Seventh Meeting/2003-04 Academic Year
April 8, 2004

PRESENT: M.J. Blaschak (HHS/AHP, chair), N. Clifton (LAS/ENGL), G. Conderman (EDUC/TLRN), C. DeMoranville (BUS/MKTG), D. Gough (UCC, HHS/COMD), E. Seaver (Vice Provost, ex officio), J. Thunder (LAS/MATH), D. Zinger (EET/ELE)

NOT REPRESENTED: J. Ferris (EDUC/KNPE, student), E. Goldberg (LAS/FLAL, student), J. Song (LAS/GEOG), R. Newsom (VPA/THEA),

GUESTS: L. Gyant (Black studies), T. Yeary (Black studies)

CONSULTANT: K. Van Mol (Catalog Editor/Curriculum Coordinator)


On November 11, 2002, the CUC approved the new course KNDN 351, Multicultural Dance, which was recorded in the September 17, 2002, minutes of the College of Education Curriculum Committee. It was recently noted, however, that although the front (blue) pages of these minutes report this as a 1-semester-hour course, the attachments incorrectly show it as a 2-semester-hour course. This typographical error will be corrected and KNDN 351 will appear as a 1-semester-hour course in the 2004-05 Undergraduate Catalog. CUC members AGREED WITH THIS REVISION by consensus.


Blaschak requested that the #13 HHS minutes be removed from the consent agenda, and DeMoranville asked that the #12 HHS minutes be removed from the consent agenda.


Proposed new course IDSP 316, African American Critical Thought

It was noted that the colleges to which the proposal was sent for questions of duplication had no objections to it. Zinger moved, seconded by Blaschak, TO APPROVE THE NEW COURSE IDSP 316, AFRICAN AMERICAN CRITICAL THOUGHT. The motion passed unanimously.

Proposed new course IDSP 493, African-Centered Research Methods

Yeary explained that this is a course that speaks to black studies research; it is a capstone course based on what is in the field and is consistent with other such black studies courses. Seaver observed that one of the questions raised by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences seemed to have been based on a misunderstanding of the course title, which was clarified in the rationale. He then raised the additional question about having a prerequisite for this course. After some discussion, Yeary, Gyant, and the CUC agreed that it would be best for this course to have a prerequisite of “IDSP 219, IDSP 300, and consent of director.” Gyant noted that in the fall proposals will come forward for this course to be included in the minor in Black studies and for it to be available for graduate-level credit. Clifton moved, seconded by DeMoranville, TO APPROVE THE NEW COURSE IDSP 493, AFRICAN-CENTERED RESEARCH METHODS, WITH THE INCLUSION OF “PRQ: IDSP 219, IDSP 300, AND CONSENT OF DIRECTOR.” IN THE COURSE DESCRIPTION. The motion passed unanimously.


DeMoranville moved, seconded by Gough, TO APPROVE THE #12 MINUTES OF THE COLLEGE OF BUSINESS CURRICULUM COMMITTEE AND THE #9 MINUTES OF THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION CURRICULUM COMMITTEE, neither of which forwarded any undergraduate-level curricular revisions. The motion passed unanimously.


College of Health and Human Sciences #12

DeMoranville pointed out that since the rationale for adding PSYC 225 to the prerequisite for FCNS 489 was that it “articulates as FCNS 280," PSYC 225 should appear as an alternative to FCNS 280. CUC members agreed that the revision prerequisite for FCNS 489 should read“At least two of FCNS 180, FCNS 230, FCNS 280 or PSYC 225, and FCNS 284. Clifton moved, seconded by Conderman, TO APPROVE THE UNDERGRADUATE-LEVEL CURRICULAR ITEMS IN THE #12 MINUTES OF THE HHS CURRICULUM COMMITTEE WITH THE NOTED REVISION. The motion passed unanimously.

College of Health and Human Sciences #13

Blaschak pointed out that several NURS courses in this set of minutes contained the provision that the student have a grade of C or better in a corequisite. This does not make sense, since the corequisite can be taken at the same time as the given course, and thus no grade would have yet been obtained in that course. After some further discussion, Blaschak moved, seconded by DeMoranville, TO TABLE FOR CLARIFICATION OF THE COREQUISITE REQUIREMENT THE NEW COURSE NURS 310A AND THE REVISIONS TO NURS 310T, NURS 306, NURS 306A, AND NURS 309 (INCLUDING ATTENDANT REVISIONS), AND APPROVE THE REMAINING CURRICULAR ITEM IN THE #13 MINUTES OF THE HHS CURRICULUM COMMITTEE. The motion passed unanimously.


Report from the CUC subcommittee on contract major reviews and KNPE letter-suffixed courses

Blaschak distributed the report regarding contract majors for AY 2002-03. After brief discussion, Blaschak moved, seconded by Clifton, TO RECEIVE THE SUBCOMMITTEE REPORT ON CONTRACT MAJORS. The motion passed unanimously.

Election of faculty chair for AY 2004-05

DeMoranville offered to serve as the CUC faculty chair for AY2004-05 and was elected by acclamation.

The meeting adjourned at 1:05 p.m.

This was the last CUC meeting of AY 2003-04.

The next CUC meeting will be on September 9, 2004, at 12?30 p.m. in Holmes Student Center, room 306.