Minutes of the December 6, 2002, Meeting

Voting Members Present: J. D. Bowers, S. Bowers, K. Carrier, S. Conklin, J. Cooke-Plagwitz, G. Cosenza, P. Ervin, C. Fox, A. Heinze, L. Hilgenbrinck, E. Hines, L. Johannessen, G. Logan, M. Mazzola, B. Montgomery, M. Morris, L. Hecht for N. Stahl, A. Windelborn

Voting Members Absent: G. Baker, D. Boughton, L. Chandler, K. Cole, R. Dembinski, J. Miller, P. Stoddard, T. Van Laarhoven

Ex Officio Members Present: M. Bridge, D. Jackman, H. Kafer, F. Kitterle, S. Richmond, C. Sorensen

Ex Officio Members Absent: C. Montgomery, S. Warber, R. Wheeler

Student Representatives Present: E. Cook

Visitors: D. Askins, M. Myles

The meeting was called to order by M. Morris, Chair, at 1:05 PM.

I.     Motion by C. Fox to approve the Agenda.  Motion seconded by E. Hines.  Motion passed

II.    Motion by C. Fox to approve the November 15, 2002, meeting minutes as submitted.  Motion  seconded by S. Conklin. Motion passed

III.     Reports from Committees:
        A.     Executive Committee:
                1.     R. Wheeler:  no report
                2.     M. Bridge:
                       Criminal Background Check

The UOTC expects to receive the criminal background check software from the ISBE soon.   We anticipate the web site request forms will be available and required beginning January 1, 2003.  However, please watch for an e-mail     announcing that your students are to be directed to the teacher certification web page for the forms and directions.
                        NIU Service Courses to Meet Standards
The College of Education tables for their course used to meet the professional educational standards in foundations, education psychology and the exceptional child have been sent to CITC members.  Please share this information with the faculty who are preparing the programís matrix to demonstrate meeting the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards.
                        Technology Survey
A sample technology survey was sent to all CITC members.  This instrument may be modified to meet the programís various needs as it contemplates addressing the technology standards.
                        Dr. Penny Earley
Please mark your calendars and inform your faculty members that Dr. Penny Earley , formerly with AACTE and government relations, will be on campus Friday, February 21, 2003.  A general session on the current thinking of the     federal government about P-12 education will be held in the morning.  This meeting will be open to students and faculty.  At the February CITC meeting, Dr. Earley will focus on the intricacies of NCLB and its impact on higher education.
                    Dates to Remember:
July 1, 2003:  All initial teacher certification programs must submit a letter of verification to the Vice Provost that their program addresses the Illinois Content and Professional Education Standards.
Fall, 2003:  All initial teacher certification programs must submit their curricular revisions (IPT matrix, advising sheets, and catalog language that demonstrate that they meet standards) to their college curricular bodies.
October 1, 2003:  Illinois Assessment of Professional Teaching (APT) will be required of all individuals who apply for an initial certificate.  Programs may want to strongly advise their spring and summer completers to file for their certificates    before the October 1, 2003, date.
Fall, 2004: New Illinois Content Area Tests are effective Fall, 2004.  Current ICAT are valid for five years.  Programs may want to encourage candidates to complete the current tests.

        B.     Curriculum Committee:  November 22, 2002, Summary of Action: G. Cosenza reporting

Motion by H. Kafer to approve the 11-22-02 Summary of Action as presented.
Motion seconded by C. Fox.  A. Windelborn requested clarification on why the Special Education program was dropping subject matter coursework.  (Page 7 of  the Summary of Action). G. Cosenza reported that K. Cole was at the CC meeting and explained that the ISBE requires all disabilities be infused in all classes and this was a change in the language of the subject matter cognates.  D. Jackman also reported that the with the new ISBE Content Standards for the LBS 1 and the combination of programs in special education the intent was that candidates can complete the program in 120 credit hours. C. Sorensen confirmed this intent.
Motion passed.
        C.      Research and Assessment: L. Johannessen reporting for D. Boughton
1. Diversity of Clinical Placement Spreadsheet
    The committee is examining several diversity indexes and will report at a future meeting.
2. Early Childhood Graduate Program Assessment Plan
    The program has made tremendous progress on their plan and will continue to work on this.  They plan to include portfolios in their
    assessment process.
3. The sample Technology Survey was sent to all CITC members.

