Committee on Advanced Programs for
Certification in Education

Monday, September 13, 2004
Graham Hall 423


Attending: Gip Seaver, Chris Sorensen, Fran Giordano, John Jacobson, Joe Saban, Greg Waas, Norm Stahl, Sue Willis, Pat Tattersall, Rebecca Butter

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Joe Saban.

Minutes: The minutes of the May 3, 2004 meeting were approved (Jacobson, Waas)

2004-2005 Representation: John Jacobson and Fran Giordano will represent CAPCE on Unit Assessment

Assessment Matrices: discussion was held regarding the mechanisms being used for the review of portfolios in the “Earl Program Indicators” stage. It was decided to spend the first semester reviewing and sharing what programs are doing for each of the cells represented in the assessment matrix. October’s meeting will be spent on Reflections, November will be spent on Practice, and December will be spent on Knowledge. Representatives should bring indicators and measures used to measure Reflections to the next meeting. At that time discussion will be held about definitions and we will share rubrics, concerns and data

2005-2005 Agenda Items: Fall term will be spent on discussing the items contained in the assessment matrix. Also, discussion will need to be held regarding the revised conceptual framework (will be sent out through the UOTC). Programs continue to be interested in how to track certification completers versus degree completers. Sue Willis will check into how we might be able to count SAL’s into our productivity numbers.

Springfield Update: Sorensen provided updates regarding certification and recertification.

Other: Seaver announced that Lee Patton is now working for his office on issues regarding teacher certification. IACTE is scheduled for October 15 at ISU.