Campus Security and Environmental Quality Committee
Minutes of October 22, 2002
Room 55, Founders Library
2:30 p.m.

Present:    Sheila Berg, Michele Crase, Steven Estes, Donald Grady, Mary Grosch, Dori Hooker, Robert Huffstutler,  Joe King, Carl Leoni, Craig Marcus, Jim
                Murphy,  Julie Roberston, Herb Rubin, Frederick Schwantes, Lori Sprague,  Alex Underwood.

Absent:     Krissy Melander, Jim Murphy, Linda Tillis

Guest:       Matt Kiederlen


A.     Chair, Bob Albanese, called the meeting to order. Roll call was taken.
B.     The Agenda was approved.  Bob A. did say there is always an opportunity to bring up other items during the latter part of the meeting.
C.     The minutes of the September 24, 2002 meeting were approved with one change:  Page 5, 2nd Paragraph under "D. Other Matters" was removed except
         for the first sentence.   Herb R. raised the question as to who sees the unapproved minutes.  Bob A. will check on this prior to the next meeting.
D.     Chairs Comments
        1.     Call-Box update.  Ten additional call boxes will be purchased and placed at  the following campus locations:
                a)     Convocation Center -  7
                b)     Barsema Hall           -  2
                c)     School of Nursing    -  1

                According to Michele C. there are currently 21 call boxes on campus and they average about 100-150 calls per year.   Bob A. said that as funding
                becomes available, additional boxes will be placed where needed.  Herb R. commented that the perception of security the campus call boxes provide
                is important.
        2.     Bob A. received a request to fly the POW-MIA flag. He was not able to find a written policy.  The current informal policy calls for the flying of the
                American flag, the State of Illinois flag, and the University flag, only, and has been strictly adhered to.  Bob A. did not allow this recent request, but
                did explain to the applicants that the issue would be brought before the External Subcommittee.  He felt there should be a written policy if there is not
                one in place.

        3.     Chair, Bob A., said a request was made concerning traffic problems at Garden Road and Lucinda Avenue.  Bob A. felt that visibility for cars exiting
                west from parking lots onto Garden Road has greatly improved since the City of DeKalb removed approximately 100 parking spaces on Garden
                Road.   He noted that additional spaces have been added to the parking lots to enhance parking.

                A question as to whether a stop sign is needed at Lucinda and Garden Road, will be referred to Chief Grady.   Bob A. has asked Ron Pearson for a
                solution to blocking the use of the access road in this area for safety's sake.  Don G. brought up the fact that there has been an increase in the
                pedestrian traffic across people's yards and it has been necessary for NIU police to patrol pedestrian traffic.  The vehicular traffic situation will
                continue to be monitored in that area.  Bob A. hopes that the sale of 200 green parking permits at a cost of $25 at the Convocation Center will
                alleviate some of the parking problems.  He also felt increased use of bikes will help.
                Sheila B. pointed out that pedestrians are walking in the roadway on Stevenson North to the Convocation Center for events because of the lack of
                sidewalks.  Bob indicated that sidewalk project has been discussed and hopes funding will be available to start it next spring.
        4.     Bob A. said that NIU has the honor of being designated as the first storm-ready university in the United States thanks to staff meteorologist, Gilbert
                Sebenste.  Along with the weather, his enthusiasm gives the campus community an insight into meteorological information of interest.  He performs
                various other duties and has been instrumental in saving the University money by obtaining grants and forecasting the amount of natural gas needed.
                Herb R. felt that Gilbert's weather forecasts and the savings in fuel more than pay for the meteorologist position.  Bob A. will invite him to a future
        5.     The Chair reiterated the fact that in the fall of 2003, NIU will be a totally no-smoking campus.  That fact brings up a problem that is now facing the
                University.  He quoted from an article in Newsweek concerning a ban on smoking on campuses:  "…with the end of indoor smoking, building
                entryways have become de facto smoking lounges prompting some colleges and universities to boot smokers farther afield.  With winter coming, the
                policy gives new meaning to the phrase ' you'll have to pry it from my cold dead fingers'."  To counter the entryway smoking lounges, various
                universities require smokers to stand from 10 to 50 feet from the entryways.   Bob A. will pass this issue on to one of the sub-committees to look into
                whether such constraints are needed at NIU.

