Campus Security and Environmental Quality Committee
Minutes of September 24, 2002
Convocation Center - Donor Suite
2:30 p.m.

Present:    Michele Crase, Matt Kiederlen for Donald Grady, Mary Grosch, Dori Hooker, Robert Huffstutler,  Dan Gerace for Carl Leoni,  Craig Marcus, Jim
                Murphy, Ron Pearson, Herb Rubin, Lori Sprague, Linda Tillis, Alex Underwood.

Absent:    Sheila Berg, Joe King, Krissy Melander, Julie Robertson, Frederick Schwantes

Guests:    Dan Gerace for Lt. Carl Leoni, Norm Engstrom for Steven Estes, Matt Kiederlen for Chief Donald Grady


A.      Call to Order and Roll Call  –  Chair, Bob Albanese, called the meeting to order and said this meeting will be organizational in nature.

By way of introduction, Bob A. said he is Associate Vice President for Finance and Facilities and deals with facilities matters on campus.  Units that report to him are:   Grounds, Building Maintenance, Janitorial, Material Distribution Center, and the Heating Plant.  In addition, Parking Services, the Holmes Student Center, Revenue Bond Operations and the Convocation Center are also under his charge. He has chaired the Campus Security and Environmental Quality Committee for the past five years. He felt that having the various service departments reporting to him has given him an opportunity to address issues that have been raised by the Committee.  In many instances quick resolution has been possible rather than having to go to a higher level.

As an example of the Committee's work, Bob A. pointed out that this Committee was responsible for implementing the current campus smoking policy. The Committee investigated creating smoking areas within buildings but the cost to do so was prohibitive so, after much deliberation and input from the campus, they came up with the current policy.  Bob A. added that next year will see totally smoke free buildings on campus as smoking will no longer be allowed in the residence halls.  Linda T. who works with the facilities teams in the residence halls stated that Housing and Dining Services is in the process of creating committees, study groups and a task force to discuss the marketing and facility changes that need to be implemented given the new smoke-free environment.   She will keep the Committee posted on the developments.

Bob A. then introduced Mary Crumbacher who takes care of the minutes and administrative details of the meetings.  Members then introduced themselves stating their names, the constituencies they represent and their departments:

Linda Tillis – Designee for Associate Provost for Student Services – Associate Director, Housing &  Dining
Matt Kiederlen (for Donald Grady) – Director Public Safety
Lori Sprague – Operating Staff Representative – Health Services
Robert Huffstutler – SPS Representative – Cooperative Education Intern Program
Jim Murphy – Campus Planning Coordinator – Architectural/Engineering Department
Craig Marcus– Greek Community Representative by  Student Association
Norm Engstrom (for Steven Estes) – SPS Representative – College of LA&S Advising
Herb Rubin, Chair of Joint FS-UC Committee on Resources, Space & Budgets
Ron Pearson – Coordinator of Campus Parking Services
Dan Gerace (for Carl Leoni) – Representative of City of DeKalb by City Manager – DeKalb Police Department
Mary Grosch – Faculty Member by Faculty Senate – University Libraries
Michele Crase – Designee for Director of Environmental Health & Safety – EH&S Department
Dori Hooker – Designee for Executive Vice President for Finance & Facilities - Administrative Assistant

[Also on the Committee, but not present are]:
Sheila Berg – Operating Staff Council Representative - Athletics
Julie Robertson – Faculty Member by Faculty Senate- School of Nursing
Frederick Schwantes – Designee for Executive Vice President and Provost – Provost Office
Krissy Melander – Student Life Representative by Student Association
Joe King – Designee for Vice President for Development & University Relations – Public Affairs
Alex Underwood – Residence Hall Representative by Residence Hall Association
Bob A. said he is always happy to see student attendance and encourages student participation.  He said many issues in the past were generated by student concerns.  The Student Association is still in the process of making the final appointments to this committee.

B.      Agenda – There were no additions to the Agenda and it was approved as presented.

C.      Minutes -  The minutes of the May 8, 2002 meeting were accepted as presented.

Bob A. said the monthly minutes will be summarized and are rather informal, but detailed enough to restate, for the benefit of both absent and present members, what transpired at the meeting. The minutes do go to Eddie Williams and the president who  review them and occasionally make inquiries of Bob A.
D.      Chairs Comments

         1.    Meeting Format - For the benefit of the new members, Bob A. explained the meeting format.  He said rather than follow Roberts Rules of Order he
                is more comfortable with an informal meeting format. The Campus Security and Environmental Quality committee is made up of one full Committee
                and three Subcommittees.  As in the past, Bob A. will discuss a number of campus issues at the Committee meeting and the three subcommittees will
                report their findings to the full Committee each month.  Issues that may need to be considered by the Committee are discussed at the Subcommittee
                level and appropriate recommendations are developed.  The three subcommittees are:  1) Safety and Security Subcommittee; 2) Interior
                Subcommittee and 3) Exterior Subcommittee.  Members will be requested to designate membership on at least one of the three subcommittees and a
                Chair will be selected from the respective membership.

