Committee on Advanced Programs for Certification In Education
April 5, 2004
Graham Hall 423 8:30-10:00 A.M.

Present: A. Buehler, (UOTC); B. Fiehn, (ETRA); D. Jackman (Associate Dean CoE); J. Jacobson, (LEPF); Todd Latham (LEPF); C. Montgomery, (Associate Dean, Graduate School); J. Saban, (LEPF); E. Seaver, (Vice Provost); N. Stahl, (LTCY); S. Stratton, (LEPF); P. Tattersall, (COMD); M. Myles; S. Warber

Not Present: C. Sorensen (Dean CoE); G. Waas, (Psychology); S. Wichman, (CAHE)

The meeting convened at 8:30 AM. No items were added to the agenda. A motion was made by J. Jacobson and seconded by N. Stahl to approve the March 1, 2004, minutes. Motion passed

Sue Warber and Margee Myles presented information about the new ISBE On Line Teacher Information System (OTIS). Sue Warber explained that after candidates are recommended by the institution, they can submit their application for certification online through OTIS. She said that the online format will eliminate the paper process for the initial certificate. Candidates using OTIS pay processing fees by use of a Master or Visa credit card. She added that after candidates receive their certificate, they will still need to register them with their Regional Office of Education. The On Line Teacher Information System will serve like a credential file, once candidates are entered into the system, they can track their professional progress. Sue Warber noted that advanced program completers can also apply online. Todd Latham asked who will educate students about OTIS and suggested that OTIS information be placed on the Teacher Certification website. It was noted that currently, ISBE’s website contains information about OTIS. In response to, when will endorsement approvals get into the system, this remains unknown, but may become an issue due to the decreasing role of ROE’s.

In terms of in-house tracking of advanced candidates, the importance of maintaining current data in the student information system EU-17 entitlement screen was stressed. This is essential for the UOTC because they must periodically collect data on candidates in the pipeline and information about program completers. Norm Stahl commented that due to the fact that students pick-up courses elsewhere, we don’t know if they are our completers, suggesting we may be under accounting.

The College of Education has voted to adopt LiveText as their electronic platform for student portfolios. It is anticipated that a two day training period will be set-up the week following Spring graduation. CAPCE programs will make their own decisions regarding portfolios.

A copy of the “Dispositions” developed for initial certification candidates was briefly discussed. Norm Stahl recommended that a Disposition document be created for CAPCE programs. The committee formed to develop a CAPCE disposition document includes: Al Buehler, Joe Saban, Norm Stahl, Susan Stratton, and Pat Tattersall. The committee will meet on Monday, June 14, 2004 at 8:30 A.M. in Graham 423.

The above committee will also serve to identify common assessment measures across CAPCE programs. John Jacobson and Susan Stratton will join the committee for that task. Joe Saban asked that each CAPCE program submit a one page matrix to Al Buehler by Thursday, June 10, 2004.

Agenda items identified for the May 3, 2004 CAPCE meeting will include, identification of department representatives to CAPCE for 2004-2005, election of chair, and discussion regarding matrix issues.

A motion to adjourn was made by Norm Stahl and seconded by Pat Tattersall. Motion Passed.

Date of next meeting: May 3, 2004