543rd Meeting
April 5, 2004

MEMBERS PRESENT: Barbe, Bose, Carnahan, Changnon, Cole, Factor, Gowen, Gupta, Hagensee, Harris, Jackson, Johnson, Lockard, Miranda, Montgomery, Nuzzo, Richgels, Rose, Sen, Srivastava, Swanson, Waas

MEMBERS ABSENT: Blickhan, Cebula, Ridinger, Russell, Schmall, Zammuto

OTHERS PRESENT: Sandra Arntz (Secretary), Thecla Cooler (International Student & Faculty Office), Kay Van Mol (Catalog Editor/ Curriculum Coordinator), Sue Willis (University Council/Faculty Senate)

Rathindra Bose, Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. The March 1 minutes were moved for approval by Gowen, seconded by Jackson. A correction was noted regarding the effective date of Carla Montgomery’s resignation as Associate Dean of the Graduate School. The effective date should read July 1st rather than August 1st. The minutes were unanimously approved with that correction.

Committee Reports

Graduate Council Curriculum Committee

Carnahan moved to approve the committee’s recommendations, with the following modification: on page 10, Department of Chemistry, Teacher Certification Option, the following sentence to be restored: “Only graduate courses from accredited institutions in which the student has earned a grade of B or better may be accepted towards an advanced degree, subject to approval of the department and the Graduate School”. The motion was seconded by Harris. The following new courses, course deletions, course revisions, and other changes in catalog copy were approved.

      Northern Illinois University Accreditation and Affiliation
      General Regulations Graduate Students in Law Courses
COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Graduate Student in Busines
  Executive Master of Business
  Administration -- Professional
  Master of Business Administration
      Department of Accountancy Master of Accounting Sciences
  Financial Reporting and Assurance
  Area of Student (revisions)
  Master of Science in Taxations
  Admisstion (revisions)
      Department of Marketing MKTG 626 (new course)
      Department of Council, Adult and Master of Science in Education
      Higher Education In Counseling -- Requirements
  Non-Thesis Option (revisions)
  Community Counseling (revisions)
  School Counseling (revisions)
  Student Affairs Practice in Higher
  Education/College Counseling
  Career Counseling (addition)
      Department of Educational Technology, ETT 553 (new course)
      Research & Assessment ETT 554 (new course)
  ETT 664 (new course)
      Department of Leadership, Educational Examinations (revisions)
       Psychology and Foundations Dissertation (revisions)
      Department of Teaching and Learning TLSE 577 (new course)
  TLCI 510, TLCI 606, TLCI 608,
  TLEE *402, TLSE 562 (course
  Master of Science in Education
  In Special Educaiton (revisions)
  Deficiency Study/Field Work
  Retention (revisions)
  Requirements (revisions)
  Specialization in Learning Behavior
  Specialist I (revisions)
  New Certificates of Graduate Study:
  Assistive Technology Specialist,
  Behavior Specialist, Curriculum
  Adaptations Specialist, Multiple
  Disabilities Specialist
      School of Family, Consumer, and Teacher Certification in Family and
      Nutrition Sciences Consumer Sciences (revisions)
  Requirements outside School
      Women's Studies WOMS 502 (course addition)
  WOMS *430 (course revisions)
  Women's Studies: Requirements
      Department of Chemistry CHEM 515 (course revisions)
  Master of Science in Chemistry
  Thesis Option (revisions)
  Teacher Certification Option
      Department of Communication COMS *446 (course addition)
  COMS 503, JOUR 552 (course
  Master of Arts in Communication
  Studies: Thesis Option (revisions)
  Non-Thesis Option (revisions)
      Department of English ENGL 593 (course addition)
  ENGL 500 (course revisions)
  Master of Arts in English (revisions)
  English Education (revisions)
  Literature and Rhetoric/Composition
  Rhetoric and Professional Writing
  Doctor of Philosophy in English
  British and American Literature
  Language, Linguistics and Rhetoric
  Certificates of Graduate Study:
  Technical Writing (revisions)
      Department of Foreign Languages FLST *483 (course addition)
      And Literatures FLSP *461, FLST *481, FLST *482
  (course revisions)
  Specialization in Spanish (revision)
      Department of Geography GEOG 554, GEOG 555, GEOG 556
  (course additions)
  GEOG 559 (course revisions)
  Geographic Information Analysis
  (new certificate of graduate study)

