 2005-2006: The committee discussed the ongoing problem of recruiting quality graduate students given NIU’s relatively low graduate student stipend amounts compared to comparable institutions. Traditionally, the policy has been to increase graduate stipends by the CPI, and that the minimum amount is one-half of the corresponding maximum amount. The members discussed the policy of having the Graduate School set maximum amounts, since funding for assistantships comes from departmental budgets. The members agreed that the minimum amount should be set in order to protect graduate students.
Swanson moved, seconded by Harris, that the minimum amount for graduate student stipends be increased by either the CPI or the amount of increase applied to faculty salaries, whichever is higher. The motion was unanimously approved.
Sells moved, seconded by Changnon, that if a department desires to pay a graduate student a stipend that is greater than two times the minimum, that the department obtain the consent of the graduate dean. The motion was unanimously approved.

GA/Instructor Issue for Summer Registration: The committee next discussed the requirement that Graduate Assistants be required to enroll in 9 hours over the summer. Jeanne Ratfield (Human Resource Services) explained to the committee that some departments will hire graduate students as instructors (rather than as Graduate Assistants) over the summer to avoid having to enroll in 9 hours. It was agreed that since this is a relatively small number of graduate students (only 1 or two for this summer), that these students can request an exception to carry an under-load of only 1 credit over the summer semester and that each case will be dealt with individually by the Associate Dean.

Committee formulation for Associate Dean Search: Bose thanked Blickhan for agreeing to chair the search committee for the Associate Dean position. University regulations allow for the Graduate Council to determine the constitution of the committee. Carnahan moved, seconded by Changnon, that the committee consist of at least one member from each college (preferably a director of graduate studies or department chair), one representative from the Graduate School staff (to be designated by Bose), one SPS/staff member, 2 graduate students (names to be forwarded by the Graduate Student Advisory Council), plus two additional members to be appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School. The motion passed unanimously.

Evaluation of Acting Associate Dean: Bose reported that the ad hoc committee formed to evaluate Dean Willis’ performance has submitted their recommendations to him. Bose will meet with Dean Willis regarding her performance as Acting Associate Dean and the possible continuation of this acting position for another year. Bose will email his decision regarding Willis’ extension to the committee members after he has discussed certain issues with Willis.

Physics Fellowship: Bose reported that he had received a request from the Physics Department to pay a Graduate Research Assistant through a funded project a $30,000 stipend to support NICADD activities. The department explained that this is a nationally recognized program and that they will need to offer this amount which is equal to current NSF fellowships in order to recruit a qualified graduate student. Bose has approved the request, but wanted to inform the Graduate Council of his decision and seek any concerns from members. No concerns were expressed.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m.