Minutes of the May 2, 2003, Meeting

Voting Members Present:  G. Baker, D. Boughton, J.D. Bowers, L. Hecht for K. Carrier, L. Chandler, K. Cole, S. Conklin, J. Cooke-Plagwitz, G. Cosenza,
P. Ervin, M. Fischer, C. Fox, L. Hilgenbrinck, E. Hines, L. Johannessen, G. Logan, M. Mazzola, J. Miller, B. Montgomery, M. Morris, M. Keil for N. Stahl,
S. Wyland for T. VanLaarhoven, A. Windelborn

Voting Members Absent:  R. Dembinski, T. Heinze

Ex Officio Members Present:  M. Bridge, D. Jackman, H. Kafer, F. Kitterle, C. Montgomery, S. Richmond, C. Sorensen, S. Warber, R. Wheeler

Ex Officio Members Absent:  M. Gillis

Student Representatives Present:  L. Grilli

Visitors:  P. Bauer, E. Seaver

The meeting was called to order by M. Morris, Chair, at 1:10 PM.

Before beginning the business portion of the meeting, M. Morris noted that this would be the last CITC meeting that Robert Wheeler and Margaret Bridge would be attending.  He expressed special thanks to both for their expertise and wisdom over the past years.  M. Morris also noted the retirement of Patrick Ervin, acknowledging his long service to CITC, including his work in developing By Laws and guidelines when CITC was created, and expressed thanks for all his efforts.

I.      Motion by K. Cole to approve the Agenda as presented.  Motion seconded by P. Ervin.
        Motion passed

II.     Motion by G. Cosenza to approve the April 11, 2003, meeting minutes as corrected.  Motion  seconded by S. Conklin. Motion passed

III.    Reports from Committees:
        A.     Executive Committee:
                1.     R. Wheeler introduced Dr. Earl (Gip) Seaver, the incoming Vice Provost.  He also announced that there would be a regional search for the new
                        Coordinator of the University Office of Teacher Certification, with the goal of having the new person begin August 1, 2003.

         B.    Curriculum Committee:
                 G. Cosenza presented the Summary of Action distributed with the agenda.  Motion by H. Kafer to approve as submitted.  Motion seconded by
                 K. Cole.  Motion passed.

         C.     Research and Assessment:
                  D. Boughton responded to the request for the sub-committee’s definition of a rubric as “a statement of representation of levels of performance from
                  high to low relative to specific criteria stated within”.
          D.    Committee on Policy and Procedures:  no report
           E.    External Communications:  no report

           F.    Ad Hoc Committees
                  1.    Technology Committee:  no report

                  2.    Conceptual Framework
                         M. Bridge reported that the revised draft being prepared by L. Elish-Piper will be included in the CITC Fall calendar.

                  3.    Exit Surveys
                         M. Bridge reported that the surveys are being sent in and the results will be summarized by program and sent to the colleges in the fall.

                   4.    Unit Assessment
                          R. Wheeler reported that this ad hoc committee needs to enlarge its membership and CITC members will be approached to join this committee
                          in the fall.

IV.    Old Business:  None

V.     New Business
        A.    Program Presentations
                In view of the fact that the sciences programs had just presented their entire package to CITC and received approval, R. Wheeler asked if this should
                be required of all other programs.  The Illinois Professional Teaching Standards Matrix for each program is due to his office by July 1, 2003.
                Discussion included the value of programs learning from each other and the issue of time and effort involved which would duplicate the NIU/CITC
                curricular process.  No action taken.

        B.     2003-04 CITC Agenda
                The following items were presented by the Executive Committee for consideration:

                1.     Conceptual Framework

                2.     Candidates’ dispositions:  what are they, how do we measure them, how do     candidates demonstrate them?

                3.     Interpretation of transfer courses

                4.     Disseminating information regarding endorsement to other departments and     candidates

                5.      Unit assessment

        C.    Conceptual Framework - CAPCE edition
                This document had been previously distributed, in both electronic and printed versions; however, due to difficulty in viewing e-mail attachments and
                discerning “highlighted” changes made in printed versions, a motion was made by H. Kafer and seconded by F. Kitterle to re-send both versions to all
                members and to continue this item on the agenda. Motion passed.  R. Wheeler addressed the need for common agreement with CAPCE and the fact
                that their final meeting of the term would be 5/5/03.  Following further discussion and a final reading of the changes recommended, motion by K. Cole
                to approve the document as edited.  Motion seconded by H. Kafer.  Motion passed.  This document will be presented to CAPCE on May 5, 2003.
                Following approval of the document by CAPCE, the final version will be distributed to all CITC and CAPCE members both electronically and in printed

         D.    Transcript Evaluation
                C. Sorensen reported that adding secondary endorsements to certificates through successful passing of the appropriate test has been approved by the
                Illinois State Legislature effective January 2004.  While the bill to allow adding additional certificates by test was not approved, the current method to
                allow additional certificates through transcript review will no longer be allowed after 7/1/03.  This will result in the need to complete an approved
                program for subsequent certificates.  Discussion followed on the possibility of NIU providing transcript evaluation to potential students pursuing these
                additional certificates through program completion, the possible charge to apply to those requests, and the mechanism through which these charges might
                be applied.  This item was referred to the Council of Certification Deans.

         E.    Student Teacher Orientation
                This meeting is scheduled for the Sandburg Auditorium on Monday, August 18, 2003,    from 8:00 AM to 12 Noon.  An agenda will be distributed to all
                programs shortly.

VI.     Springfield Report
          A.      Illinois Association of Colleges for Teacher Educators (IACTE) and Illinois Association of  Deans of Public Colleges of Education (IADPCE)
                    C. Sorensen reported on the new content-area tests and dates that will be implemented  and that NIU needs to have a voice in the development of
                    these tests.  Also, the  Professional Standards Board legislation is in line to be passed, which would create this  board as the official body to determine
                    certification requirements as well as accreditation  of programs. This board would have extremely limited membership from institutions of  higher
                    education and would primarily consist of members of the IEA and AFT and other  members the unions recommend to be appointed by the governor.
                    The appeals board  which would address issues not approved by the Professional Standards Board would  not have any representative from
                    institutions of higher education.  Discussion included  the following:
                    • This is a constituent/political issue
                    • P-20 Summit addressing these issues through political activism
                    • Public Deans collaborate in the Data Warehouse
                    • Institutions of higher education and community colleges will have on their agendas the Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) to form faculty teams in
                       the areas of Science Education, Math Education and Special Education to work together.

VII.   Announcements
         A.     R. Wheeler expressed special thanks on behalf of the group to Michael Morris for his    fine work as CITC Chair.
         B.     CITC Meeting, August 22, 2003, HSC Illinois Room, 9:00 – 11:00 AM

Motion by K. Cole to adjourn.  Motion seconded by A. Windelborn.  Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 2:30 PM.

Minutes recorded by Elizabeth Cummings.