      Department of Geology and

GEOL 635 (course addition)
      Environmental Geosciences  
      Department of History HIST *498, HIST 636, HIST 656
  (course additions)
      Department of Mathematical Sciences STAT 591 (course revisions)
  Master of Science in Applied
  Probability and Statistics:
  Requirements (revisions)
  Course Requirements (revisions)
  Applied Statistics (new certificate of
  graduate study)

      Department of Philosophy

PHIL 520 (course deletion)
  PHIL 520A-E (course additions)
  PHIL *405, PHIL *410, PHIL *411,
  PHIL *412, PHIL *420, PHIL *421,
  PHIL *422, PHIL *423, PHIL *424,
  PHIL *425, PHIL *426, PHIL *427,
  PHIL *428, PHIL *429, PHIL *482,
  PHIL 501, PHIL 511, PHIL 512,
  PHIL 531, PHIL 533, PHIL 540,
  PHIL 550, PHIL 552, PHIL 570,
  PHIL 591, PHIL 595, PHIL 599
  (course revisions)
      Department of Physics PHYS 559 (course revision)
  PHYS 690 (course revision)
      Department of Political Science PSPA *420 (course deletion)
  Master of Arts in Political Science:
  Requirements (revisions)
  Doctor of Philosophy in Political
  Science: Course Requirements
      School of Theatre and Dance Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts:
  Specialization in Acting (revisions)
  Specialization in Design and
  Technology (revisions)
  Costume Design (revisions),
  Lighting Design (revisions),
  Scene Design (revisions),
  Theatre Technology (revisions)

The following was recorded but further approval is needed before inclusion in the Graduate Catalog:

      Department of Teaching and Learning Specialization in Advanced Special
  Education Practices (new
  Master of Science in Education in
  Special Education: Specialization in
  Learning Behavior Specialist I
      Department of Electrical Engineering ELE *450, *471 (course additions)


      Department of English ENGL 594, 595 (course deletions)
  Doctor of Philosophy in English:
  British and American Literature
  Certificate of Graduate Study in
  English Education (revisions)


Dissertation Completion Fellowship Committee

Montgomery reported that the committee met on March 17 and chose the top 5 proposals, the next 5 proposals, as well as an alternate list. The Graduate School will fund 10 fellowships this year (the top 5 as well as the next 5). Montgomery stated that the proposals came from 8 different departments and that a broad spectrum of disciplines was represented.

Graduate Council Standards Committee

Waas moved that the proposed catalog changes, relative to TOEFL and written English requirements, be adopted, seconded by Cole. The motion received unanimous approval.

New Business

Research & Artistry – definition of “good-faith effort”: Bose explained that an issue arose this year regarding the eligibility requirements for this summer’s research and artistry awards, specifically with regards to what constitutes a “good-faith effort to obtain research or artistry funding from external sources”. The committee agreed to change section A.II.b. under Extramural Funding to add the sentence “Describe any additional efforts you have made to develop such proposal(s) or to identify appropriate external funding sources.” Gowen moved approval, seconded by Carnahan, and unanimously approved.

Change in thesis document requirements: The issue of making a change in the thesis document requirement to include that all members must sign the final document (rather than the advisor only) was brought up for discussion. A recent academic misconduct investigation committee had requested that this issue be discussed in order to ensure that the final version of all theses be examined, and signed off, by all committee members. The council members agreed that this issue needs to be addressed first by the Graduate Faculty Standards Committee.

Announcements: Bose announced that the proposed faculty and staff grievance policy has gone to the University Council and has been sent back to the college level for opinions and suggestions. Bose encouraged all members to carefully review the proposed policy and forward any comments on to the University Council.

Bose next announced that the Graduate School will be appointing an acting Associate Dean for a one-year period. After considering several candidates, Sue Willis has agreed to serve in this capacity and will begin July 1st. During this one year period, a national search will be conducted to name a new Associate Dean.

Editorial changes to the section of the Academic Policies and Procedures Manual pertaining to graduate assistantships was received from the Graduate Assistantship Employment office of Human Resource Services. The proposed changes will be emailed to all members of the council for their review and comments.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 a.m.