Minutes of the February 20, 2004, Meeting

Voting Members Present:      J.D. Bowers, K. Carrier, K. Cole, S. Conklin, M. Morris for J. Cooke-Plagwitz, G. Cosenza, S.K. Shin for Maylan Dunn, P. Ervin, S. Schwartz for C. Fox, K. Freedman, T. Heinze, M. Keil for M.B. Henning, L. Hingenbrinck, E. Hines, L. Johannessen, G. Logan, M. Mazzola, J. Miller, B. Montgomery, M. Morris, P. Nelson, J. Rique, S. Wyland for T. VanLaarhoven, D. Walker, A. Windelborn

Voting Members Absent:      G. Baker, M. Fischer

Ex Officio Members Present:      A. Buehler, D. Jackman, H. Kafer, J. Cox-Henderson for F. Kitterle, C. Montgomery, S. Richmond, E. Seaver, W. Miranda for C. Sorensen, S. Warber

Ex Officio Members Absent:      M. Gillis, F. Kitterle

Student Representatives Present:      none

Visitors:      P. Bauer, M. Myles

The meeting was called to order by S. Conklin, Chair, at 1:00 PM.

I.     Motion by P. Ervin to approve the Agenda.  Motion seconded by L. Hilgenbrinck.   Motion passed

II.     Motion by P. Ervin to approve the January 16, 2004, meeting minutes as submitted.  Motion  seconded by L. Johannessen.  Motion passed

III.     Reports from Committees:

    A.     Executive Committee:
      1.    E. Seaver reported that the Unit Assessment Committee (UAC) has drafted a request to be sent to programs that all clinical evaluation forms used by programs be sent to the UAC.  This information from programs on how they are presently assessing students in regard to the Conceptual Framework will enable the UAC to look at ways to aggregate the information on common elements.  The UAC will be then able to provide an electronic format based on those common elements already collected by programs that fit the Conceptual Framework.  The UAC will also be working on providing indicators and samples to programs so that the responses may be condensed into a unit report.
2.     A. Buehler reported that the Spring 2004 electronic Exit Survey can now be found as a link on the Teacher Certification website.  A trial run this week was successful.  Also, a reminder was recently sent to the university supervisors to facilitate responses for those completing their first placement.  Another reminder will be sent later this spring.  The website link will remain active until May 14th.      Based on feedback from across the state regarding the ICTS field tests of the new content-area tests, issues raised about juniors and seniors field testing tests intended for students in graduate programs resulted in the NES revising the eligibility for the tests and producing new flyers for distribution.  They will also work with NIU to provide evening test times for our graduate students.  New flyers should be available February 25th.

A. Buehler circulated a notice about the Online Teacher Information System (OTIS) that provides students the ability to file their application for certification online.

S. Warber reported that this can be done by students now, with payment by credit card.  R&R will continue to process the hard-copy applications they receive for SP 04 and SU 04 candidates, but FA 04 candidates will be encouraged to use the on-line application.  R&R will not be preparing certification application packets for the Fall 04 Student Teacher Orientation Meeting. The accuracy of the program’s entries for candidates on the EU17 screen will be crucial for the success of the on-line application program.  Applications for endorsements will continue under the present procedure, using hard-copy forms.  It is R&R’s intention to have the endorsement applications available in the program departments to be given to students upon admission into the certification program.  There is also the possibility of adding these forms to the Teacher Certification website for printing. The on-line application procedure also affects the Advanced Certification programs.

 B.     Curriculum Committee:
B. Montgomery presented the Summary of Action from Meeting #4, January 28, 2004.  Motion by P. Ervin to approve the Summary as presented.  Motion seconded by M. Mazzola.  Motion passed.
C.      Research and Assessment:
Larry Johannessen reported that this committee has been discussing reasonable and measurable candidate dispositions and will be bringing 6-10 recommended dispositions to the next CITC Meeting.
D.     Committee on Policy and Procedures:  (attachment)
A. Windelborn presented the By Laws change (1st Reading) as distributed.  Motion by P. Ervin, seconded by C. Montgomery to waive the 1st Reading).  Motion passed.  Motion by J. Miller, seconded by L. Johannessen to approve the By Laws change as presented.    Motion passed.
E.     External Communications:  no report
F.     Ad Hoc Committees:
1.     Portfolio/Technology Committee
J.D. Bowers reported that this committee will be meeting on Friday, 2/27/04, following the presentation by TaskStream scheduled for Wednesday, 2/25/04 and will report at the next CITC meeting. The electronic portfolios need to be     considered on the basis of a.) cost to NIU/student; b.) the timeline for training and implementation, and c.) the usefulness to the unit, the programs, and the students.  E. Seaver reported that the Provost’s office will not be able to provide funding.
2.     Endorsements & Transcript Evaluation Committee
M. Morris reported that a letter is being drafted to be sent to all programs asking what courses are recommended for Middle School and secondary endorsements, with the results to be posted on the Teacher Certification website.  Discussion included the differences between program recommendations and ISBE requirements, the need for this information for both undergraduate and graduate students, including Advanced Certification programs and impact these recommendation might have, both politically and on financial resources.  E. Seaver suggested the committee draft a “mock-up” of a website information page to be brought back to CITC.
IV.      Springfield Report
D. Jackman reported on a meeting with a group of faculty and other interested parties on Early  Childhood Studies curriculum and career lattices.  There has been legislation proposed to require  public four year institutions to accept community college credit in early childhood four year  degree programs along with penalties for institutions that do not.   There will be a meeting on the AAT in Special Education in Springfield on March 26th. The Certification Board is still in existence but the legislation to establish the Professional  Teaching Standards Board is still alive but being held by Senator Madigan.
E. Seaver reported that there is a P-20 Task Force for developing a legislative agenda for  President Peters, including the approval process for programs vs. ISBE/NCATE accreditation.  It  is felt that NIU could be more effective in our legislative message through the “University  Presidents’ Council”.
V.     Old Business: None

VI.     New Business

 A.     AACTE Meeting:
D. Jackman reported on the pre-session meetings on Assessment she attended and that we appear to be on target compared to other institutions.  She also mentioned that there were several excellent speakers at the AACTE meeting and suggested the possibility of    inviting some of those speakers to NIU.

At the Land Grant Deans Meeting, two large grants were discussed.  One is focused on the pre-doctoral interdisciplinary research training for a Ph.D. in Education Sciences and one is focused on the establishment of research centers in specific areas.

There will be a national study of teacher education conducted by the National Research Council using a Flexner-type design.  The specifics on the study are currently being developed.

B.     E-portfolios
VII.     Announcements
 A.     TaskStream Presentation, February 25, 2004, 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM, HSC, Illinois Room
 B.     CITC Meeting, March 19, 2004, 1:00 – 3:00 PM, HSC, Illinois Room

Meeting adjourned at 2:45 PM.

Minutes submitted by Elizabeth Cummings