Minutes of the September 20, 2002, Meeting

Voting Members Present: G. Baker, D. Boughton, J.D. Bowers, S. Bowers, K. Carrier, K. Cole, S. Conklin, J. Cooke-Plagwitz, G. Cosenza for P. Bauer, P. Ervin, S. Schwartz for C. Fox, T. Heinze, L. Hilgenbrinck, E. Hines, L. Johannessen, G. Logan, M. Mazzola, J. Miller, M. Pritchard for B. Montgomery, M. Morris, N. Stahl, P. Stoddard, A. Windleborn

Voting Members Absent: L. Chandler, R. Dembinski, D. Munk

Ex Officio Members Present: M. Bridge, H. Kafer, F. Kitterle, C. Montgomery, M. Myles for D. Jackman, S. Warber

Ex Officio Members Absent: S. Richmond, C. Sorensen, R. Wheeler

Student Representatives Present: E. Cook, L. Grilli

Visitors:  D. Askins, J. Cox-Henderson, D. Larson, W. Miranda, B. Smith

The meeting was called to order by M. Morris, Chair, at 1:05 PM.

I.     Motion by K. Cole to approve the Agenda. Motion seconded by A. Windelborn.  Motion passed

II.    Motion by S. Conklin to approve the May 3, 2002, meeting minutes as submitted.  Motion  seconded by J. Miller.  Motion passed

III.   Reports from Committees:

    A.   Executive Committee:

1.     M. Morris reported on the Executive Committee discussion on the move from verification of program completion by Registration &
        Records to verification by discipline coordinators, with written verification that ISBE and NCATE standards have been met sent to R&R.
        Discussion from the floor also included the following:
· The reason for the change is that R&R cannot verify “standards based” completion as they did “course based” completion because
  one course could meet more than one standard and the limited resources in R&R.
· R&R will no longer verify completion of Professional Education coursework or optional program requirements.
· Catalog Language needs to be amended to show courses needed to complete degree also complete certification requirements for
  programs in which certification and the degree are integrated.
· Where certification is not tied to degree, programs must verify program completion, with support documentation to be kept by
  programs indefinitely.
· Program syllabi will become key in demonstrating activities which will document competencies.
· Approval of course substitutions for Professional Education coursework or optional program course requirements that are not listed
  in the catalog is internal within the college.
          2.     M. Bridge: no report

     B.   Curriculum Committee:  No report.  First meeting scheduled for 9/27/02.

     C.  Research and Assessment:    (attachments)

            1.     Candidate Preparedness Exit Survey

M. Bridge reported on the finalization of the survey to assess how well the programs have prepared the candidates in regard to the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards.  These will be distributed by NIU supervisors and will be completed by the supervisors, cooperating teachers and NIU candidates.  Motion by D. Boughton, seconded by P. Ervin, to accept the survey as presented for distribution in Spring 2003.  Motion passed.
            2.     Diversity of Clinical Placement Spreadsheet
D. Askins reported on the status of the database she created which will link to the Tuition Waiver Database and produce reports on the diversity of clinical placements.

     D.     Committee on Policy and Procedures:  No report.  Next meeting scheduled for 10/4/02.

     E.     External Communications:  K. Cole reporting

 The electronic Criminal Background Check report system with the IL State Police is  being implemented and should be in effect no later than 11/1/02.  A notice will be sent to  all members, program advisers and college coordinators announcing the actual date.   After that date only the new CBC Authorization form(s) available on the Teacher  Certification website will be accepted, following the instructions posted on the website.   Any requests sent by the student directly to the IL State Police prior to that date will be  processed under the previous system.
 CITC Handbook on-line edition was well received and will remain on the web.  Please  send any changes, corrections, up-dates, etc., to E. Cummings (ecummings
       F.     Ad Hoc Committees

          1.   Technology Committee:  No report.

           2.  Candidate Portfolio Committee:  No report First meeting will be 9/27/02

           3.  By Laws

R. Wheeler will be taking this to the Certification Deans’ Meeting in October, requesting that each college appoint one person to the By Laws Review committee.  Currently C. Fox and P. Ervin are on this ad hoc committee and future meeting dates are to be determined.
IV. Old Business:

    A.  Alternative Certification

NIU is not offering Alternative Certification during the current academic year.  The CLAS “Masters Plus Certification through Internship” program presently has three candidates in the Foreign Languages program.

    B.   Program Changes to Meet Standards Procedures:  M. Morris reporting.

Executive Committee referred to the CITC approved Philosophical Statement &  Operating Procedures (5/3/02).  The steps programs must follow for approving  curriculum redesign to meet Illinois Professional Teaching Standards are:

1.  By July 1, 2003, all initial teacher certification programs must submit a letter of  verification to the Vice Provost that the program addresses the Illinois Content Area  Standards.  All programs were provided a CD that contains the ICAS matrices.   Programs will not be required to submit a completed matrix at this time. However,  R. Wheeler has indicated that each program should complete and submit the matrix for  the ISBE/NCATE visit in 2006.
2.  By Fall, 2003, all initial teacher certification programs must submit their curricular  revisions (IPTS matrix), advisement sheets, and catalog language that demonstrate that  they meet the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards to their college curricular  process.
 3.  CITC invites programs to present their IPTS program matrix advisement sheets and  catalog language to CITC this academic year.
 4.  All programs will be strongly encouraged to present their curricular redesign  information to CITC by the end of the 2004 academic year.
 5.  All initial certification programs must submit a completed IPTS matrix to the Vice  Provost for the 2006 ISBE/NCATE review.
 Upon receipt of the program professional education matrix, student certification advising    sheets, and proposed catalog language from the college curriculum committees, the    UOTC will duplicate and distribute the information to all CITC members.

V.     New Business

    A.     New Verification of Entitlement Completion Procedures

         Verification by discipline coordinators will be sent to the Vice Provost.

VI.     Springfield Report

M. Bridge reported that the ISBE is negotiating with NCATE on the protocol for future joint review visits.  The most recent ISBE proposal indicates that NIU will have its first contact, which could include a request for information, in 2004.  Programs are strongly encouraged to move forward with needed assessment and curricular activities to address the ISBE and NCATE standards.

Also, the ISBE is moving to candidates’ electronic filing for entitlement through the ISBE rather  than through the ROE.  M. Bridge will be attending a meeting in October with S. Warber on this  system.

VII.    Announcements

     A.     IACTE Fall Meeting, Aurora University, 10/11/02, 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM.

  NIU will be hosting this meeting in Fall, 2003
Motion by P. Ervin to adjourn.  Motion seconded by M. Mazzola.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 2:10 PM.

Minutes recorded by Elizabeth Cummings.