Minutes of the April 11, 2003, Meeting

Voting Members Present:  G. Baker, D. Boughton, G. Logan for J.D. Bowers, S. Bowers, K. Carrier,
L. Hecht for L. Chandler, K. Cole, S. Conklin, J. Cooke-Plagwitz, G. Cosenza, P. Ervin, P. Stoddard for M. Fischer, M. Myles for C. Fox, T. Heinze, L. Hilgenbrinck, E. Hines, J. Pokorny for L. Johannessen,
G. Logan, M. Mazzola, J. Miller, M. Morris, N. Stahl, A. Windelborn

Voting Members Absent: R. Dembinski, B. Montgomery, T. VanLaarhoven,

Ex Officio Members Present: M. Bridge, D. Jackman, H. Kafer, F. Kitterle, C. Montgomery, S. Richmond, C. Sorensen, S. Warber, R. Wheeler

Ex Officio Members Absent: M. Gillis

Student Representatives Present:  L. Grilli, A. Stolz

Visitors:  P. Bauer, W. Miranda

The meeting was called to order by M. Morris, Chair, at 1:05 PM.

M. Bridge introduced Carol Patch, the UOTC secretary with primary responsibility for the Criminal Background Check Reports.

I.         Motion by H. Kafer to approve the Agenda.  Motion seconded by P. Ervin.  Motion passed

II.        Motion by P. Ervin to approve the March 21, 2003, meeting minutes as submitted.   Motion  seconded by H. Kafer.  Motion passed

III.       Reports from Committees:
           A.     Executive Committee:
                    1.     R. Wheeler:  no report

                    2.     M. Bridge reported that the UOTC issued 1,754 Tuition Waivers for Spring 2003 and expressed appreciation for the efforts of Elizabeth
                            Cummings and Carol Patch.

            B.     Curriculum Committee:  no report
            C.      Research and Assessment:
                      K. Carrier reported for D. Boughton, briefly going over the committee’s Status Report and Recommendations that had been distributed.
                      M. Bridge requested that further comments from members be e-mailed to the committee or to her.  M. Morris requested the committee’s
                      definition of “rubric”.  The committee will respond after their next meeting.

            D.     Committee on Policy and Procedures:  no report

            E.     External Communications:  no report

            F.     Ad Hoc Committees

                    1.     Technology Committee:  no report

                    2.     Candidate Portfolio Committee:  no report

                    3.     Exit Surveys:  no report

                    4.     Unit Assessment:  R. Wheeler reported that this committee relies on the work of the CITC Research & Assessment Committee for the basis
                            of the Unit report, which was distributed.

IV.     Old Business:

            A.     Chair-Elect Election
                    Glenda Cosenza was nominated for the position of Chair-Elect.  Motion by C. Montgomery to close the nominations.  Motion seconded by
                    N. Stahl.  Motion passed.  Motion by N. Stahl to hold election by acclamation.  Motion seconded by K. Cole.  Motion passed.  M. Morris
                    called the question and G. Cosenza was elected by acclamation.

            B.     Program Illinois Professional Teaching Standards Matrices
                    R. Wheeler reminded members that the matrices are due to his office by July 1, 2003.  Matrix templates are available on the ISBE website.

            C.     Department letter certifying that the program meets the Illinois Content Area Standards effective July 1, 2003, due to R. Wheeler by July 1, 2003

V.     New Business
            A.     Science Programs Presentation
                    A. Windelborn presented the Science Programs for Biology, General Science, Physical Science and Physics.  Discussion included the following:
                        · Disciplinary expertise in the field of educational practice
                        · Examples of how the science programs will address issues such as  reading, limited English speaking students, and instructional technology
                        · Possible concerns about the impending accreditation process, in which the NSTA would consider the Chemistry program as part of the science
                          programs listed above and possible consequences
                    C. Sorensen requested that her statement be read into the record (attachment).
                    Motion by A. Windelborn to approve the program presented for certification in Biology, General Science, Physical Science and Physics.  Motion
                    seconded by P. Ervin.  M.Morris requested voting members indicate their vote by raising their hands, 14 in favor,  zero opposed, 12 abstentions.
                    Motion passed.

VI.     Springfield Report:  no report

VII.    Announcements
            A.     CITC Meeting, May 2, 2003, HSC Illinois Room

Motion by M. Mazzola to adjourn.  Motion seconded by P. Ervin.
Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 2:45 PM.

Minutes recorded by Elizabeth Cummings.