Committee on Advanced Programs for Certification In Education
September 8, 2003
Graham Hall 423  8:30-10:00 A.M.

Present: A. Buehler (UOTC); J. Jacobson (LEPF); C. Montgomery, (Associate Dean, Graduate School); J. Saban, (LESO); G. Seaver, (Vice Provost); C. Sorensen (Dean, CoE); N. Stahl, (LTCY); S. Stratton (LEPF); P. Tattersall, (COMD);G. Waas, (Psychology)

Not Present: R. Butler, (ETRA); D. Jackman, (Associate Dean, CoE); J. Murphy, (LEPF); S. Wichman, (CAHE)

The meeting convened at 8:30 AM.  No items were added to the agenda.

A motion was made by G. Waas and seconded by N. Stahl to approve the May 5, 2003, minutes.  Motion passed

E. Seaver noted the Unit Assessment Committee is working to get an assessment plan in place.  The committee will need to develop common indicators across the university.  Due to the amount of work to be done by the committee in 2003-04, the committee is looking to add one member from both CITC and CAPCE.  Recommended for membership was S. Wickman with another representative to come from LEPF’s representatives.

N. Stahl reported a weak response to the March 2003 Contemporary Experience Survey.  He will be distributing a new blue colored survey to hopefully achieve a stronger response.  NCATE has been vague in defining Contemporary Experience.  Work to be done includes defining what constitutes Contemporary Experience and documenting those experiences.  To develop a definition, input will be sought from P-20, the deans of the colleges with certification programs, and from N. Stahl's new survey.  E. Seaver asked that the definition issue be resolved before the end of the semester.

A. Buehler reported the current method of determining diversity of experiences for student teachers is inadequate.  Comparing the relative diversity of schools and districts to state averages falls short in reflecting the diversity experienced by NIU students in their respective classroom assignments.   C. Sorensen noted the need to capture the diversity of all clinical experiences and that of students in advanced degree programs.  E. Seaver said each program should collect diversity data and submit an annual report.  He will write to CAPCE programs to initiate their participation.  Also, he noted that how reporting from the unit perspective will be done needs to be determined

All CAPCE program certification entry specialists must have FERPA training and can contact Sheri Kallembach.  EU17 screen data entry training is provided by Suzanne Warber.

C. Sorensen reported funding for the Illinois Data Warehouse has been cut.  Regarding the 1995-99 back report, she suggested the Illinois Data Warehouse may be more interested in the 2000 and 2001 back reports.

Evaluation of candidate dispositions is a requirement for NCATE.  Currently there is tremendous variation of how dispositions are approached among various fields.  A clear definition of dispositions needs to be made.  Defining dispositions and their measurement was identified as a charge for the Unit Assessment Committee.  A copy of NCATE Unit Standards regarding dispositions will be circulated.  The Unit Assessment Committee will need to receive information from all programs as to what they are doing in terms of dispositions.  Additionally, information will be sought from other institutions in this regard.

Agenda item #9, SAL Graduate School Applications, was deferred to the next meeting.

C. Sorensen reported that:
        1.     The Professional Teaching Standards Board legislation which was anticipated to pass and be implemented as early as January, 2004 is currently being held
        2.     Title II requirements will be expanding.
        3.     Regional Offices of Education were expected to be reduced by about one half by fall 2003.  They still exist and no action has been taken as yet.  There is
                no answer regarding where new teachers will go to file their Applications for Certificate.  The state electronic submission proposal for institutions of higher
                education to provide this service will require additional help in the NIU office housing the service.  The question is, where will students go to get their
                transcripts reviewed?  There is pressure for universities to take over this function.  Certification deans are interested in charging for this service.

C. Sorensen announced there will be a second regional P-20 Summit.  Increased school district participation in the regional summits is being sought.  C. Sorensen informed members of CAPCE about a new school concept being developed.  The concept is to house a P-20 school on campus that would be run by the district and not by the university,

Consensus from the group was that the committee should continue to meet on the first Monday of the month, excluding holidays, 8:30-10:00 A.M. in Graham Hall, Room 423.  The next CAPCE Meeting will be held on October 6, 2003.  G. Waas was named to chair the October 6, 2003 meeting in the absence of J. Saban and Norm Stahl.

The meeting was adjourned by consensus.

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