Committee on Advanced Programs for Certification In Education
March 1, 2004
Graham Hall 423 8:30-10:00 A.M.

Present: A. Buehler, (UOTC); Barbara Fiehn, (ETRA); D. Jackman (Associate Dean CoE); J. Jacobson, (LEPF); C. Montgomery, (Associate Dean, Graduate School); J. Saban, (LESO); N. Stahl, (LTCY); P. Tattersall, (COMD); G. Waas, (Psychology)

Not Present: E. Seaver, (Vice Provost); Chris Sorensen (Dean CoE); S. Stratton, (LEPF);
S. Wichman, (CAHE)

The meeting convened at 8:33 AM. No items were added to the agenda. A motion was made by J. Jacobson and seconded by G. Waas to approve the February 2, 2004, minutes. Motion passed

Al Buehler provided an outline of the new ISBE On Line Teacher Information System (OTIS). He said that because NIU is using the state electronic entitlement process, candidates completing approved programs may use the OTIS system to submit their application for certificate. Candidates will be able pay for processing fees by use of a Master or Visa credit card. The certificate will be mailed to the address the candidate entered on the OTIS system. After receiving their certificate, candidates register them at their ROE. He added that this process is now in place at NIU for initial certificate applicants and that Margee Myles and Suzanne Warber expect to have the process operational for advanced program completers in the next few months. Margee and Suzanne will present a detailed report on the OTIS system at the April 5th CAPCE meeting.

Norm Stahl said he was impressed with the TaskStream presentation. He noted the presenter promised the ability to talk to a customer support representative within minutes of placing a call. He added that student fees with TaskStream would be higher than LiveText and others said the training costs were double those of LiveText. Norm stated we need to consider what e-portfolio software transfer students might have been using. He commented that TaskStream had a small share of the Illinois market and was not using the marketing force of LiveText. However, if NIU went with TaskStream that could impact the direction that area community colleges might take.

Al Buehler added that his office is currently polling the top ten community colleges that supply students to NIU and has found so far that the top five are not using e-portfolios. Several of those institutions are interested in learning what decision NIU reaches in regards to e-portfolios. Also, Al Buehler said that representatives from Illinois State University felt that customer support from LiveText had been a problem area. He plans to contact some institutions that use LiveText including National-Lewis University and report upon their input. Greg Waas questioned how much e-portfolio development would a student have from two years experience at a community college.

A concern was expressed by Norm Stahl that if different colleges have different portfolio software, it would present problems to students who take classes in different colleges. Joe Saban commented he found that LiveText and TaskStream cannot readily share information. Al Buehler was asked the position of the Unit regarding e-portfolio platforms, and what input he has received from the four colleges to date. He replied that the Unit was not going to mandate one platform. The only requirement from the Unit will be that programs submit identified data to the unit when requested. In terms of feedback, he said it appears as if the science areas will stay with programs they have developed and that the COE will select a packaged program. It’s not currently clear what direction the CVPA and CHHS may take.

John Jacobson inquired about who was paying for the software and training. Diane Jackman replied that the costs would be funded by the colleges adopting the software. Further discussion questioned if there really is a significant difference between LiveText and TaskStream that would make one a clear choice. No compelling reasons surfaced for choosing one program over the other and the question was raised if CAPCE would work with the COE to make a mutual selection. Norm Stahl then made the following three part motion. First, CAPCE supports the goal of having e-portfolio’s up and running by fall 2004. Second, CAPCE sees LiveText and TaskStream as being comparable and would be willing to work with the College of Education to make a joint selection. Third, CAPCE does not recommend any consideration be given to e-portfolio by Chalk & Wire. Motion seconded by John Jacobson. Motion Passed.

Regarding common assessment measures across CAPCE programs, Norm Stahl emphasized the need to have CAPCE assessment measures parallel university assessment. Joe Saban asked that a copy of the university assessment template be obtained and sent electronically to all CAPCE members.

Agenda items identified for the April meeting will include, a report from Suzanne Warber and Margee Myles on OTIS, discussion regarding the selection of an e-portfolio platform, and identification of common assessment measures across CAPCE programs.

A motion to adjourn was made by Norm Stahl and seconded by John Jacobson. Motion Passed.

Dates of future meetings: April 5, 2004, May 3, 2004