Approved at the 552nd meeting – May 2, 2005

551st Meeting
April 4, 2005

MEMBERS PRESENT: Abdel-Motaleb, Arado, Blickhan, Bose, Campbell, Changnon, Cole, Factor, Harris, Jackson, Johnson, Lim, Lockard, Nuzzo, Richgels, Sells, Swanson, Waas, Willis

MEMBERS ABSENT: Biswas, Carnahan, Darrah, Fernald, Gowen, Gupta, Hurych, Karonis, Miranda, Muskievicz, Russell

OTHERS PRESENT: Arntz (Secretary), Van Mol (Catalog Editor/Curriculum Coordinator)

Rathindra Bose, Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.
The March 7, 2005 minutes were moved for approval by Lockard, seconded by Changnon, and unanimously approved.

Committee Reports

Graduate Council Curriculum Committee

Harris moved to approve the committee’s recommendations, seconded by Jackson. The following new courses, course deletions, course revisions, and other changes in catalog copy were approved.


Department of Accountancy ACCY 611 (course revision)
Department of Marketing MKTG 505, MKTG 550, MKTG 604,
  MKTG 626, MKTG 646 (course revisions)
Department of Counseling, Adult  
and Higher Education CAHC 520, CAHC 568, CAHC 651
  (course deletions)
  CAHE 572, CAHE 601, CAHE 602

(course revisions)

Department of Educational Technology,  
Research and Assessment ETR 572X (course revision)
Department of Teaching and Learning TLSE 545, TLSE 548, TLSE 572,
  TLSE 587B, TLSE 587D, TLSE 587Y,
  TLSE 641 (course deletions)
  TLSE 549 (course addition)
  TLSE 593 (course addition)
  TLCI 640, TLCI 570, TLCI 634,
  TLEC 523, TLEC 526, TLSE 512,
  TLSE 513, TLSE 514, TLSE 547,
  TLSE 557, TLSE 561, TLSE 563,
  TLSE 564, TLSE 565, TLSE 575,
  TLSE 587N, TLSE 587Q, TLSE 587U,
  TLSE 587V, TLSE 587W, TLSE 647,
  TLSE 686, TLSE 692 (course revisions)
Department of Electrical Engineering ELE 537 (course addition)
Department of Industrial Engineering Language and Research-Tool Requirement
  – Comprehensive Examination (revisions)
  IENG 481 (course deletion)
  Master of Science in Industrial
  Engineering (revisions)
  Thesis Option (revisions)
  Non-Thesis Option (revisions)
  Certificates of Graduate Study (revisions)
Department of Technology Technology of Quality (certificate
  TECH 600 (course addition)
  Master of Science in Industrial
  Management – Requirements (revisions)
  Industrial Project Management (12) (revisions)

Strategic Industrial Management (12) (revisions)

School of Allied Health Professions AHPH 510 (course deletion)
  AHPH *492 (course revision)
  AHPH 598 (course revision)
  Requirements (revisions)
  Courses Applied to M.P.H. Degree (28) (revisions)
  Public Health (15) (revisions)
Department of Communicative Disorders COMD 586 (course revision)
  Common Requirements (revisions)
  Specialization in Rehabilitation Counseling (revisions)
  Doctor of Audiology – Requirements (revisions)
School of Family, Consumer, and Nutrition Sciences FCNS *426, FCNS 500, FCNS 501
  (course revisions)
College Introductory Section ILAS 551 (course addition)
  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender
  Studies – Requirements (revisions)
Interdisciplinary Academic Centers Concentration in Southeast Asian Studies –
and Institute

Southeast Asian Courses (revisions)

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry CHEM 523 (course addition)
  CHEM *425, CHEM 522, CHEM 524,
  CHEM 555 (course revisions)
Department of Communication

COMS 541 (course addition)

Department of Economics ECON *495, ECON 698 (course revisions)
  Doctor of Philosophy in Economics –
  Course Requirements (revisions)
  Admission to Candidacy (revisions)
Department of Foreign Languages  
and Literatures FLTE 594 (course revision)
  Foreign Language Instructional
  Technology (18) (revisions)
  Ph.D. Language and/or Research Tool
  Requirement (revisions)
Department of Geography GEOG 590 (course addition)
  GEOG *402, GEOG *403, GEOG 504,
  GEOG 505, GEOG 551, GEOG 565,
  GEOG 568, GEOG 570 (course revisions)
  Master of Science in Geography –
  Requirements (revisions)

Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences

GEOL *425, GEOL *477, GEOL *496
  (course revisions)
Department of History HIST *492, HIST 500 (course revisions)
  Admission (revisions)
  Master of Arts in History (revisions)
Department of Political Science/  
Division of Public Administration PSPA 599 (course revision)
  Master of Public Administration

Admission (revisions)

Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology (revisions)


Willis informed the committee about proposed changes to the requirements for the integrated B.S./M.S. sequence in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, noting that undergraduate students may take courses for graduate credit only during their last semester, not during their last two semesters, as proposed by the department. The committee members discussed the importance of consistency throughout the catalog regarding this issue. A proposal would need to be submitted to the University Council for a change in this policy.

Graduate Council Standards Committee

Waas informed the committee that the discussions regarding the English proficiency requirements were ongoing, and that the committee had also discussed the importance of the Dean’s designee program for dissertations. The committee agreed on the importance of maintaining this procedure, however, an improvement could be made by better matching dissertation topics with appropriate designees.

Dissertation Completion Fellowship Committee

Willis reported that the committee met and selected the top 10, plus 5 alternates, for full-time fellowship awards. Part-time fellowships were also awarded to all 4 of the proposals submitted.

Graduate Fellowships

Willis reported that the Graduate Fellowship committee has met and identified the top 10 proposals that will be awarded, plus 5 alternates. Willis reported that a variety of departments and colleges were represented among the awardees.

A concern was raised by several chairs and directors of graduate programs regarding the time-line for the awarding of fellowships. The Graduate School can move the time-lines up for some of the fellowships, allowing departments to know sooner whether students in their programs have received fellowships. However, NIU does not have control over deadlines/timelines for certain fellowships.

Old Business

Advising for SALs: Bose reported that he is still working with the office of Institutional Research in compiling data on NIU’s SALs, and hopes to be able to present the data to the committee soon.

Retirement of Van Mol as Curriculum Coordinator: Bose reported that he spoke with Provost Legg who assured him that Van Mol’s position will be filled. Bose and Legg will meet again to discuss this issue.


Presidential Research Professor Awards: Bose reported that the committee has finalized its selection of this year’s Presidential Research Professor awards, and that he was in the process of contacting each of the three recipients. Bose also congratulated member Richgels for being one of the three awardees.

Evaluation of Acting Associate Dean: Bose reported that the ad hoc committee formed to evaluate Dean Willis’ performance has submitted their recommendations to him. Bose thanked Swanson for her work in chairing this committee. A search committee will be formed, in accordance with university policies, to begin the selection process for an Associate Dean.

Bose next informed the committee members of a change in the GRE test beginning in October, 2005. The analytical section has been modified to reflect thinking skills, and essay writing is now included.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:40 a.m.