        6.     Bob A. distributed copies of the approved Capital Budget Requests from the September 4, 2002, Board of Trustees meeting.  He noted that the
                Provost's office provides assistance in prioritizing projects.
                a)     Appropriated capital budget requests arise from input across campus and are prioritized based on need.  In the past, of nine priority capital
                        budget requests,  one or two might be approved.  If there is sufficient money in the State budget, three might be approved.  Appropriated capital
                        budget requests for FY04 include:

                b)     Appropriated capital renewal projects, which are smaller projects (under $500,000), include:                         Herb R. asked what mechanisms are in place to keep on top of water flow when development occurs on the west side of DeKalb.  Bob A. said
                        when a major project is proposed the University works closely with the devel-oper and the City  to analyze exactly what the effects on the
                        campus will be.  Dr. Williams is aware of this fact and has brought up the need to interface with NIU when private development is proposed.

                c)     Project requests for non-appropriated buildings are treated the same as appropriated buildings.  They include roof replacements, remodeling and
                        rehabilitation, deferred maintenance, and landscaping.
                d)     Other campus maintenance issues to be considered for funding some time during this fiscal year include:

                        In reply to a question, Bob A. said Altgeld Hall is about 80% complete.  Referring to Altgeld, Herb R. felt internal estimates would have been a
                        good way of having had some control to avoid delays.   He also asked if there are any plans to rehab other dorms besides Stevenson Towers .
                        Bob A. replied that Grant Towers would be the next residence halls to be renovated.  Replying to a question, Bob A. said he has not heard of
                        any initiative to convert Gilbert Hall back to a residence hall.
II.  New Business

        A.     Identification of Chairs and members of Subcommittees

                Bob A. distributed the subcommittee assignments. If anyone wants to make a change, please let him know.
                1.     Safety and Security Subcommittee
                        Don Grady
                        Joe King
                        Carl Leoni (or designee)
                        Krissy Melander
                        Ron Pearson

                        Don G. or his designee, Matt Kiederlen will chair this Subcommittee.  The policing of dorms by Public Safety officers has improved the dorms
                        for the students.  Alex U. agreed and said parking outside of the buildings especially has been curtailed because of the presence of the officers.
                        He also said the interaction between police and students has been positive.  Bob A. congratulated Chief Don G. and his department for a job
                        well done.

                2.     Interior Environmental Subcommittee
                        Michele Crase
                        Steven Estes
                        Mary Grosch
                        Dori Hooker
                        Julie Robertson
                        Frederick Schwantes
                        Lori Sprague

                        Michele C. of Environmental Health and Safety will chair this subcommittee.  The issue of smokers in entryways and lobbies has been assigned
                        to this subcommittee.

                3.     Exterior Environmental Subcommittee
                        Jim Murphy
                        Sheila Berg
                        Robert Huffstutler
                        Craig Marcus
                        Herb Rubin
                        Linda Tillis
                        Alex Underwood

                        Jim M., Campus Planning Coordinator/Landscape Architect, will chair this subcommittee.  Jim M. is involved in all phases of landscaping and
                        has a good perception of what plant life is appropriate for this campus.  Bicycle use and exterior signage will also come under this

                Bob A. would like to see another member on the Safety and Security subcommittee.  He would also like to have the sub-committees operating before
                the November meeting.   The subcommittees will make recommenda-tions to the full committee.  Those approved recommendations will then be:

                a) implemented or,  b) if too large a dollar figure then they will be discussed at a higher level.   Bob A. will be happy to attend any of the subcommittee

        B.     OTHER MATTERS

                1.     In reply to a question on the proposed overpass/underpass on Annie Glidden, Bob A. said the option chosen from the Task Force's
                        recommendation was the installation of the traffic light at Stadium Drive and Annie Glidden.  Education for pedestrians continues on crossing at
                        cross walks.  Funding is being considered for lighted cross walks and additional lighting on Annie Glidden Road.  The overpass/underpass is not
                        an option at this time because of the expense.
                2.     Aside from the University police, Herb R. asked about safety liaisons to the committee from the City of DeKalb.  Bob A. said Lt. Carl Leoni or
                        his designee of the City of DeKalb is the representative.   He also noted that the City and the University meet every six weeks on various topics
                        which include safety issues.

III.     Next Meeting - The next meeting will be on November 26, 2002 in Founders Library at 2:30 p.m.

 IV.    Meeting adjourned.