Minutes of the November 15, 2002, Meeting

Voting Members Present: G. Baker, P. Bauer for G. Cosenza,  J.D. Bowers, S. Bowers, K. Carrier, L. Chandler, S. Conklin, R. Dembinski,  C. Fox, A. Heinze, L. Hilgenbrinck, E.Hines, J. Pokorny for L. Johannessen, G. Logan, M. Mazzola, J. Miller, B. Montgomery, M. Morris (and as alternate for J. Cooke-Plagwitz), S. Wyland for N. Stahl, P. Stoddard, T. VanLaarhoven,

Voting Members Absent: G. Baker, D. Boughton, P. Ervin, A. Windelborn

Ex Officio Members Present: M. Bridge, D. Jackman, H. Kafer, C. Montgomery, S. Warber,

Ex Officio Members Absent: F. Kitterle, S. Richmond, C. Sorensen, R. Wheeler

Student Representatives Present: E. Cook, L. Grilli

Visitors:  D. Askins, M. Keil, W. Miranda, M. Myles, B. Smith

The meeting was called to order by M. Morris, Chair, at 1:07 PM

I.      Motion by H. Kafer to approve the Agenda.
        Motion seconded by C. Fox.  Motion passed

II.     Motion by H. Kafer to approve the October 18, 2002, meeting minutes as submitted.
         Motion seconded by C Fox.  Motion passed

III.     Reports from Committees:
         A.     Executive Committee:
                1.     R. Wheeler – no report.

                 2.     M. Bridge reported that Elizabeth Cummings and Carol Patch sent out 1,616     tuition waivers to 145 districts and Special Education
                        Cooperatives.  Effective     January 1, 2003, all programs will need to submit their tuition waiver information    to the UOTC electronically.  E.
                        Cummings will be working with program staff to     set up the reporting system.

                        Barring problems that might arise during the software testing, effective January 1, 2003, all candidates need to begin to submit their requests for
                        a criminal background check using the electronic request system.  Effective January 1, 2003, candidates must use the CBC request form that will
                        be available on the teacher certification website.  Complete instructions will also be available on the site.  Because “electronic submission” would
                        be inaccurate for the actual process to be used, those words will not be included on the forms or instruction page.  Please share this information
                        with your program advisors.  Do NOT send your students to the UOTC for directions.

                        The ISBE has recently requested names of individuals who would be willing to participate in a training session on December 3, in Springfield,
                        to be program reviewers.  C. Fox reported that she and M. Pritchard were the only NIU faculty members who participated in the summer
                        training session.

         B.     Curriculum Committee:
                    Summary of Action
                    Motion by P. Bauer to approve the Summary of Action as submitted.  Motion seconded by S. Conklin.  M. Morris read a response from P.
                    Ervin, who was unable to attend this meeting.  Following discussion the question was called.  Motion passed.  Motion by  H. Kafer that the
                    CITC leadership draft a sense of the discussion document as a guide to P. Ervin.  Motion seconded by P. Stoddard.  Motion passed.  C.
                    Montgomery  volunteered to summarize the discussion on the advising and legal issues regarding programs posting certification requirements on the
                    web page rather than in the university catalog for the COPP’s review.

        C.      Research and Assessment: K. Carrier reporting for D. Boughton
                    1.     Diversity of Clinical Placement Spreadsheet is still under discussion

                    2.     History/Social Science Assessment Plan was reviewed by the committee, which felt the plan was well under development and expressed
                            appreciation to J. D. Bowers for his work.

                            M. Bridge also reported that the most current version of the C. Cummings’ technology   survey will be distributed.

        D.     Committee on Policy and Procedures
                 1.    CITC Bylaws Change-Secretary
                        Following discussion of the proposed by laws change, this item was sent back to     committee and will be continued on the agenda.

                2.      CITC Restructuring
                        M. Mazzola presented a document on the committee’s initiating principles and guiding factors and requested input from the membership.  It was
                        requested that e-mails be sent to M. Mazzola or M. Bridge before the next meeting of COPP, scheduled for 12/6/02.

        E.     External Communications:  S. Warber reporting for K. Cole
                1.     Program Advisement Sheets on Website (3-31-03)
                        S. Warber reported that the Biology program has advisement sheets including Standards on their website.  J. Miller offered the Biology
                        advisement sheets for the use of other programs.  M. Bridge will e-mail copies to all CTIC Members and Interested Faculty.

        F.     Ad Hoc Committees

                1.     Technology Committee – no report

                2.     Candidate Portfolio Committee
                        M. Bridge reported that the survey was sent to all discipline coordinators with a requested response date of 11/15/02.  The results will be
                        reported at the next meeting.

                3.     By Laws Committee – no report

IV.     Old Business:

        A.     Alternative Certification
                M. Bridge reported that an assessment plan for the NIU program and cohort is being developed and should be in place by year end.  ISBE wants
                CMAC to consider continuing the program in Kane County, but since the funding grant will not be continued and because of the continuing difficulty in
                getting districts to commit to internships, this may not be possible.

        B.     Criminal Background Check, Electronic Format
                Addressed earlier in this meeting.

V.     New Business
            Electronic Entitlement
            S. Warber reported on the workshop she and M. Bridge attended in Springfield, IL.  The ISBE is  giving priority to requests submitted electronically and
            this system would be a definite plus for  our students (approximately 1,000 Initial and Advanced Certification Program completers  annually).  S. Warber
            reported that time is needed to obtain further information on fees for filing,   processing and registration, and other resources needed before the possibility
            and timeline for  NIU to begin using this system is developed.

VI.     Springfield Report
        A.      Norm Stahl – report at next CITC Meeting.

VII.     Announcements
        A.     CITC Meeting, December 6, 2002, HSC Room #305


Motion by M. Bridge to adjourn.  Motion seconded by E. Hines.
Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 2:30 PM.

Minutes recorded by Elizabeth Cummings.