         D.     Committee on Policy and Procedures: M. Mazzola

1. CITC Bylaws Change   (Handout)
    Following discussion, motion by M. Mazzola, seconded by A. Hinze, to approve the proposed change, as amended, to Section
    3.2 (Recording Secretary) as a First Reading.  Motion passed.  Motion by H. Kafer, seconded by F. Kitterle, to waive the
    Second Reading and bring the matter forward for action.  Motion passed.  Motion by G. Cosenza, seconded by M. Mazzola to
    approve the bylaws change.  Motion passed.  (Bylaws change)
2. Catalog vs. Website Discussion and Summary
    No report at this time.
3. CITC Restructuring
Members had previously been asked to send their recommendations to the committee for review.  M. Mazzola thanked those who did so and stated that all recommendations were discussed by the committee.  The committee is presenting a working plan, but not a proposal, at this time:

Understanding the need for programmatic representation with parity between the College of Education and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, the committee is looking at twelve members from each of those two colleges and two members  each from the Colleges of H&HS and V & P A.

· There should be requirements for membership to promote faculty interest.
· Credentials for membership should be established.  Credentials may include publications, teaching        certification program classes or supervision of student teachers.
· Members need to demonstrate their willingness to participate in both CITC meetings and standing committee meetings.
· CITC will retain all ex-officio members except the Coordinator of the Alternative Certification Plan, which position has been eliminated.
It was noted that if the position of Coordinator of Community College Relations is to be eliminated, it would be important that the CITC maintain an excellent working relationship with the community colleges and that information be shared with the person assuming the duties, whether or not they retain CITC ex-officio status.
M. Mazzola requested that CITC members again send their ideas and recommendations on the above to M. Bridge or M. Mazzola for further committee review.
        E.     External Communications:  no report

        F.     Ad Hoc Committees

                1.     Technology Committee:  no report

                2.     Candidate Portfolio Committee, Survey Summary

M. Bridge reported that the committee met several times with the initial purpose to identify common elements to meet the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards and formed the following conclusions:
· NIU initial certification programsí use of candidate portfolios varies in purpose, format and how they are evaluated.
· Considerable effort and training might be required for programs to reach a point of agreement on the common portfolio elements that should be required of candidates and programs.
· At this time, the candidate portfolio is not a viable option for the unit to require of all initial certification programs.
While the committee may recommend to the Unit and to CITC that portfolios be left to the discretion of each program, they will provide instruments to meet the ISBE Standards.  The committee will be sending forth a recommendation soon.
IV.     Old Business:

        A.     Alternative Certification:  no report

        B.     Criminal Background Check (new procedure)

M. Bridge reported that the new procedure will be instituted as soon as possible and that an e-mail announcement would be forthcoming.
F. Kitterle recommended the need for an ďall collegesĒ statement to students regarding the policy and possible outcomes regarding Criminal Background Check Reports.  Following discussion, it was agreed that F. Kitterle would share the statement being drafted by J. Cox-Henderson for LA&S with the other certification colleges and for possible catalog inclusion.
        C.     Electronic Entitlement:  no report

V.     New Business

L. Johannassen requested that one of the college deans report on the ISBE meeting on the P-16 Initiative and the  AAT degree programs at the community college level.
C. Sorensen reported that community colleges may soon be preparing candidates a) in areas of professional development and b) for teaching certificates.  She will keep members apprised of further developments.
VI.     Springfield Report
        A.   Accreditation Review Update: Norm Stahl
              This item will be continued on the agenda.

VII.     Announcements
         A.     CITC Meeting, January 17, 2003, HSC Illinois Room, 1:00 to 3:00 PM

Motion by A. Windelborn to adjourn.  Motion seconded by P. Ervin.
Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 2:30 PM.

Minutes recorded by Elizabeth Cummings.