Minutes of the March 25, 2005, Meeting

Voting Members Present: G. Adams, J.D. Bowers, S. Callahan, J. Cooke-Plagwitz, G. Cosenza, M. Daniel, M. Fischer, C. Fox, T. Heinze, M.B. Henning, L. Hilgenbrinck, E. Hines, G. Logan, J. Miller, B. Montgomery, M. Mutuku, M. Morris, P. Nelson, J. Rique, N. Stahl, S. Wyland for T. Van Laarhoven, D. Walker, A. Windelborn

Voting Members Absent: G. Baker, S. Bowers, K. Freedman, K. Kitts, M. Mazzola

Ex Officio Members Present: S. Conklin, D. Jackman, H. Kafer, S. Richmond, E. Seaver, S. Warber

Ex Officio Members Absent: M. Gillis, F. Kitterle, C. Sorensen, S. Willis

Student Representatives Present: B. Carwile

Visitors: M. Keil

The meeting was called to order by G. Cosenza, Chair, at 1:05 PM.

I. Motion by M. Fischer to approve the Agenda. Motion seconded by S. Conklin. Motion passed.

II. Motion by S. Callahan to approve the February 18, 2005, meeting minutes as presented. Motion seconded by M. Fischer. Motion passed.

III. Reports from Committees:

A. Executive Committee:

NCATE Review:
E. Seaver distributed materials regarding the NCATE reaccreditations process. Because NCATE has altered its program approval process effective fall 2004, there are a number of implications for programs:

Program assessment, procedures, and unit assessment needs will continue on the agenda for future meetings.

B. Curriculum Committee:

M. B. Henning presented the Summary of Action distributed with the Agenda. Following discussion, she moved to accept the Summary as presented. Motion seconded by C. Fox. Motion passed. The Curriculum Committee was asked to discuss the present process for curricular changes to see if the college changes should go through CITC before going to the Committee on Undergraduate Curriculum (CUC).

C. Research and Assessment:

G. Logan reported that the Biology Program had presented its Assessment Plan of Student Dispositions. This committee felt the plan was well structured and uses dispositions indicative of the discipline. The Family & Consumer Sciences Program will present its Assessment Plan next.

D. Committee on Policy and Procedures:

Following discussion on the changes to the membership section of the By Laws proposed at the last meeting, it was determined that we first needed to have a vote on whether or not to retain the current membership policy. Motion by J.D. Bowers to not retain the current membership policy. Motion seconded by M.B. Henning. Motion passed.

This was following by a motion by J. D. Bowers to vote on the three versions of the proposed membership changes, with the version with the highest vote being accepted as a First Reading as the proposed change. Motion seconded by A. Windelborn. Option A received the highest vote (attached) and will be included on the agenda in April as a Second Reading.

E. Ad Hoc Committees

1. Student Teacher Orientation Meeting
S. Conklin reported that the August 15, 2005, S/T Orientation Meeting will be held in the HSC Sandburg Auditorium from 8:30 AM to 12 Noon, with individual program meetings to follow in the afternoon. We have confirmed speakers on Health Issues, Technology Issues and Legal Issues. We have been offered assistance by Jim Lockard (College of Education) in videotaping selected candidates for certification or first year teachers for a panel presentation. This committee would appreciate any suggestions from members on appropriate people for this panel. Please contact S. Conklin or S. Wyland.

2. Contemporary Experience Committee
N. Stahl reported that this committee has held its first meeting to develop a statement on the type of Contemporary Experience that needs to be documented to meet NCATE requirements and plans to have a report for the next CITC meeting.

IV. Old Business

1. Conceptual Framework – Review

E. Seaver explained that the CF is actually the five-page version distributed with the agenda for this meeting. The longer document prepared by Dr. Elish-Piper is supporting documentation to show proof of the validity of our CF.
The entire NCATE reaccreditation process is driven by the CF and we need to periodically update this document. There have been changes made to the CF (five-page document) which need to be reviewed and voted on by CITC. G. Cosenza called for volunteers to serve on a CF review committee. There were no volunteers and this item has been referred back to the Executive Committee.

V. New Business

1. Election of Officers AY 2005-06 (Chair Elect)

This is an announcement that anyone who is interested in this office should contact Glenda Cosenza. The election will be held May 6, 2005.

2. Criminal Background Check – Fingerprints

E. Seaver reported that we anticipate going to a “Livescan” method of fingerprint checks for all teacher certification candidates in fall 2005. Because of the equipment costs involved there may be an increased cost to the student, which will be kept in line with what other universities and colleges are requiring. We may be able to offer this service to students at more than one location on campus.

3. ISBE sponsored ICTS Faculty Workshops

E. Seaver reported that the ISBE is sponsoring workshops for faculty members to support their understanding of the Illinois Certification Testing System (ICTS) and to provide them with information to use in helping their candidates successfully complete certification testing requirements. We would be able to participate in a workshop held in fall 2005. To serve as a site, NIU would need to designate a site coordinator responsible for reserving space on campus, for distributing information regarding the faculty workshop and to work with NES on logistical arrangements and publicity efforts.
It was indicated by consensus that there was interest in participating in this and that the Vice Provost’s Office should also look into how the various content areas would be addressed in the workshop.

VI. Springfield Report:

E. Seaver reported that an up-date from Lee Patton should be forthcoming shortly.

Also, there is a bill in the legislature that would make it necessary to pass the Content Area Test before certification rather than before the student teaching clinical experience. While the Illinois Public Deans are working in opposition to the bill, even if passed in its present form, the bill would not mandate this change, so NIU could still require the earlier passing date as a part of our certification programs.

VII. Announcements

CITC Meeting April 15, 2005, HSC Illinois Room, 1:00-3:00 PM

Motion by N. Stahl to adjourn. Motion seconded by J. Miller. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 PM.

Minutes recorded by Elizabeth Cummings.