Committee on Advanced Programs for Certification In Education
February 2, 2004
Graham Hall 423 8:30-10:00 A.M.

Present: A. Buehler, (UOTC); Barbara Fiehn, (ETRA); D. Jackman (Associate Dean CoE); J. Jacobson, (LEPF); C. Montgomery, (Associate Dean, Graduate School); E. Seaver, (Vice Provost); N. Stahl, (LTCY); G. Waas, (Psychology); S. Wichman, (CAHE)

Not Present: J. Saban, (LESO); Chris Sorensen (Dean CoE); S. Stratton, (LEPF); P. Tattersall, (COMD);

The meeting convened at 8:30 AM. No items were added to the agenda.

A motion was made by G. Waas and seconded by J. Jacobson to approve the January 12, 2004, minutes. Motion passed

Earl Seaver stated that all certification programs have an assessment mechanism in place. The goal of the Unit Assessment Committee this semester is to identify assessment data that is common across programs. The unit will ask programs to provide an annual assessment report by July of each year that includes the common data. The unit will aggregate the data from the program reports and respond to programs before the fall semester.

Norm Stahl expressed a need to separate evaluation from assessment and asked that a definition be established. Regarding reports for SPA’s, he commented that they should be consistent with reports made to the unit. A problem for CAPCE will be the SPA’s that don’t parallel state standards. Also, he said assessment of teacher certification programs should dovetail into overall university assessment to provide a unified appearance. He added, university assessment and unit assessment should be on the same calendar.

A need was noted to identify four to five common assessment measures across CAPCE programs. Also, it was suggested that assessment reports from CAPCE programs should be shared annually with CAPCE on the whole.

Reaction to the recent LiveText e-portfolio presentation included Norm Stahl stating that many institutions have gone with LiveText. That may be a point of consideration in terms of the high number of transfer students NIU receives. Diane Jackman said that LiveText has been significantly upgraded from previous versions. She voiced the question of who would pay for the e-portfolio solutions being considered. Al Buehler commented that the LiveText representative said if one college selected LiveText that the exhibit room and data management tools would become available to the unit. However, to aggregate data from colleges using other systems would require data to be exported from LiveText, aggregated outside, and then imported back into LiveText’s management system. He added that a presentation by TaskStream would be scheduled next.

Agenda items for the next meeting will include a review of portfolio presentations and an update from the Unit Assessment Committee.

Diane Jackman reminded all of the upcoming AACTE Annual Meeting in Chicago beginning with the Preconference Workshops on Saturday, February 7, 2004, and encouraged participation.

The meeting was adjourned by consensus.

Dates of future meetings: March 1, 2004, April 5, 2004, May 3, 2004