539th Meeting
November 3, 2003

MEMBERS PRESENT:     Barbe, Blickhan, Bose, Carnahan, Changnon, Factor, Gowen, Gupta, Hagensee, Harris, Jackson, King, Lockard, Miranda, Nuzzo,
                                           Richgels, Rose, Russell, Sen, Srivastava, Swanson, Waas, Zammuto

MEMBERS ABSENT:       Cebula, Johnson, Montgomery, Ridinger, Schmall

OTHERS PRESENT:         Thecla Cooler (International Student & Faculty Office), David Graf (Dean, College of Business), Harold Kafer (Dean, College of
                                          Visual and Performing Arts), Frederick Kitterle (Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences), Shirley Richmond (Dean, College of
                                          Health and Human Sciences), Christine Sorensen (Dean, College of Education), Sue Stelling (Secretary), Kay Van Mol (Catalog
                                          Editor/Curriculum Coordinator), Sue Willis (University Council/Faculty Senate)

Rathindra Bose, Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.  Blickhan moved approval of the minutes of the October 13, 2003, meeting, which was seconded by Barbe.  The following correction was noted by Bose (page 3, 3rd paragraph from bottom of page).  The underlined words are deleted and the bold words are added.

When Bose was at Kent State he was on a plenary panel at the Council of Graduate Schools.  This panel discussed putting more money into graduate programsAt Kent State, Bose initiated plans for supporting graduate students from grants and other research related activities.  These plans were presented in a plenary talk at the Mid-West Association of Graduate Schools meeting.  In many cases, For example, …  A plan that was suggested introduced …
The minutes were unanimously approved with this addition.

Graduate Administration Reform Agenda:  Bose invited the various college deans to the meeting so that they could discuss what they would like to see changed relative to the administration of graduate studies.  Deans Graf, Kafer, Kitterle, Richmond, and Sorensen shared their particular concerns with various administrative procedures currently being followed by the Graduate School.  The admissions process, particularly with regards to international students; communications with the Graduate School; and the student-at-large classification were mentioned as possible areas in need of review and/or reform.  The committee members agreed that Bose would solicit a specific, prioritized list of issues from each of the college deans for further review by the committee.  Then, at the next Graduate Council meeting, a sub-committee can be created to look into these issues.  It was agreed to proceed in this manner.

Committee Reports

Graduate Council Curriculum Committee

Harris moved to approve the committee’s recommendations; seconded by Rose.  The following new courses, course deletions, course revisions, and other changes in catalog copy were approved.

            Teacher Certification Requirements                                             Add Standard High School Certificate

             Center for Biochemical and Biophysical                                      Change of title from Center for Bio-
             Studies                                                                                       chemical or Biophysical Studies

             Department of Counseling, Adult and                                          CAHA 616 (new course)
             Health Education
                                                                                                                CAHA 699, CAHC 699 (course revisions)

                                                                                                               Change in requirements for Higher Education Certificate

             Department of Leadership, Educational                                       EPS *405 (course revision)
             Psychology and Foundations
                                                                                                               Change in introductory paragraph

                                                                                                               Change in requirements for M.S. in Education in Foundations of Education

             Department of Literacy Education                                               LTRE 520, 505 (course revisions)

                                                                                                               LTRE to LTCY 599, LTRE to LTCY 699 (course revisions)

             Department of Teaching and Learning                                          TLCI 640 (course revision)

                                                                                                                Advanced Teaching Practices (new certificate of graduate study)

             Department of Mechanical Engineering                                         MEE *410 (course revision)

                                                                                                                Change in requirements for integrated B.S./M.S. Sequence

             Interdisciplinary Courses                                                               ILAS 550 (new course)
                                                                                                                Certificate of Graduate Study in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,
                                                                                                                and Transgender Studies (new)

            Department of Geology and Environmental                                    Change in requirements for teacher certification

             Department of History                                                                  HIST *425 (course revision)

             Department of Psychology                                                            PSYC 525 (course revision)

            School of Theatre and Dance                                                         Change in requirements for specialization in acting

The following was recorded but further approval is needed before inclusion in the Graduate Catalog:

            Department of Counseling, Adult and                                              Department name change from Dept.of Counseling, Adult and
            Health Education                                                                            Health Education to Dept. of Counseling, Adult and Higher Education

The following items are ready for inclusion in the Graduate Catalog:

            Department of Literacy Education                                                 Name change of M.S.Ed. major from reading to literacy education

                                                                                                                Name change of Ed.D. in curriculum and instruction specialization from
                                                                                                                reading to literacy education

            Department of Teaching and Learning                                           Deletion of M.S.Ed. in special education specialization in behavior disorders

                                                                                                                Deletion of M.S.Ed. in special education specialization in learning disabilities

                                                                                                                Deletion of M.S.Ed. in special education specialization in multiply handicapped,
                                                                                                                deaf or vision

                                                                                                                New M.S.Ed. in special education specialization in learning behavior specialist I

Graduate Fellowship Committee

Chair Gupta announced the winners of the Distinguished Master’s Thesis award.  Lanea Keller from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry won first place with her thesis, “A Novel Expression for Human ABCR, a Protein Expressed in the Photoreceptor Outer Segments.”  Boon Aik Tan from the Department of Industrial Engineering won second place with his thesis, “Developing a Hybrid Push/Pull Manufacturing System Using Genetic Algorithm.”   Both winners receive a plaque; first place receives $300, second place receives $200.  The first place winner’s thesis is also submitted to the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools competition.

Gupta explained how this fellowship is for Master’s students only.  There are areas, though, such as Audiology, that do not fit into the doctoral or master’s category.  For example, Audiology is not qualified for this award since the degree is more a professional degree.   The committee members agreed that the Fellowship Committee present a recommendation to the Council next month regarding possible inclusion of these types of programs for fellowship awards.

Old Business
Accreditation Report: Bose asked for any comments on the accreditation chapters that involve graduate studies and research.  Although the deadline was the past Friday, Bose stated that if there are any serious problems he would still bring them to the committee.

Name Change:  Bose feels the name, “Graduate School” by itself perhaps does not elicit research recognition outside the university.  Other universities use the name, “Research and Graduate Studies.”  Bose would like the Council to consider this name change.  The members discussed the various implications of such a change in name.
Other Administrative Changes:  Bose reported that he intends to devote one-third of his attention to graduate administration, and two-thirds to research.  With this in mind, he needed to make some changes in his office.  While Sue Stelling has done a great job with administration of graduate issues, she has been overwhelmed with the other issues.  Sue’s knowledge of research and organization would be better suited and focused working with research compliance.  Therefore, Sue will be reassigned to the Office of Research Compliance.  At the same time, Sandy Arntz, who holds a Ph.D. in psychology and who is currently working as Research Compliance Coordinator in the Office of Research Compliance, will be reassigned to work as assistant to Bose.  Bose asks for everyone’s patience during this transitional period.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 p.m.