Committee on Advanced Programs for
Certification in Education

Monday, December 6, 2004
Graham Hall 423


Attending: R. Butler, J. Jacobson, F. Giordano, J. Saban, E. Seaver, C. Sorensen, N. Stahl, S. Stratton, P. Tattersall, S. Willis

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by J. Saban.

Minutes: The minutes of the November 1, 2004 meeting were approved (J. Jacobson, R. Butler)

Unit Assessment Update:
J. Jacobson began with a report that the Unit Assessment Committee feels that CAPCE’s work on assessment would be used by CITC and others and that the cooperation and leadership was appreciated.

At this point in the meeting discussion reverted back to “Dispositions”, with
F. Giordano presenting the School Guidance Counselor chart and explaining the time line of assessment to final portfolio. The program applies assessment activities from the state school counseling standards for this type of certificate, which could be difficult to apply to unit assessment. The portfolio will be in Live Text.

A list of all materials on “Dispositions” will be sent to all members so it can be determined if all programs have presented their information before the committee moves on to assessment of “Knowledge” as indicated in the November meeting.

Springfield Report:
C. Sorensen reported on the increased reporting requirements for institutions of higher education. The Illinois Cert Board is trying to streamline the reaccreditation process. E. Seaver reported that he received a letter from NCATE suggesting a date for our next visit that was earlier than anticipated, but that he believes that this has been rescheduled for Spring 2009. He will confirm that date. He also reported that Lee Patton will be working as our liaison with Springfield and will be sending a monthly report on issues to all CITC and CAPCE members.

Returning to Unit Assessment, E. Seaver reported that the Assessment Web Site will be available to key holders shortly. He is awaiting clarification from the ICTS on whether the Basic Skills, Content and APT test scores will be available by individual scores.

The Unit Assessment Committee’s next challenge will be determining common data across programs.

E. Seaver also reported that his office will work with the four certification deans to assist with funding for faculty wishing to attend NCATE training sessions.

Because the regular meeting date for CAPCE in January is before classes resume following Winter break, a motion to cancel that meeting was approved (N. Stahl, J. Jacobson).

Motion to adjourn approved (N. Stahl, F. Giordano).

The next meeting will be February 7, 2005, in Graham Hall #423, 8:30-10:00 AM