Minutes of the March 19, 2004, Meeting

Voting Members Present: G. Baker, J.D. Bowers, K. Carrier, K. Cole, J. Cooke-Plagwitz, G. Cosenza, M. Dunn, P. Ervin, M. Fischer, S. Schwartz for C. Fox, K. Freedman, T. Heinze, M.B. Henning, L. Hilgenbrinck, E. Hines, L. Johannessen, G. Logan, M. Mazzola, J. Miller, B. Montgomery, M. Morris, J. Rique, N. Stahl, T. VanLaarhoven, D. Walker, A. Windelborn

Voting Members Absent: S. Conklin, P. Nelson

Ex Officio Members Present: A. Buehler, M. Gillis, W. Miranda for D. Jackman, H. Kafer, F. Kitterle, C. Montgomery, C. Sorensen, S. Warber

Ex Officio Members Absent: E. Seaver, S. Richmond

Student Representatives Present:

Visitors: P. Bauer, B. Smith

The meeting was called to order by G. Cosenza, Chair-elect, at. 1:00 PM.

I.       Motion by P. Ervin to approve the Agenda. Motion seconded by H. Kafer. Motion passed.

II.      Motion by P. Ervin to approve the February 20, 2004, meeting minutes as submitted. Motion seconded by A.
          Windelborn. Motion passed.

III.      Reports from Committees:

A. Executive Committee: no report at this time

B. Curriculum Committee: (Attachment #1)

B. Montgomery presented the Summary of Action and Addendum from Meeting #5, February 25, 2004. Motion by P. Ervin to approve these as submitted. Motion seconded by M. Fischer. Motion passed.

B. Montgomery presented the First Reading of the proposed changes to the CITC Bylaws pertaining to the Curriculum Committee. Motion by P. Ervin to approve the First Reading of this document. Motion seconded by M.B. Henning. Motion passed. A copy of this document is attached to these minutes.

C. Research and Assessment: (Attachment #2)

Larry Johannessen presented the draft “NIU Teacher Professional Disposition Standards” as circulated. Following discussion, amendments were made to this draft and the final version read aloud. Motion by P. Ervin to adopt this document, as amended, as an NIU Policy. Motion seconded by F. Kitterle. M. Mazzola requested that the vote be recorded. There were 19 in favor of the motion, four opposed and one abstention. Motion passed. A copy of the revised and approved policy “NIU Teacher Professional Dispositions” is attached to these minutes. A. Buehler reported that this committee will be undertaking a review of the draft revision of the Conceptual Framework and invited interested CITC and CAPCE members to contact him if they wish to join in this review.

D. Committee on Policy and Procedures: no report

E. External Communications: no report

F. Ad Hoc Committees:

1. Portfolio/Technology Committee:

J.D. Bowers presented this committee’s “Statement to CITC Regarding Selection of Electronic Portfolio Platforms”, which has been distributed to all CITC members. The colleges, rather than the individual programs, would be deciding on the electronic portfolio platform(s) to be used for the necessary collection of reaccreditation review data.

2. Endorsements & Transcript Evaluation Committee: no report

IV.       Springfield Report: C. Sorensen reporting:

The Illinois Association of Deans of Public Colleges of Education (IADPCE) met this week with both Brenda Holmes from the governor’s office and Robert Schiller from the ISBE. Items discussed included:

The idea of having national certification required for every institution in the state was raised. There is a feeling that private institutions would oppose this move.

C. Sorensen reported that there will be a hearing on SB 1074 on March 24 in Springfield which she will attend. This legislation will be opposed by IADPCE and by President Peters. A meeting on the AAT initiatives will be held at UIUC on March 26th and NIU representatives will be presenting a model for special education. Sorensen also reported that a federal study of teacher preparation has been approved and will be conducted by the National Research Council.

V.       Old Business: none

VI.       New Business: none

VII.       Announcements

A. CITC Meeting, April 9, 2004, 1:00 – 3:00 PM, HSC, Illinois Room

Motion by P. Ervin to adjourn. Motion seconded by J. Miller. Motion passed.
Meeting adjourned at 2:25 PM.

Minutes recorded by Elizabeth Cummings.