Minutes Approved at the 538th Meeting Ė October 13, 2002

537th Meeting
September 8, 2003

MEMBERS PRESENT:   Barbe, Blickhan, Carnahan, Changnon, Chebula, Factor, Gowen, Gupta, Hagensee, B. Harris, P. Jackson, J. Johnson, Miranda,
                                        Montgomery, Nuzzo, Richgels, Rose, M. Mehrer for Russell, Sen, Srivastava, Swanson, Waas, Zammuto

MEMBERS ABSENT:     Bose, Cole, Lockard, Ridinger, Schmall

OTHERS PRESENT:       Stelling (Secretary), Van Mol (Catalog Editor/Curriculum Coordinator)

Carla W. Montgomery, Associate Dean, called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.

Montgomery explained that although Vice President Bose had very much wished to attend, he has been called, in connection with research responsibilities, to attend an out-of-town meeting with his research-vice president counterparts from public and private institutions around the state. He is planning to be at next monthís meeting to outline his goals for the Graduate Council in the coming year.  Montgomery welcomed the new Graduate Council members and the returning members.


Old Business:  Montgomery reported the U.S. Office of Civil Rights did not require Northern Illinois University to make the change the Graduate Council reluctantly passed in May 2000.  They have closed the case without mandating that last change. Therefore, the catalog description of the English-competency policy remains as written below:

The university expects a reasonable level of English competency in its graduate students, regardless of their discipline.  Those students who hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution in the U.S. or a recognized institution in the U.K., Ireland, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand at which the language of instruction was English are considered to have met this requirement.  Other graduate students are required to take Ö
Curricular Changes:  The Department of Leadership in Educational and Sport Organizations has been dissolved, with certain programs going into different departments:  Sport Management and its faculty are now in the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education while Educational Administration and School Business Management are now housed in the renamed Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations.

There have been several specializations in the masterís program in special education that have been deleted.  The new specialization in special education, Learning Behavior Specialist I, has been approved, which is particularly important because it responds to new state certification requirements in special education.

Priority Business

Standing Committees of the Graduate Council: Over the summer, faculty was invited to serve on two committees, students on one.  Faculty were placed on at least one of their choices, with some of them invited to be chairs of particular committees.  Additional vacancies were then filled with non-Council members to assure appropriate representation by college. Approval for the standing committees list as distributed was moved by Factor, seconded by Blickhan; motion passed.  An updated list will be provided at next monthís meeting with student members added along with all chairs noted.

Selection of an Assistant Chair of the Graduate Council:  This person will serve as chair when the chair is gone and assist on the agenda when called upon.  The assistant chair also serves as an ex officio member on the University Council.  Prof. Lockard, who could not attend this meeting, did express a willingness to serve.  A motion was made by Blickhan, seconded by Changnon, to nominate him.  Nominations were then closed, and Professor Lockard was elected by acclamation.

Selection of a graduate student to the Universityís Libraries Advisory Committee:  This person does not have to be a Graduate Council student representative.  Council approved that this item be referred to the graduate-student members of the Council to choose a member and report back to the Council.

Selection of a graduate student to the Campus Security and Environmental Quality Committee:  This item was also referred to the Graduate Student Advisory Committee/ student members of the Council.

Selection of a faculty member and a graduate student to the University Assessment Panel:  Diann Musial was selected last year for a two-year term as the Graduate Councilís representative.  Since she is no longer on the Council, a faculty person is needed to serve the remaining year.  Changnon volunteered; accepted by acclamation.

Montgomery reported that a graduate student had volunteered for this committee.  Lynette Rapacan is a doctoral student in the educational administration program.  Approved by a majority, following a brief discussion.

Committee Reports

Graduate Council Appeals Committee

Montgomery gave the annual report of this committee for Chair Blickhan.  The committee acted upon a total of 29 cases (up two cases from last year).  Of these, 25 were petitions for academic reinstatement, including one for reconsideration of a previous denial of reinstatement and one for a second reinstatement.  Of the 11 such petitions involving graduate students, nine were approved, though in two cases the student was reinstated as a student-at-large.  The other two were denied for lack of compelling justification and/or departmental support.  Of the 14 reinstatement petitions from students-at-large and graduate student alumni, 12 were approved and two were denied.  Two of these reinstatements were under a modified version of the returning student special reinstatement policy, with graduate grade-point average to be restarted. Of the other four cases acted upon, three were requests for modification of the stipulated terms of reinstatements already approved, typically due to problems with availability of courses originally stipulated as required.  All three were approved.  The remaining case made use of a new policy approved by the Council last year that provided an avenue for admission for a student whose degree was from an unaccredited institution.  In this case, the studentís baccalaureate degree was from a non-recognized foreign institution.  The committee felt that this was a logical extension of the new policy and, with the strong support of the studentís prospective major program, approved.

The remaining cases not yet addressed include six cases that qualify as pending, awaiting more complete documentation.  Five other cases are deemed inactive, primarily because it has been over a year since any correspondence has been received from or relating to the appellants.

Montgomery acknowledged the efforts of Blickhan as chair of the Appeals Committee and thanked all the members of the committee for their conscientious service. (In each of the past three years, 55% of the caseload was handled in the summer!)

With no other business being brought before the Council, the meeting was adjourned at 10:30.