Campus Security and Environmental Quality Committee
Minutes of February 25, 2003
Room 55, Founders Library
2:30 p.m.

Present:   Sheila Berg, Sandi Carlisle, Steven Estes, William Goldenberg, Deb Pettit (for Donald Grady), Mary Grosch,  Dori Hooker, Robert Huffstuttler, Carl Leoni,  Craig Marcus, Krissy Melander, Jim Murphy, Ron Pearson,  Julie Robertson, Sabrina Randecker (for Alex Underwood).

Absent: Michele Crase, Joe King, Theresa Kirner, Frederick Schwantes, Lori Sprague


        A.     Chair, Bob Albanese, called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m. Roll call was taken.  Bob A. welcomed William Goldenberg of the Music Department
                and newly appointed chair of  the Faculty Senate-University Council Committee on Resources, Space and Budgets. He replaced Herb Rubin who
                resigned that post.  He also made mention of the fact that Sandi Carlisle is the new Manager of Residential Facilities.  She replaces Linda Tillis  (who
                retired) as designee for the Associate Provost for Student Affairs.

                Bob A. also reminded everyone of the fact that there will be no March 2003 meeting of the Committee.

        B.     The Agenda was approved.

        C.     The minutes of the January 28, 2003 meeting were approved with one change: Keith Kruchten attended the meeting as a substitute for Alex
                Underwood rather than for Krissy Melander.
        D.     Chairs Comments
                1.     Smoking Policy - Bob A. said NIU is approaching the final step in making the campus totally smoke free by designating the residence halls as a
                        smoke-free environment beginning with the Fall semester of 2003.

                        Bob A. said that in spite of the controversy it may create, it is time to review the original campus smoking policy and make necessary changes.
                        One of the changes that has become a cause for concern pertains to smoking at the entrances to the buildings.  The Interior Subcommittee is
                        working through this issue and the Committee will do its best to draft a well thought out policy regarding smoking at the entrances.  He assured
                        everyone that the recommendations made by this Committee will be sent to the various councils for their input, i.e.: Operating Staff, SPS and the
                        University Council.

                        Bob A. said he has noticed an increase in smoking in the student population -- especially in incoming freshmen.  This increase in smoking creates
                        litter from cigarette butts which puts a burden on the Grounds and Janitorial Departments in trying to keep the campus clean.

                2.     ADA Projects - The progress in projects in this area has been slow over the last eight years.  Recently, additional funding has become available
                        which will be used for indoor signage in campus buildings plus other ADA enhancements.  Using internal departmental funds, the Holmes Student
                        Center will be made totally handicapped accessible with the addition of an elevator and handicapped accessible restrooms in the Sky Room.

                        With the spring months approaching, Bob A. asked members to let him know if there are any small projects that need attention such as sidewalk
                        rehabilitation or any other small projects that will improve the campus.  Last spring the addition of a handicapped ramp at Lowden Hall greatly
                        facilitated that building's accessibility. He feels it is an important factor in student retention rates to present attractive and clean facilities especially
                        when incoming freshman and orientation groups visit the campus.  To help finance these small projects, Bob A. has been able to preserve extra
                        end-of-the-year fiscal dollars from the maintenance budget.  At present, plans for a sidewalk leading to the Convocation Center are in process
                        along with additional bike loops and curb cuts.
                3.     Major Projects:
                        a)     Holmes Student Center - The ballroom renovation will begin this spring.  Some of the improvements will include a new sound system, new
                                draping and handicapped accessibility of the stage.

                                Bob A. hopes to update one major room a year at Holmes Center.  Also, the food service areas are definitely targeted for updating.

                                The condition of the roadway in the bus turnaround area at HSC has caused some injuries to pedestrians.  Pending funding, Bob A. hopes
                                to improve the bus turnaround site once Gilbert Drive is completed. Limited vehicular access to that area may be necessary to reduce

                        b)     Lot 17 (Visitor Parking Lot) - The parking lot will be resurfaced, new lighting and a new parking booth will be added. Unfortunately, some
                                parking spaces will be lost in that area of campus.

                        c)     Gilbert Drive - In the process of replacing air conditioning equipment, Gilbert Drive will be widened, and new road base, curbs and
                                sidewalks will be added.  Parking will also be reconfigured.

                        d)     Aesthetic improvements - Bob A. has consulted with the Grounds Department in finding areas that need to be improved with landscaping.
                                Jim M. said current plans are to improve landscaping at Gabel Hall.  He will provide Bob A. with a few more areas in need of
                                improvements.  Planning has begun to hire between 15 and 20 summer grounds workers.

                        e)     Air Conditioning Equipment Replacement - This is a combination Capital Development Board and University project for upgrading air
                                conditioning equipment. Hopefully this project will be completed by the start of the air cooling season.

                                Bob A. noted it will be a busy summer.  He said the Convocation Center is booked every weekend this summer by various groups and the
                                residence halls will also be filled with summer conference and camp attendees.
                4.     Budgets - Bob A. said in spite of the budget crunch, through careful planning, there have been no layoffs in Finance and Facilities.  Although it
                        leaves some areas without full services during the day, shifting janitorial crews to second and third shift has helped maintain a level of cleanliness.
                        Another budget boon has been the lack of snow which has cut down on overtime pay for snow removal.  He feels there will be no need to cut
                        services to the campus community this fiscal year.  Salary increases will depend on the State budget, however, he personally does not anticipate
                        much in the way of salary increases.

II.     New Business
        A.     Subcommittees
                1.     Safety and Security Subcommittee - No report.  Ron P. reported that the subcommittee meeting had to be rescheduled.
                2.     Interior Environmental Quality Subcommittee - Chair, Michele Crase, was absent, but Bob A. relayed her report of the subcommittee's work on
                        the smoking policy as it pertains to entrances to the buildings.  Bob A. has also asked her subcommittee to research other campuses as to how
                        they approached this issue.

                        Jim M. reported a complaint from an NIU professor about the cigarette butt litter.  This professor advocated the use of a new type of cigarette
                        urn for disposing of cigarette butts and will send Jim M. some information on these urns.  Bob A. asked Jim M. to find out the price per urn and
                        then hopes to purchase a few to try them out.

                        Steve E. brought up the fact that the proposed placing of cigarette urns several feet away from buildings would widen the litter area.  Bob A.
                        agreed that would be a problem especially in winter when people would rather be up close to the building.  Also, by smoking near some
                        buildings the HVAC's exhausts and intake systems will suck the cigarette fumes into the buildings' ventilation systems.
                3.     Exterior Environmental Quality Committee - Chair, Jim M., said two employees from the Public Opinion Lab explained the process of
                        conducting a survey on bicycle use on campus to the subcommittee.  The cost for the phone survey would be between $5,000-$10,000.
                        Bob A. explained the reason for considering a survey is that he would like to better coordinate biking and parking.  Jim M. said he felt the survey
                        might be premature until the long-range plans are implemented.   Bob A. said at present Mary Crocker, Recycling Coordinator, is working on
                        the generic campus bike program for the campus community to use in getting across campus.

        B.    Other Matters
                Antennas - Bob A. said negotiations are in process with Verizon and the NIU Telecommunications department to remove the big antenna near the
                west lagoon which is no longer needed.  Another antenna he would like to see removed is the one near the Evans Field House. Aesthetically, he feels
                it will improve the looks of the campus.

III.     Next Meeting
The next meeting will be on April 22, 2003.  There is no March meeting.

IV. Adjournment.  The meeting was adjourned at 3:20 p.m.