        2.     Structure of the Committee - The full Committee will meet seven times.  There will be five or six subcommittee meetings that will happen between one
                full monthly committee meeting and the next.  The subcommittees will bring the issues to the full Committee, where they will be discussed and a
                recommendation made.

                Bob A. said the bigger issues require a capital request.  He mentioned that the capital budgets for FY04 were recently approved at the last Board of
                Trustees meeting.  He will bring a copy of those budgets to the next meeting.  Many of the items on the proposed budget were generated by this
                Committee.  He said the #1 priority capital project is the Stevens Building renovation.

                Bob A. will report on projects that are in process on campus at each Committee meeting.  He will also go over issues that he would like to see
                discussed at the subcommittee level.  A good example is the issue of vehicular traffic on campus which is getting worse.  He would like to see the
                Safety & Security or Exterior subcommittee consider closing some of the streets on campus to vehicles, i.e., Holmes Student Center, DuSable Hall,
                and  Health Services Drive.

                Another issue example is a need for better coordination between this Committee and the Parking Committee.  Barsema Hall parking and parking for
                commuting students are becoming a real problem.  Norm E. said that a vehicle is almost necessary for students to get from Barsema Hall to DuSable
                Hall in 10 minutes.  From Watson Hall, he observed that there was a lack of students on bicycles and skateboards.  Bob A. said University funding
                has been used to upgrade bike paths and to install a good number of bike loops campus-wide.  In addition, an official from U of I, co-sponsored by
                the Committee, was a guest speaker at NIU to advise on bicycle use.

                Bob A. suggested several options to alleviate the traffic problem. 1) Buy bicycles, paint them a generic color and offer them to students to ride across
                campus with no worry about storage.  2) Prohibit freshman residential students from bringing cars on campus or 3) Make freshman store their cars at
                the Convocation Center.  Jim M. said there is a plan in the future for a pedestrian mall from Annie Glidden to Normal Road.


A. Subcommittees
              1.   Safety and Security Subcommittee - Bob A. said he especially would like to encourage student membership on this Subcommittee. Security
                    systems, call boxes and campus lighting are all part of this subcommittee.  Last year the Annie Glidden Task Force -- which included several
                    Committee members -- recommended the installation of a traffic light at South Stadium Drive and Annie Glidden Road which was then installed.

              2.   Interior Subcommittees - Bob A. said some issues concerning the interior of buildings are asbestos problems, replacement of sealed windows for
                    better ventilation, signage, and accessibility.  A recent problem was the lack of enough left-handed desks.  Bob A. said  an additional 100 new
                    desks will be purchased for general campus use which will include a number of left-handed desks.  Herb R. said the new desks are slightly larger
                    than the old desks which cuts down on the number of students per classroom.

                    Bob A. added that janitorial services during the day need to be addressed.  He said during the day there are only about 10 janitors, however on
                    third shift there are approximately 70 which means that the buildings are clean at 8 a.m.  By midmorning, however -- especially in the classroom
                    buildings -- the situation has deteriorated.  At the recommendation of  one of the subcommittees, a janitor was hired to work in DuSable Hall from
                    10 a.m. to 6 p.m. so the night students would have clean classrooms.  The funding resources are limited, however, so Bob A. would like additional
                    suggestions to alleviate this situation and stretch the janitorial staff.

                    Another area that requires the Interior subcommittee's attention is the recycling program.  It has been very successful and at present 40 to 45 per
                    cent of campus trash is being recycled.

             3.    Exterior Subcommittee - The Exterior Subcommittee is involved in recommending landscaping improvements which Bob A. felt are very important
                    and many times are a factor when students choose a college.  One of the areas that he feels need improving is the patio area at Zulauf Hall. He
                    would like to see the addition of picnic tables and more perennials.  Another area of  responsibility of the Exterior Subcommittee is placing of
                    outdoor art sculptures.  Also, in the past, the Exterior Subcommittee was charged with deciding whether to allow the mounting of antennas on NIU
                    buildings for a substantial fee.  The subcommittee recommended denying these requests due to problems of maintenance and giving the public
                    access to campus roofs.

                    Bob asked the Committee members to e-mail him with a first and second membership choice of the three subcommittees.  He will make the
                    determination and choose a Chair by next month.

        B.    FY02 Annual Report
                    Members received a copy of this report which consisted of thesummarized minutes for 2001-2002.  This report was submitted to the University

        C.    Meeting schedule for FY02/03

                    Bob distributed a schedule of the meetings for the year.  He would like the subcommittees to meet prior to the November meeting and be ready to
                    discuss issues with the full Committee in November.

        D.   Other Matters

                    Bob A. opened the meeting to questions and comments:
                        a)    Herb R. suggested using an e-mail group list to facilitate committee communications.
                        b)    Mary G. called everyone's attention to the fact that the meetings in Founders Library are in Room 55 rather than 5.

                    Bob A. hoped all enjoyed meeting at the Convocation Center.


    The next meeting will be held on October 22, 2002 at 2:30 p.m. in Founders Library in Conference Room 55 located in the Acquisitions Department.
    Members should e-mail or call Bob A. with any safety or environmental issues they would like to bring forth to the committee

IV.   The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p.m.