Minutes of the February 14, 2003, Meeting

Voting Members Present:     J.D. Bowers, S. Bowers, S. Wyland for K. Carrier, L. Chandler, K. Cole, S. Conklin, J. Cooke-Plagwitz, G. Cosenza, G. Adams for R. Dembinski, P. Ervin, M. Fischer, C. Fox,  A. Heinze, S. Schwartz for L. Hilgenbrinck, E. Hines, L. Johannessen, G. Logan, M. Mazzola, J. Miller,
B. Montgomery, M. Morris, L. Hecht for N. Stahl, T. VanLaarhoven, A. Windelborn

Voting Members Absent:     G. Baker, D. Boughton

Ex Officio Members Present:     M. Bridge, D. Jackman, J. Grush for F. Kitterle, S. Richmond, C. Sorensen, S. Warber, R. Wheeler

Ex Officio Members Absent:     H. Kafer, C. Montgomery

Student Representatives Present:     A. Stolz

Visitors:      W. Miranda

The meeting was called to order by M. Morris, Chair, at 1:07 PM.

I.     Motion by S. Conklin to approve the Agenda as amended.  Motion seconded by K. Cole.  Motion passed.

II.    Motion by G. Cosenza to approve the January 17, 2003, meeting minutes as submitted.  Motion  seconded by L. Johannessen. Motion passed.

III.    Reports from Committees
        A.     Curriculum Committee
                 Motion by C. Fox to approve the Summary of Action of the January 24, 2003, Meeting as   presented.  Motion seconded by K. Cole.  Motion

IV.     Announcement
          Dr. Penelope Earley
                10:00-11:30 AM Stevens Auditorium:  Current Governmental Policy on P-12 Education
                1:00-3:00 Heritage Room: NCLB and Its Impact on Higher Education

V.     Old Business:
        A.     CITC Restructuring
                Motion by M. Morris to waive the second reading/waiting period required under the CITC By laws for changes to the by laws.  Motion seconded by
                K. Cole.  Vote: 19 approved, 2 opposed, 3 abstentions.  Motion passed.
                Motion by M. Morris to limit discussion on this item to two minutes per person.  Motion seconded by C. Fox.  Vote: 21 approved, 0 opposed, 3
                abstentions.  Motion passed.
                A letter to CITC and the CITC Executive Committee from Dean Sorensen and Dean Kitterle and the proposed changes to Article 2, Membership on
                the CITC, were discussed.  Motion by L. Johannessen to approve the changes to Article 2, Membership on the CITC, as presented.  Motion
                seconded by C. Fox.  Following further discussion the question was called.  Using paper ballots, members present voted 19 in favor of the motion and
                5 opposed.  Motion passed.  R. Wheeler will present the revised By laws to the University Council for approval.

VI.     New Business
         A.    T.E.A.C.H.   D. Jackman reported that this year there are two floors in Douglas Hall for certification students and next year there is an opportunity
                to have an entire wing for certification students.  Members and advisers are requested to promote this living arrangements to students.  D. Jackman
                also noted that the College of Education will continue to coordinate this project next year.  D. Jackman also requested that any member interested in
                participating in a student discussion group on Monday evenings please contact her or M. Myles.
         B.    Health Check Requirements
                A. Windelborn requested input from members on the university health requirement for certification students.  This was determined to be a
                program/college responsibility.   However, the CITC Handbook, available on line, does contain the CITC approved policy for the TB Test
                Requirement and the CITC approved student advisory form.  (Section III, Initial Teacher Certification Advising and Course Information, Tuberculosis
                Test Requirement)

VII.     Announcements
            CITC Meeting, March 21, 2003, 1:00 3:00 PM, Illinois Room
Motion by M. Mazzola to adjourn.  Motion seconded by L. Johannessen. Motion passed.
Meeting adjourned at 2:00 PM.

Minutes recorded by Elizabeth Cummings.