Minutes of the October 18, 2002, Meeting

Voting Members Present: D. Boughton, J.D. Bowers, S. Bowers, K. Carrier, L. Chandler, S. Conklin, G. Cosenza, P. Ervin, C. Fox, A. Heinze, L. Hilgenbrinck, L. Johannessen, G. Logan, M. Mazzola, B. Montgomery, N. Stahl

Voting Members Absent: G. Baker, K. Cole, J. Cooke-Plagwitz, R. Dembinski, E. Hines, J. Miller, M. Morris, P. Stoddard, A. Windelborn

Ex Officio Members Present: M. Bridge, D. Jackman, H. Kafer, C. Montgomery, S. Richmond, C. Sorensen, S. Warber, R. Wheeler

Ex Officio Members Absent: F. Kitterle

Student Representatives Present: L. Grilli

Visitors:  D. Askins, P. Bauer, C. Lubbers, W. Miranda, M. Myles, S. Schwartz

The meeting was called to order by S. Conklin, Chair-elect, at 1:07 PM.

I.         Motion by C. Fox to approve the Agenda.  Motion seconded by M. Mazzola.  Motion passed

II.        Motion by P. Ervin to approve the September 20, 2002, meeting minutes as corrected.  Motion  seconded by C. Fox.  Motion passed

III.       Reports from Committees:
            A.     Executive Committee:
                    1.     R. Wheeler requested that C. Sorensen report on her meetings in Washington, DC.  C. Sorensen reported that NCATE is going through its
                            own reaccreditation process.  One of the federally mandated requirements would be in the Standard #1 Content area.  NIU would need to
                            demonstrate our candidates meet the requirement by way of a nationally normed test, which is presently under development.  The NCATE
                            Board met 10-17-02 and if the measure is passed it will impact our next review.
                            C. Sorensen also reported on the Office of Educational Research & Improvement (OERI) Higher Education Act review.  This was amended
                            in the eight areas of research in education.  Funding will be available for quantitative research studies only, which will impact our faculty.

                            Thirdly, Illinois Review Board (IRB) data collection issues were discussed.

                    2.     M. Bridge reported that the UOTC is proceeding toward electronic CBC submission and programs will be advised of the date the new
                            format will be implemented.  M. Bridge reminded members that the “teachers” website now includes the new ISBE test requirements.
                            M. Bridge also asked members to give NCATE protocol draft suggestions to D. Jackman, prior to Tuesday afternoon, 10-22-02.
                            Discussion concerned the ISBE staff member being named as co-chair of the evaluation team, which could cause a conflict of interest.

            B.     Curriculum Committee:
                     Motion by G. Cosenza to accept the 9-27-02 Summary of Action as submitted.  Motion    seconded by C. Fox.  Motion passed.

            C.     Research and Assessment:
                    D. Boughton reported on the presentation of the Chemistry Assessment Plan to the committee by G. Baker.  This was a very detailed presentation
                    and includes a system of tracking of student’s work on the web to monitor meeting the Standards.

                    D. Boughton also reported on the presentation of the Diversity of Clinical Placement Spreadsheet by D. Askins.  More information will be reported
                    after the next committee meeting.

            D.     Committee on Policy and Procedures
                    M. Mazzola reported that a restructuring proposal is still under consideration.  C. Montgomery’s model for discussion is being reviewed but no time
                    frame for restructuring CITC has been established at this time.

            E.     External Communications:
                    1.     Electronic CITC Handbook:  M. Bridge reported that the UOTC has not received   any changes or corrections to the Handbook as posted.
                            Motion by P. Ervin to   permanently post the Handbook.  Motion seconded by J.D. Bowers.  Motion passed.   The UOTC will send an
                            e-mail to all members and interested faculty when changes are  posted.

                    2.     Program Advisement Sheets on Website (3-31-03)
                            M. Bridge reported that the committee is recommending that all programs post their    Advisement sheets on their own website by 3-31-03.
                            This will be linked to a site on the “teachers” website, to be determined at that time.

            F.     Ad Hoc Committees
                    1.     Technology Committee: no meeting

                    2.     Candidate Portfolio Committee:  next meeting 10/21/02 to address options and unit purpose for portfolios

                    3.     By Laws:  R. Wheeler reported no action by this committee.  P. Ervin reported that the executive committee discussion included having this
                            committee wait for the Committee on Policy & Procedures to proceed with the restructuring proposal before the By Laws as a whole are

IV.     Old Business:

            A.    Alternative Certification
                    R. Wheeler reported that the CMAC coalition will not be attempting a cohort in the next cycle because of the unwillingness of districts to commit to
                    the internships needed.  M. Long of the ISBE was apprised of this during the IACTE meeting last week.  M. Bridge suggested that program
                    websites be linked to the “teachers” website on Alternative Certification which will give information on non-traditional routes to certification,
                    including SB 329.

V.     New Business
         S. Bowers requested information on communicating with community colleges for a joint advising  session.  M. Myles reported that there is an Articulation
         Conference held during the Spring  semester. Discussion will continue between interested parties.  No action at this time.

VI.    Springfield Report
         A limited number of copies of the revised Content Area Standards for Educators on CD have been distributed.  This information is also available on the
         web at  C. Sorensen also reported on the IACTE speaker, Dr. Penny Earley, who spoke on Governmental Policy and “No Child
         Left Behind”.  Motion by G. Cosenza that the Provost’s Office and the four certification colleges collaborate to bring Dr. Earley to NIU to address both
         CITC and other interested parties.  Motion seconded by A. Heinze.  Motion passed.

VII.  Announcements
        A.     CITC Meeting, November 15, 2002, HSC, Illinois Room

Motion by P. Ervin to adjourn.  Motion seconded by N. Stahl.  Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 1:47 PM.

Minutes recorded by Elizabeth Cummings.