540th Meeting
December 1, 2003

MEMBERS PRESENT:     Barbe, Blickhan, Bose, Carnahan, Cebula, Changnon, Factor, Gowen, Gupta, Hagensee, Harris, Jackson, Johnson, Lockard,
                                          Montgomery, Nuzzo, Richgels, Ridinger, Rose, Russell, Sen, Srivastava, Swanson, Waas, Zammuto

MEMBERS ABSENT:       King, Miranda, Schmall

OTHERS PRESENT:         Sandra Arntz (Secretary), Thecla Cooler (International Student & Faculty Office), Deborah Pierce (International Programs), Kay Van
                                           Mol (Catalog Editor/Curriculum Coordinator), Sue Willis (University Council/Faculty Senate)

Rathindra Bose, Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. The November 3 minutes were moved for approval by Factor, seconded by Blickhan.  Zammuto stated that she should have been listed as present, rather than absent.  The minutes were approved with this correction.

Announcements:  Bose announced that NIU would be participating in a telecast on University Based Partnerships for Economic Development on December 4th.  Information has been sent to members of the NIU community via email.

Graduate Administration Reform Agenda – Responses from Deans:  Blickhan moved that this agenda item read “Graduate Administration REVIEW” rather than “Graduate Administration REFORM”.  Lockard seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously.  Bose stated that this would be discussed at the next meeting, when he and the other members have had a chance to review the responses received from the various college deans.

Graduate Catalog on CD:  Bose reported that the graduate catalog is now available on CD, as well as on NIU’s website, which should help to reduce printing and mailing costs.   The committee members discussed developing a promotional CD, which would include information on all departments and programs offered at NIU.

Committee Reports

Graduate Council Curriculum Committee

Harris moved to approve the committee’s recommendations; seconded by Blickhan.  The following new courses, course deletions, course revisions, and other changes in catalog copy were approved.

 Department of Operations Management
 and Information Systems                                                 Certificate of Graduate Study
                                                                                        Management Information Systems

                                                                                        OMIS 604 (course revision)
                                                                                        OMIS 605 (course revision)

                                                                                        Change in requirements for Master
                                                                                        of Science in Management
                                                                                        Information Systems

Department of Counseling, Adult and                                Course deletions:
Higher Education                                                              CAHA 402
                                                                                        CAHA 408
                                                                                        CAHA 409
                                                                                        CAHA 410
                                                                                        CAHA 411
                                                                                        CAHA 412

Department of Leadership, Educational                             Certificate of Graduate Study:
Psychology and Foundations                                             Problem-Based Learning in
                                                                                        Educational Psychology (new)

                                                                                        EPS 597, EPS 699 (course revisions)
                                                                                        LEEA 500, 525 (course revisions)

 Department of Teaching and Learning                              Course deletions:
                                                                                        TLSE 441, 448, 464

 School of Allied Health Professions                                  AHPH 596 (course revision)

                                                                                        Change CAHL course designators
                                                                                        to the AHPH course designator
                                                                                        Change in requirements for the
                                                                                        Master of Physical Therapy (MPT)

                                                                                        New section:  “Middle School
                                                                                        Endorsement in Health Education”

 Department of Communicative Disorders                          COMD 423, 429 (course revisions)

 School of Family, Consumer, and                                      FCNS 468, 484, 540 (course
Nutrition Sciences                                                              revisions)

Interdisciplinary Courses                                                     Changes in requirements for
                                                                                          Concentration in Latin American

Department of Anthropology                                               Course deletions:
                                                                                          ANTH 431, 432, 441, 454, 464

                                                                                          ANTH 412, 435, 440 (course revisions)

Department of Biological Sciences                                      BIOS 468 (new course)

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry                         CHEM 474 (course deletion)
                                                                                           CHEM 494 (new course)
                                                                                           CHEM 532 (course revision)

Department of Communication                                           COMS 426 (course revision)
                                                                                          JOUR 410, 460 (course revisions)

Department of Economics                                                  ECON 423 (new course)

Department of Foreign Languages                                      FLSP 440, 441, 445, 457, 458, 459,
and Literatures                                                                    460 (new courses)
                                                                                         Changes in requirements for
                                                                                         Specialization in Spanish

Department of Geography                                                GEOG 442 (course revision)

Department of Geology and Environmental                       GEOL 427, 468 (new courses)
                                                                                       GEOL 442, 485 (course revisions)

Department of Mathematical Sciences                             STAT 481 (new course)

Department of Physics                                                    PHYS 436 (course deletion)

School of Art                                                                 ARTS 424, 425 (new courses)

                                                                                     ARTE 463, ARTE 582 (course revisions)

                                                                                     ARTH 591 (course revision)
                                                                                     Change in requirements for
                                                                                     Retention in Teacher Certification program

School of Music                                                             MUSC 599C, 599D (course revisions)
                                                                                     Change in requirements for Student-at-large, Study-abroad, and Transfer Credit
                                                                                     Changes in Requirements and Credit Requirements

School of Theatre and Dance                                         THEA 460, 532 (course deletions)

                                                                                      THEA 456, 457, 458 (new courses)

                                                                                      THEA 455, 466, 481 (course revisions)

The following was recorded but further approval is needed before inclusion in the Graduate Catalog:

University Services                                                         Clinic name change from The Speech and
                                                                                      Hearing Clinic to Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic

Department of Anthropology                                            ANTH 448 (new course)

Graduate Council Standards Committee

Waas moved to approve the proposed small catalog clarification regarding approval of master’s committees and thesis directors; seconded by Swanson and unanimously carried.

New Business
English proficiency, admission requirements for international students:   Deborah Pierce, Executive Director, International Programs, submitted a report to the committee comparing the English requirements for non-native speakers of various Illinois public institutions.  Blickhan moved, and Johnson seconded, that the exemption from further testing also include students who have earned a baccaleureate or higher degree from an accredited institution in the U.S., or recognized institution in the U.K., Ireland, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, at which the language of instruction was English.  The motion carried unanimously.
Further, the committee members agreed that the Standards Committee would be charged with crafting similar language in the Graduate Catalog to reflect this change.

Old Business
Name Change:  Bose stated that, in his opinion, the current name of the Graduate School implies that there exists a separate “Research Office”.   Furthermore, the name does not reflect a focus on research.  Swanson moved that the name of the Graduate School be changed to the Division of Research and Graduate Studies, with the Graduate School as a unit within this Division.  Blickhan seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.